Light A Candle

A few months back I posted a link to

Jenny’s Light

It is an organization that is devoted to helping families struggling with Post Partum Depression. Exactly a year ago Jenny Gibbs Bankston and her infant son Graham tragically died . Now through this foundation her family and friends are making sure that their lives however short were not in vain. On this tragic anniversary I hope that this post reaches someone who needs it and makes a difference.

To see the memorial video
click here

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  1. izzymom says

    Thank you so much for sharing “Light a Candle” on your blog. I was so moved my their blog and the story of Jenny and Graham. As mothers we don’t always see when something is wrong and we don’t always want to believe our friends if they tell us something is wrong. However, with their site i think they will reach hundreds of women to hopefully prevent what happened to Jenny and Graham from happening to anyone else. What and amazing story her sister has to tell. I have passed this site on to 7 of my friends who are pregnant now in the hopes that they too will see what can happen and what is a real thing that we as mothers have to deal and cope with sometimes. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. ~whitney, youngsville, nc

  2. Allie says

    Whitney , Thank you so so much for leaving that comment. Sometimes we are just touched in a special way by an article and when I first read about Jenny’s story that happened. Knowing that you have passed it one makes the post worthwhile and gives me peace knowing that as moms and women we can help.

    Thank you!!

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