Letter of The Week L l !

Ladder L !

Last night at dinner I asked my son what letter we should do tomorrow, he immediately said L. So I was thinking of more figurative things like love for valentine’s day but that’s hard for little guys to understand. My husband put down his fork and said “Ladder” well this morning at church, my son pointed at a ladder and remembering the conversation at dinner said ” Ladder L !” So here it is !

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 3 pieces of construction paper, some markers scissors and glue.
  2. Start by giving your child a piece of construction paper to draw on. Older children can draw flames, or a fire engine or perhaps a construction site. Little ones can just explore with markers. My son drew legs. Don’t ask- another recent obsession.
  3. While they color, draw a large L with the red paper. Add a some legs on either end of the L.
  4. Cut some rungs out of the black paper.
  5. Cut the L out and glue it on the drawing when your child is ready. For us that was about 30 minutes after he finished drawing since he needed a break to play with is firetrucks. This is normal, I just go with it, he always comes back sooner or later.
  6. Add the glue to the L for the ladder.
  7. Add the rungs.
  8. Let dry!


I’m a big red fire truck, fire truck, fire truck!
I’m a big red fire truck , I come to the rescue!

My lights flash on and off, on and off on and off!
My lights flash on and off to say I’m on the way!

My ladders stretch way up high, way up high, way up high!
My ladders stretch way up high, up to the sky!

My hoses spray the water out, water out, water out!
My hoses spray the water out , until the fire’s gone!


“The Little Fire Engine” by Lois Lenski is a simple little book about a fire engine that goes to put out fires. Nothing special but every time my son sees it at the library he won’t let it go. In 6 months we’ve taken it out 4 times. I think the bright retro illustrations ( it was originally published in the early 60’s) and the simple text is what makes it so appealing.

” Fire Engines” by Anne Rockwell is the current favorite at our house. I found it at a thrift store for twenty five cents and I am definitely getting much more than my moneys worth! It’s a cute book with easy text and cute cartoon dalmatians as fire fighters. I particularly love that there is a fire boat in the book since we often see those around here. Cute book for fire engine lovers!


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  1. Georgine says

    My daughter is will love the fire truck song! I just have to remember it. And thanks for the supply list. My daughter loves gluing pom poms and pipe cleaners. I can’t wait to do the letter C caterpillar with her.


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