More Transportation Books !

“Freight Train” by Donald Crews is best reviewed by my son who loves it so much he “reads” it to us. This video was taken for grand parents far away but it was perfect for this post. Clearly proof of how many times we have read it, renewed it from the library and genuinely enjoy it as a family.

“My Truck is Stuck”
by Kevin Lewis is a fun book full of great rhymes and funny illustrations from Daniel Kirk. The story is simple a truck is stuck and even though other vehicles come to help, nothing budges until a tow truck arrives. The best part is the cargo of bones in the truck are slowly stolen by hungry gophers while the others work to free the truck. It’s got a great message about helping people and the illustrations make me giggle, especially the guy in the moving van who is blowing bubbles. I have never understood that but it makes me laugh.

“Trucks Go”
by Steve Light is a new find for us. I spotted this board book from across the library during preschool story time today. There were kids everywhere and I was not sure that I would get to it before someone else did. I kept my composure , didn’t have to elbow a single person and popped it in my bag. The minute of worry was worth it , what an awesome book! The illustrations are so beautiful that I would seriously consider framing every page. The book goes through different trucks ( garbage truck, cement mixer, fire engine etc..) and the sounds they make. My son was laughing and repeating the sounds while we read this at bedtime and enjoyed the water color illustrations almost as much as I did. Grab this one like I did.

“The Truck Book”
by Harry McNaught is another favorite in our house, mostly because it has a forklift in it. There isn’t much of a story, instead it’s a collection of labeled illustrations. If your child is like mine and loves , no obsesses over things that move this is a fantastic book. I admit I get bored reading it even if my son doesn’t. To fight that boredom we play I spy and both of us are happy.

“The Mighty Street Sweeper”
by Patrick Moore is a rare book, it’s rare because it is a story about self esteem clothed in a truck book. The street sweeper isn’t the biggest, the fastest or the most powerful truck but it’s still mighty and proud. I really like this book, we read it before nap and again before bed and I liked it even more the second time. The message about being happy with who you are is really touching . I liked that the book says that you don’t have to be the best at everything to still be proud of your hard work. My son really enjoyed this book as well and it was excited to read it again at bedtime.
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  1. Bookworm says

    Wow! That was SO awesome! He got lost in that book! His imagination was taken him on a train ride!!!! I wonder where he was going! I LOVED that part!

    Your son is SO cute. Goodness…You must eat him up all day long!

    Nice Transportation books too!! I like that you have covered a variety of trucks. Dump Truck, Cement Truck, Sweeper, Train…

  2. Annette says

    I pray for the day Meghan can read like that! He is too cute! Very appropriate to share with us!

    We also love that book and are posting our Freight Train soon. It's not done yet…soon.

  3. Mom, M.Ed. (Jessica) says

    Oh, we love The Truck Book–mostly due to its 1970sesque appeal. Don't you love the camping page with the VW Bus/camper? 🙂

    Ben loves the street sweeper and the "straddle truck" in the back (I think it's on the last page?!?)

  4. Sara says

    As always, I love new ideas for truck books, especially ones that mention a garbage (or bargage) truck!

    I loved My Truck is Stuck when we got it out several months ago. We were going through a rough sleep phase at the time, and one night I must have read through it 70 times until he finally drifted off.

    And The Truck Book is our current requested night time story. I cracked up to see it here, as it was actually my brother's book from about 30 years ago, I think. I agree that it is totally boring, and I usually end up making up a lot of my own words, although he's getting to the point where he notices the differences each time. I'm going to have to give the I Spy option a try!

    Thanks for all the great review lists!

  5. Allie says

    Jessica- we love that page too. My son's favorite though is the weinermobile!

    I was shocked to see it was still in print, I wasn't going to include it because i wasn't sure anyone else had it. Glad it is because it is a very fun book for kids who love trucks.

  6. Infant Bibliophile says

    We just took Trucks Go out of the library for the second time this week; we both love it. And we also have My Truck is Stuck…I've tried to bring it back three times, and every time he finds it in the stroller and rescues it!! I'll have to check out the other ones. We always love the books you suggest. I've been toting with adding a video feature to our blog, because he's getting so interactive and funny when he reads now.

  7. Trese says

    Freight Train is one of my son's favorite books too! I love how simple it is and he "reads" it too. "Going through tunnels, going by cities, crossing trestles.." I love when he says trestles!

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