Parent’s Corner : Quick Note

Learning Through Play !

I just wanted to make a quick note about how young children learn. I am often asked about how I structure my day and all the learning my son is doing. The reality is yes I have a general routine / schedule but it’s for me, I need that , not for him. Most of his day is play, we do a sit down art or learning activity that is parent directed 3-4 times a week for 10- 30 minutes depending on if he wants to continue. Other than that I let him lead , because at this age ( almost 2 ) he needs the freedom to explore, learn through play and the world around him.

If your child doesn’t sit for activities find active ones they like but even then remember that anything we “make ” them do should be a very very small part of their day. I am not advocating ignoring your child or plopping them in front of tv all day, but a strict structure of many activities is contrary to the imaginative play toddlers and preschoolers need.

Anyway I have had many emails lately asking about what activities I do when during the day – and reality is we don’t do things all day at all, mostly we play. However the one thing I do think we should all be doing as parents from day one is reading to our kids.

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  1. librarymeow says

    I am a children’s librarian and mother of a toddler and I stumbled across your blog a month ago and have been avidly (ok obssessively) checking it ever since.

    Anyway, this post is right on! Thanks for your site — you have such great ideas! Cheers!

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