Bubble Wrap Indian Corn Craft

thanksgiving craft I have been waiting to do this craft for ages but you will see that even fun projects sometimes don’t appeal to cranky 2 year olds, no biggie, just improvise and everyone will have fun. Although I am doing this as a Thanksgiving craft , you can do this while learning about nutrition, cooking or gardening too!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 pieces of paper, a crayon, paint, a piece of bubble wrap, a paint brush, glue and scissors.
  2. Draw 2 ears of corn on a yellow or white piece of construction paper.
  3. Mix some paint on a plate, and dip the bubble wrap in it, I blotted it in paper towel first. This was as much as my son would do with the wrap, right after I took this picture I got told ” No , no brush, pease” .
  4. If your child likes bubble wrap have them press the bubble wrap on their corn. My son used a paint brush instead. I did a bubble wrap one though, so you can see the results below ! Let the corn dry.
  5. When your child is painting with bubble wrap or a brush, draw some husks on the 2nd piece of paper.
  6. Have your child paint it brown with a paint brush, as you can see my son was all over this step! Let everything dry.
  7. Cut out the corn – you can see that as cool as the bubble print corn is the one my son made is just as wonderful, so don’t stress if your child goes “off book” it’s all good! It looks almost like he used the wrap in places but it was all dotting with the brush.
  8. Cut out the husks, if your child can use scissors let them do the cutting, and glue to the top of the corn.
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  1. Melanie says

    That is too cute!

    I’ve been ‘lurking’ on your blog for a couple months now, and really appreciate the age-appropriateness of your activities, and also that they use stuff I’ve got lying around. 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  2. says

    Hi there –thank you!!! for all your wonderful ideas!! These are amazing … I’ve had a lot of fun looking through your Thanksgiving archives and believe taht now I have an abundance of fun things to do w/ my kids this month. Thanks again, Sara

  3. maria says

    I have done this with a preschool class using left over ear of corn in place of the bubble wrap. They can paint/print an entire large page of it and then can cut out the shapes. Works well to demo mixing colors. I let them husk the corn.


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