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I have had so many responses to my Garbage Truck and School Bus crafts lately that I decided I needed a book review post filled only with transportation themed books. This is not a comprehensive list ( although I am working on one) just the newest additions. For a list of my transportation activities click here

“The Adventures of Taxi Dog” by Debra and Sal Barraca is a about a stray dog in New York City who is rescued by a taxi driver and spend the rest of his days riding in the front seat soaking up the diversity of their fares. The rhyming text, and detailed illustrations by Marc Buehner work well together to make this a fun read .

“Machines At Work” by Byron Barton is a bold and bright book that is perfect for toddlers who are obsessed with construction vehicles. The text is brief but effective. My son loved this book as an infant and at 2 still enjoys reading it, aw well as counting the workers and trucks on each page.

“The Berenstain Bears and the Big Road Race” by Stan and Jan Berenstain shouldn’t be overlooked. I really enjoy this book but not as much as my son who has begged for it every day before nap this week. It’s a good story about being persistant and they sneak lots of learning into the rhyming text. Colors, opposites and more can be reinforced by this retelling of the classic tale of the tortoise and the hare.

“School Bus” by Donald Crews is the book for you if your child goes nuts for the big yellow buses! The reader tags along for a day in the life of a school bus from the depot in the morning , to school , across town and back. The book was also helpful when I was teaching the concepts of stop/ go and empty/ full.

“Truck Stuck” by Sallie Wolf was an awesome find. It immediately reminded me of ” One Duck Stuck ” by Phyllis Root and that is not a bad thing at all! The rhyming text is fun and the illustrations made me giggle, especially the Elvis impersonator in a pink Cadillac! My son was so impressed with this book, I was able to negotiate my reluctant eater to finish his lunch if I read it one more time . That speaks volumes!

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  1. Sara says

    My mom got my truck-obsessed son Truck Stuck for his first birthday, and it has been without a doubt the go-to book in our house. I was excited to see it here! It’s the first one we throw in the bag whenever I expect we’ll have to do any waiting anywhere. There’s so many fun things to look at in every picture.

  2. Sara says

    Also, I love when you do these book reviews! Unfortunately, I always end up so disappointed in our library, as it is very rare that they even carry most of the good ones you mention. I’m especially jealous of the appealing transportation books. I’m so desperate for new good ones.

  3. SkylarKD says

    My daughter LOVES the Golden Book version of The Little Red Caboose. We have a dog eared copy from 30 or 40 years ago, and we read it all the time!

    I nominated you for a blog award today. Come and check it out! 🙂

  4. Sallie Wolf says

    So glad you like Truck Stuck. It’s based on actual experience. Trucks get stuck under the viaducts around the Chicago area all the time. And my kids loved setting up lemonade stands. But the Elvis character was the invention of Andy Robert Davies, the illustrator. I love his pictures and all the humor he brought to the story.

  5. Infant Bibliophile says

    My son ALWAYS loves your choices! When I see you do these lists now, I immediately open up our library’s catalog in another window and start entering my on hold requests. 🙂

  6. Trese says

    Donald Crews also wrote another book, Freight Train. I just so happened to pick it up at Goodwill the other day and my son loves it. He is obsessed with trains though. We’ll have to find School Bus too!

  7. Amanda says

    Thank you! Like MamaFeelgood, your book recommendations make library visits more profitable for us – and I love the transportation theme – my 2yr old boy is enthralled with ANYTHING that moves 🙂

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