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Valentine’s Books

I just don’t have many and most that I have found are boring me , so I decided to send out a call for help! If you have a Valentine’s book that your children or students love send me a review! I will post your review with a link to your blog . I will be posting these next week in a big book round up! Also I like giving my son books for holidays so you’ll be helping me shop too ! If I have duplicate reviews it will be first come first serve .

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  1. Anonymous says

    Sorry for the comment, rather than an email. I wasn’t sure how to…
    Our favorite Valentine’s book is “Four Valentines in a Rain Storm” by Felicia Bond. It pairs perfectly with making Valentines for loved ones.

  2. D says

    So my suggestion is a well known book and not necessarily a “valentine’s day” book but it is about love…so I’m not going to write a review but just thought I would suggest it… It’s “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney I just love this book and having my son act parts of it out while we read it.

  3. rainbowmummy says

    Not a valentines book, but one of love, so y’know!

    Never Too Little Too Love By Jeanne Willis and Jan Fearnley.

    About a mouse named Tiny Too-Little and a giraffe named Topsy Too-Tall who are in love with each other, but alas Tiny Too-Little is to short to reach his love, who he would really like to kiss.

    As he cannot reach her “it’s a long way down if you’re tall. But it’s an even longer way up if you’re Tiny” he builds a growing tower (a page for each item, great for lovers of repetition), but he’s still too little, even on tip toes on stilts, on a cake, on a clock, on a candle, on a cabbage, on a cup, on a melon, on a matchbox, on a thimble. Then the tower falls down wobble, wobble, wobble CRASH!

    Finally Topsy sees Tiny and bends down* to give him a kiss, a great big one “which just goes to show that, even if you’re Tiny…you are never Too-Little to love”.

    *If you buy/borrow this book Topsy will “bend” down in the form off a pop out neck, in our house Egg was a little to helpful in getting the couple to have a kiss, so our Topsy is happy someone invented sticky tape, other wise her head and neck would not be attached to her body :0)

    Please don’t take this comment as a book review! LOL, I just couldn’t find any links that would let you see inside the book, and my comment was a little longer than intended :0)

    A few ideas
    1) BIG sock/tight puppet for Topsy and A tiny little finger puppet for Tiny.
    2) 2 bags/boxes with drawing of Tiny on one and Topsy, find things that are big and Tiny round the house.
    3)draw the things from the tower on to paper and remember the order and glue then onto paper with a with “outlines”of all the squares drawn on (in a tower) perhaps numbering them, or make a sturdy velcro laminate one.
    4)Stick (supervised blue tack perhaps) the pictures on to bricks and build the tower and knock it down.
    5) there are nine things altogether so a good chance to talk about first, second, third etc
    6) Make masks, and have kisses!
    7) Draw a mouse (head only) on a piece of paper, then fold up the bottom so the moth is covered but you can still see the nose, on the folded piece fill in the missing face and draw a sad face, on the original head draw a happy face. Talk about how the mouse was is sad because he wants a kiss but culdn’t reach and then fell down, using a toy giraffe or something kiss the mouse, pull down the paper to reveal a happy face!

    Sorry for the crazy long comment, hope it makes at least a little sense! Egg isn’t really bothered about this book anymore, guess I must miss it, lol!

  4. Johnsons of Haymarket says

    I get my kids “I love you” books for Valentine’s day. They’re not actually about the holiday, just about love. My favorite is “I’ll Love You Forever.” It’s about a mom and her baby as he grows, and the different stages they go through together. It gets me teary every time I read it to my kids and rock them back and forth just like the mom in the story.

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