Matisse Art Project

Matisse art project for preschool and kindergarten great art docent project


I love art; I specifically love Henri Matisse. My love affair with his work started many years ago now my son has a Matisse print in his room, and I look at it every night as I snuggle him to bed. I think exposing our kids to fine art at a young age is a great idea, if they can find Dora in a busy toy store, why not appreciate Matisse, Klimt or Picasso? Matisse is a great artist to try to copy because in his final years he didn’t paint. Instead he used painted cut outs. It’s easy to collage in his style for a great tribute. We made our version of Matisse’s masterpiece
“The Snail.”

  1. Gather your materials. You will need multicolor scrap paper, plain white paper, scissors and glue.
  2. Look at the masterpiece you want to pay homage to. I love this painting and when I showed my son a few different ones he liked this the best.
  3. Cut the paper needed. I tried to copy the shapes and colors best I could, but there really is no need to be exact. If your child can cut let them cut it out.
  4. Add glue to the edges.
  5. Add the frame pieces.
  6. Have your child ad some glue and start placing pieces. At first I was directing it, and things were fine, but then I heard ” I do it!” so I conceded. If I am going to preach allowing your child to do it, I best practice that too.
  7. Add the rest.
  8. Let dry.

I am so excited my son had fun – especially after I sat down and played photographer only, because later when I showed him the Matisse on the computer, he said ” I make, glue!” which in his toddler language was ” I made that with glue!” I was so pleased that he got it!

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  1. Tanya says

    Oh, P.S. – a fun book that mentions art (Degas, Jackson Pollack and a trip to the museum)in a fun way is “Olivia”. I’m sure you’re probably already familiar w/ it! My 2 yr old frequently requests it at bedtime.

  2. says

    This is such a great activity,and the children love it. I taught this very same art activity to 5 and 6 year olds a while ago and all their different interpretations looked great around the classroom. We created a ‘snail trail’. Your son has done a great job too!


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