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Sight Word Bingo

Sight words are tricky for a lot of kids, since so often we encourage them to sound it out, and take their time, with sight words we want to know them immediately. Here is a fun activity you can do at home to help practice these words! I used this game with a 2nd grader I tutored and it worked like a charm! Oh and yes this is for older children, not toddlers and preschoolers!
  1. Gather your materials. You will need some paper, a ruler, a marker, scissors, a paper punch or pre punched shapes, and a list of words your child needs to practice. I am using the Dolch Sight Word list for 1st grade.
  2. Using your ruler make a Bingo Board on a plain piece of paper.
  3. Write in the words and don’t forget to have a free space in the middle of the board!
  4. Write the words that are on the board on small pieces of paper , you’ll be drawing them out of a bag/or bowl when it comes time to play.
  5. Using a paper punch , punch out place holders so that you can re sue the board over and over.
  6. You can also use pre cut shapes or characters, these Spider Man shapes came from a large retailer’s birthday party section and work great.
  7. Here are the steps for playing:
  • Start with a bare board.
  • Have your child draw one of the cut out words from a baggy or bowl.
  • Have them tell you what it says, and find it on their board.
  • Pop the marker ( Spider man in this case) on that word.
  • Keep going until they get BINGO!
As you keep playing you will notice they get faster and faster, if there is a word they are having a really hard time with you can always put it on the board more than once to provide additional opportunities to practice it!

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