Ziplocs Aren’t Just For Snacks….

Shake Baby Shake !

One of my favorite things to do as a child was shake the shake and bake bags when my mom made chicken, this activity is inspired by that. I think any light ball would work, ours is from a birthday loot bag. I loved the results and so did my son! It was an experiment though and we did it two different ways – check it out!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some paper, liquid paint, a fun light ball and a ziploc.
  2. Fold the paper if you need to fit completely inside the ziploc, it needs to be able to close.
  3. Place it in.
  4. Add some paint.
  5. Throw in your ball.
  6. Close the ziplock and SHAKE ! I ad mu son shaking it high, low and in the middle. Hey I had to add in a lesson! With older kids this can be a fun color mixing lesson, I tried with my son but he was so enthralled with the shaking I am not so sure he caught on, although toddlers tend to surprise you with what they do pick up.
  7. Add another color and keep going !
  8. We did it a second time with the paint ON the ball and tat worked too, not major difference.


This is my son’s favorite song right now!

Shake shake shake your sillies out!
Shake shake shake your sillies out!
Shake shake shake your sillies out,
and wiggle all your waggles away!

Flick flick flick your fidgets out!
Flick flick flick your fidgets out!
Flick flick flick your fidgets out,
and wiggle all your waggles away!

Jump jump jump your jiggles out!
Jump jump jump your jiggles out!
Jump jump jump your jiggles out,
and wiggle all your waggles away

I also add in kick your kickers out, stomp your stampers out and Hop your Hoppers out.

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  1. *~*Lis*~* says

    This will be a huge hit around here! When we made your snowman globe a few weeks back I used glue and glitter in a zip lock because I didn’t have contact paper and she LOVED getting to squish the bag – I’m sure shaking it will be just as fun!

  2. Tonya says

    I’ve done a similar activity with toddlers by putting paper, paint, and a marble (golf ball, bells, or other round objects) inside a Tupperware container. The effect is very neat and they LOVE shaking the container! Bonus – they don’t get any paint on themselves.

    Tip: it helps if you tape the paper to the bottom of the container.

  3. Allie says

    MaryAnne- My son and I made up a few new verses while potty training last light but I will save everyone from those!

    Lis- I love it- mess free sparkles!

    Tonya- we have done ball painting and my son loves it but never with a tupperware top, I should try that. My son is always lifting the ball out and getting paint all over.


  4. Allie says

    Maureen I am glad I can make your cutie smile!

    Clap your crazies out – I have never heard that one! I love hearing new variations of these standard kiddie songs, thanks!

    Side note- in Canada we sing Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes to a different tune than they do here in the States. First time I sand it in St. Louis I had a class full of 4 year olds staring back at me.

  5. Anonymous says

    I did this activity with my 20 month old son, but because I don’t have any ziplocs we just put a ball and paint inside a paper bag, shook it up, and then cut the bag open. He loved it, thanks for the idea!


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