Recycled Round Up !

Recycled Art !

We make art with recycled things all the time here at No Time For Flash Cards, I’d like to say it’s all out of concern for the environment but often it’s just because it’s what is available, we eat an insane amount of cereal and need to do something with all the boxes! Here are some of the crafts we have done using recycled materials. Click on the craft title to link to the original post with full how to instructions.

Recycled World!

Recycled UFO!

Recycled Bird Feeder!


  1. Keri says

    i love the toilet roll necklace! i think i will try that with my daughter on earth day this year! it is something that a little one paint, put together, and then wear all day!

  2. Katherine Marie! says

    LOVE them all— my fav is the toilet paper necklace—I’m putting that on our TO CREATE list. :):)

    I APPRECIATE your everlasting inspiration.

  3. Rebecca @bitofmomsense says

    So many excellent ideas – but I will defn have to try the Earth one since the Boy is obsessed with the earth…


  4. Dana Lee says

    I love your blog and the inspiration you give. I’m a preschool teacher’s aide for 2-3 yr. olds and have 3 children myself. My favorite thing is learning your cute little songs to have under my belt when we need a little something to get everyone’s attention. The thing I struggle with the most is what to do with all the little 3-D crafts that come home. Any suggestions?

  5. Allie says

    Dana the last class I taught were 2-3 and I just loved it! As far as 3-D projects, my general rule is if he plays with them, they stay once they are just laying around they go into the recycling or garbage.

    I of course have pictures of most of his art and do plan ( although I never seem to find time) to make a photo book of all the projects .


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