Parent’s Corner : Send me your blogs!

Reader Blog Roll!
I don’t have a blog roll on my main page so instead every few months I will devote a post to listing my reader’s awesome blogs!

Please email me if you want to be included!


  1. Maremone says

    For some unknown reason the “email me” link” wouldn’t work for me. I’d love to be added to your blog roll. I just found your site through a suggestion by one of the moms in a meetup group I’m in. I added you to my blog roll yesterday ;)

  2. mommomto2pumpkins says

    i emailed you my addy did you get it!
    love the shape pizza we will have to add that to our to do list!

  3. says

    HI! I follow your site regularly. LOVE IT! I have a food blog on a site that features a Canadian designed and made product for babies and toddlers – – a roll & go all in one bib (bib, spoon and cloth) that is great for feeding and craft/art bib.
    Here is the link to the busy family food recipe blog
    Cheers! Thanks,

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