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My bathroom was starting to look like Costco with old diaper boxes, so I decided to make something useful. It took me less than 30 minutes and my son is in love with his ” Ning ning ning” which is his word for fire truck. Here is the how to!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need an empty diaper box or other cardboard box, some glue or double stick tape, some colored paper and heavy duty scissors.
  2. Cut the flaps off the top of the box and lay it on it’s side. Cut a seat sized hole in the top for your child to slide into. You will want to either cover the edges with masking tape or do what I did and just bend them in so the cut edge isn’t so sharp.
  3. Get some colored paper or if you feel ambitious ( I didn’t) some white paper and cover the box. I used double stick tape because I was in a hurry and my son was climbing on the hearth, but there is no reason you couldn’t glue it. I just cut the paper in the shape of a fire truck- and if you click on the picture you will see that I simply layered it in places.
  4. Cut or paint some wheels , stick them on.
  5. To make the ladder I took a piece of paper and folded it lengthwise.
  6. I cut several slits in it, on the folded side not going all the way through.
  7. Then cut between them to make gaps in the ladder, glue it on.

* There is no reason kids can’t help making it but this was how I did it for my little guy who is only 15 months. With older kids i would have had them help make the lights, wheels, or even just covered it in white paper and let them at it with some red and black paint!

Need some Fire Truck Books ? Check these Emergency Vehicle Books  out .


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  1. Anonymous says

    We learned this song at story time at the library several months ago. We love it, so catchy.

    I think this is a grat idea for using big boxes. I’ll be trying this in the near future with my 14 month old.

  2. says

    I showed the picture to my husband and said “don’t you think the girls would like this?” — I have twins that just turned 2. He said he thought they would so I was making a mental note to make this sometime. Then I saw the song! I forgot all about that song! I used to sing that to the kids I babysat for. We will be making 2 of these trucks this weekend!! Thanks for sharing. Your site is awesome. 🙂


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