Spring Fling Giveaway !

Spring Fling Week is here! Don’t miss my review of Music Together as well as CD giveaway I am hosting over at Blissful Kids. I am happy I can pass on some of the fun I have every week with my son at our Music Together class to you with a copy their awesome Family Favorites CD !

So click on the button and enter !

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  1. EntertainingMom says

    You make me want to break out in song!!!! Hell-O Every-body, so good to see you!!!!!!!!!!!

    MT is a great program! Did it with all the kids. While we don’t participate anymore we still listen to their CDs!

  2. Ashley, Kyle, and Baby Boy says

    i would love it if you could respond on my blog….
    my son is nearly one…and i really want to start lessons with him at 15 months, i’m starting my planning….
    but i’d like to know what age you started with your son….can you point me towards some posts or other websites that can guide me at a younger than 2 age…or should i just go for it (that’s my plan) knowing that most things will be very hands on and my child can’t do most things yet…

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