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The Very Hungry Caterpillar. by Eric Carle

When I sat down to think which book is my absolute favorite, the one that kept coming back into my mind was this classic. As a child the holes the caterpillar made in the pages fascinated me, the colors enchanted me and I remembering being amazed that the caterpillar turned into that huge colorful butterfly! In university while studying elementary education I chose this book as the literary inspiration for a cross curricular unit study for grade 1. I made math lessons with fruit, science lessons about observing insects and the butterfly life cycle and health lessons about smart food choices. Then teaching preschool I used this awesome book to teach the days of the week, basic counting and more. When I was pregnant I chose this book along with a few other favorites to be my son’s nursery theme. Now that my son is 2 we often pull down the Very Hungry Caterpillar felt board and play with it as we read the story. To me this book is a given, and for every stage of my life, student, student teacher, teacher, mother it has come along for the ride!

If you are an Eric Carle Fan ( and you should be!) you must check out his personal blog. It’s always fascinating to have a insider look at someone you admire!
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  1. Tanya says

    This is MY favorite children’s book, too!! 🙂 And for the same reasons as you — love that it teaches colors, counting/numbers, science/lifecycle of butterfly, healthy eating, days of week, etc. I especially love books that use the senses to help teach concepts to children.

  2. Letters,Numbers and Books says

    That is this years read for the record book! We love almost all of his my girls don’t like the grouchy ladybug cuz they say you shouldn’t fight and a few others but we are HUGE Eric Carle fans!!!

    I got 2 of his coloring books this weekend unused at a garage sale for 50 cents each!!!

  3. Tara @ Feels like home says

    I knew it! I almost asked about The Hungry Caterpillar in my comment on your other post. Then I thought, “Oh, she probably left it out because it’s so ubiquitous.” But no! 🙂

    Did you see Google’s doodle on Eric Carle’s birthday? It was great. I think I saved it in Facebook or somewhere if you didn’t get to see it.

  4. Tara @ Feels like home says

    Sorry, I forgot something. This past week, I saw a hungry caterpillar quilt on Etsy. It was very excited. There must be some fabric available some where with his illustrations because the quilt used them. It was very cool.

  5. The Activity Mom says

    LOVE Eric Carle! Also, thanks for the list of people’s favorite books! I always forget how many great choices there are out there when you your child is choosing the same book day after day.

  6. iwonderbee says


    I love the Hungry Caterpillar book as well!
    Just by way of quick intro, I am a full time working mum in Singapore. I love your blog and have been checking it from time to time – you have some really wonderful craft ideas!
    I started putting together an alphabet wall with my two year old daughter just recently as this year I’ve been very fortunate to be able to arrange four day work weeks so Fridays are spent on some art and craft and informal teaching. Just by a matter of coincidence, last weekend, I chose to do the letter C with her. Here’s the link to my blog entry if you’d like to check it out =)


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