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Cereal Box
Lap Top!

Kids love to imitate adults, I will be the first to admit my son has said a “bad” word or two ( or three) and that always serves s a reminder that we need to watch what we do because they are. It also serves as a great opportunity to play, pretend and create. When I saw these letter stickers I knew I had to do something with them, this is what evolved.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a cereal box, some letter stickers, markers, glue , scissors and a piece of white foam or paper.
  2. Start by cutting your cereal box so that it’s two main panels and one side panel only.
  3. Have your child color their lap top how they please. My son was all into gray when we made this and I admit to coaxing him into using some purple so you all could see he did some coloring.
  4. Next start adding the “keyboard” We had fun doing this, even though my son’s 2 year old fingers couldn’t get the tricky stickers off we sat down next to each other, he pointed to a letter or number, identified it and I peeled it off for him. Then he decided where it should go. With older kids you could make a space bar, and enter key etc… I kept it simple so my son could do it as independently as possible.
  5. Next hand your child the foam sheet or paper and have them color it. I couldn’t resist writing No Time For Flash Cards on ours.
  6. Glue it on.
  7. Let dry.
  8. Play!

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  1. *~*Lis*~* says

    Oh wow! this is great – all three of mine hover anytime I use the laptop when they are up (like now!) so having their own “pu-pu” with out the expense of those kid ones would be great!

  2. Melitsa says

    How fun! I think my toddler would love this too. We have a cash register made from an Amaz*n box that’s survived many a checkout. They love homemade versions of adult things.

  3. Angell says

    Hi Allie,

    I have a question for ya….by any chance do you know of a Christian website that is on the same idea as yours that does Christian Kids projects and/or lesson plans?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. Allie says

    Thanks everyone- we have been having gfun with our laptop and yesterday in the cereal aisle my son announced he was going to make another with a box of sugary cereal I told him he couldn’t have. I think he was negotiating for it, nice try.

    Angell- I don’t know off the top of my head but I will try to find one for you!

  5. Angell says


    I found one!!
    I'm starting with creation this week. They have a cool idea on there about making earth rice krispy treats. You make them like you normally would, but put them in 2 separate bowls (before making them into squares). Add blue food coloring to one, green to the other. Then take a little from each and roll into a ball. There's your earth lol!!!

  6. Angel says

    My kids loved this craft! After we finished it, my 4yo daughter asked if she could have a mouse too, so I cut out a mouse and attached it with yarn. I love that she used her own creativity to expand on this craft!


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