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I love to cook but between my schedule, my son’s and husband’s individual food quirks and trying to provide the healthiest options possible it can get stressful. What I love about this blog is that they ( Kara and Celeste)not only have recipes but they test the food out and give real reviews and reactions from their own kids! There isn’t an ounce of pretense, they are real moms who will have you in stitches laughing with them while trying to feed your family better.

PS : I also love that like my son, Kara’s older daughter loves to wear her PJ’s for the photos!

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  1. Deb_in_oz says

    thanks for the feature today – i ended up reading the whole site! and adding them to my reader! i have already earmarked 5 or 6 recipes to try as i have a very picky 5 1/2yo and a fairly ok 4yo but have to sneak as much variety and nutrition in where i can so they don’t live on fish sticks and PB sandwiches!

  2. LAURA says

    thanks for the link, I’m always looking for ways to feed my picky eating son. Love your website, I do a joy school type preschool where we come up with our own curriculum, and I’m always looking for ideas.

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