Parent’s Corner: Product Review

Crayola Beginnings
Triangular Markers

I am always on the look out for new art supplies that are geared towards the preschool crowd.
These markers have the suggested age of 24m + right on the box but I know many if not all of us usually subtract a few months off those suggestions because we all know how brilliant and advanced our kids are . So I thought I would buy them and test them out with my 17 month old.

Here are our findings.

  • What I liked: I love that there is no cap, as a teacher I would have killed for these. I hated chasing after the caps to all my markers. I also liked how vibrant the colors were and that the felt tip doesn’t stick out much from the plastic casing, this is great with my son who recently bit the tip off a regular crayola marker !
  • What I didn’t like : The markers are designed for children who are starting to use the proper writing grip, so obviously this is still a ways off for my son and really I have seen plenty of 3 year olds not ready for that yet either. So that was frustrating for him and that resulted in throwing them and they made a fun sound on the wood floor, another negative in my mind!
  • What my son liked: He liked the colors, he exclaimed ” Oooooohhhh when he saw how bright the Orange and yellow were! He liked how the markers didn’t roll away from him when he put them down . He also liked biting on the plastic casing, and the fun sound the marker made when it hit mommy’s floor!
  • What my son didn’t like : It was harder for him to draw and hold with little hands and the tip is too far up to bite off and give mommy a heart attack ( mommy disagrees that this is a bad thing) . Also I forgot to add that the ends look very similar so he would try to color with the wrong end and again get frustrated.

** Obviously my son was too young for these but overall I was pretty impressed, I will pop them in my cupboard and pull them out in the fall! If there is a product you are wondering about or have a review for please contact me and I would be happy to include it in the next Parent’s Corner !

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  1. Rachel says

    We have tried many of the Crayola Beginnings products and I have been VERY disappointed in them. Thanks for this review I was thinking about buying them hoping not to be disappointed AGAIN!! and now I won’t.

  2. Michie says

    The thing that looks interesting to me about these is that they say they are “washable.” My daughter loves markers, but she usually makes a big mess with them. I am generally a fan of anything that is washable. I love Crayola’s washable paint for that very reason.

  3. Allie says

    They are washable for sure, they came out of his sleeper with no stain treating at all!

    Rachel, I also have been disappointed with the toddler options from crayola beginnings. I love most of their products for older kids though!

  4. Lexi says

    I know I'm really late on this one…

    I'm not a fan for the Crayola Beginnings for typically developing kids. They are so fat and chunky. Most of our kiddos (even at very young ages) will and do do much better with small things to hold, broken pieces of crayons and chalk are the standard in our house! And the small pieces actually prompt correct grasp much better than these fat "toddler and preschool" type crayons, markers, pencils, etc. Don't even get me started on the giant pencils some preschool/kdg programs use…

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