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My Art Closet

Let me start by saying this is NOT what my art closet looks like right now the holiday craft bonanza has not been kind to it, come January I am cleaning it up again! I have been flooded with questions lately about how I keep my supplies organized so here it is!
  • Gather your materials. I use a shoe hanger from Ikea , and I slide in it baby wipes and Gladwear containers they fit perfectly! Inside those I keep markers, crayons, cotton balls, pencil crayons, paint, glue etc…
  • Then on the bottom few slots I keep newspaper ( just a few sections at a time) toilet paper rolls, and other recyclables that I can use for projects.
  • Also the top section has foam sheets, they fit perfectly, and pipe cleaners in it.
  • Now onto my cheap shelves that in June broke and I used some pipe cleaners to hold them together, call me McGuyver ! Anyway on those shelves I have white paper construction paper and card stock on top. As well as scrap printed paper in the silver box.
  • On the shelves I have one with tissue paper and paper bags, the one bellow it has my son’s easter basket with all the fun big sponges, bath poofs etc.. for free painting.Under the basket are a few brown paper grocery bags.
  • The square closest to the door has a large box for scrap paper. It also holds my magazines I use for crafts.
  • The square above it has all the specialized things- like googly eyes, pinking shears, buttons, sequins, sparkles etc… in a container so I can grab all the non kid friendly things fast if need be. It also keeps my paper plates close at hand.

I hope this helps !

**Also a reminder – send in or leave a comment with your favorite activity **
we did this year for our
Best of 2008 !

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  1. teachingtinytots says

    we have a big closet in the end of hte hall that is our art closet. with 2 cabinets in the kitchen also!

    i love empty wipes containers they are great! we use wipes for everything and the containers are definately used after the wipes are gone too!

    great closet by the way! 🙂

    i need to clean my out too 🙂

  2. Mandy says

    Funny you should post this…I was going to ask you about your supplies! Space is extremely limited right now for us, but I really want to start doing at least a weekly craft with my kids (using your fabulous site, of course!)

    Santa is going to bring art supplies (we have the basic crayons, scissors, glue, water colors) but if you name your TOP TEN SUPPLIES that you use the MOST, what would it be? I’m not sure what to get first…

  3. Tanya says

    You go, Allie! So organized. We have every closet in this house already spoken for, so I bought one of those tall narrow white cabinets from Fred Meyer & it works great in her playroom area.

  4. HudsonHappenings says

    Is that closet locked? I have a project cabinet &if my 3 year old finds his way in there it is NEVER good.

    Love your projects
    We just did a green handprint wreath that turned out awesome

  5. Allie says

    Mandy my top ten:

    ( Not including crayons, paper and glue)

    1.Markers – Love Crayola Pip Squeaks
    2.Paint – liquid tempra style
    4.Do-a-dot art dobbers
    5.Googly eyes
    6.Foam sheets
    7.Sparkles or Sparkle Paint
    8.Paper Plates
    9. Card Board Boxes ( cereal etc..)
    10. Pipe Cleaners

    Oh and yes my son can’t get into my closet, there are gates leading to it. A lock will be put on it when the gates come down.

  6. angel bug baby says

    I love the idea of an “art closet”. I have only been homeschooling for a couple of months (since September), and am anxiously awaiting the Spring when we enclose our garage for our classroom. I am currently using my antique Hoosier Cabinet to organize all our supplies, and while it does a great job, I’ll be glad to get my Dining Room back! 🙂 Have a great week!

  7. Kelly says

    Wow, I never thought of using all the wipes containers for storage! It’s not like we don’t get enough of them when you get a new one every time you buy wipes from Costco! I’ve been recycling them but this is a FANTASTIC idea! You’ve got my mind racing with new ideas for storage! THANKS!


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