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We are heading across the border to see Grandma, Grandad and Tim Hortons!
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Naptime Creations are summer crafts for school age kids!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some heavy paper or card stock, old greeting cards are a great free and environmentally sound option for fun paper! You also need some glue, scissors, ribbon, a hole punch or eyelet press, and paper punches . You can also use stickers, or stamps!
  2. Cut 2 rectangles out of different papers, one larger than the other.
  3. Punch some fun shapes out of paper .
  4. Glue onto the smaller rectangle.
  5. Glue the smaller rectangle onto the larger one , let dry some.
  6. Using the eyelet setter or hole punch, punch a hole at the top of the rectangles ( make sure that you go through both layers) .
  7. Thread a loop of ribbon through.
  8. Pull ends of the ribbon through the loop and tighten.
  9. Get to reading something GREAT!
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  1. The Plis family says

    Your site is awesome!!! I just discovered it and am so glad. I am going to start to try out some of these activities with my little guy (almost 15 months). I was encouraged to see that your son was able to do these projects too. Thank you thank you!!! 🙂

  2. Jennifer says

    Well, AGAIN!! you have inspired me to post a comment. I visit your site every night so I can plan for the next days craft adventure. I really appreciate the pictures you post of each step.

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