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  1. Michelle Sybert says

    As always, I heart No Time For Flash Cards. BTW, I am going to be taking child development classes in the spring to eventually become a preschool teacher! I am pretty excited about it! – And I have a leg up, what with all the resources here at NTFFC!!! Thanks so much Allie, for all your hard work, you help me be a better parent!

  2. MBAMom says

    I *love* your blog.. my kids are SO glad I found it.

    We’ve been having a lot of fun with your crafts.. they especially love their “new” crayons– we made both the transportation ones (the same ones that you have) and hearts for my girlies.

    Thanks again for a great resource!

  3. Karin Katherine says

    I enjoy your blog and listed it on my website under my favorite resources. Keep up the encouraging and excellent work!

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