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Kids love painting with things that aren’t made for painting. When looking through old family photos I found one of me in preschool in 1980 painting with a toothbrush. It brought back happy memories and we ran out and bought a new 2 pack of cheap brushes to paint with. Although we made a brush to paint, free play with the brushes , some plain paper and paint is just as much fun!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 2 pieces of paper , a marker, some watercolors, a toothbrush, scissors, dish of water and glue.
  2. Start by drawing a simple tooth brush with your marker on one piece of paper. If your child is able to draw a toothbrush ( and by able I mean they can tell what it is even if you can’t) then they should do this step if they want.
  3. Hand it and the toothbrushes to your child. We used water colors for two reasons, most other paints will goop up and you’ll end up with a huge pile of paint that will take forever to dry. Also when the brush ends up in their mouth like all paint brushes in our house do even when they aren’t tooth brushes, water colors leave much less paint on their teeth.
  4. Paint ! Let dry.
  5. Cut out the tooth brush, if your child is able to have them do this step.
  6. Glue it onto the 2nd piece of paper. Let dry. If your child is forgetful about brushing this craft can be added onto a chart . Simply make a box for each day ( big enough for 3 small stickers) and after each brushing add a sticker.


Brush ,brush brush your teeth
Every single day
In the morning
After lunch
And before you hit the hay !


“Never Take A Shark To The Dentist ( and other things not to do)”by Judi Barrett isn’t really about going to the dentist or teeth but it is funny and full of great advice! The book plays on the natural attributes of a handful of animals and things you should not do , like giving a moth a sweater as a gift, or sitting next to a porcupine on the subway. The illustrations by John Nickle pair perfectly with the cautionary advice to make a fun and funny book!

“The Berenstain Bears Visit The Dentist” by Stan and Jan Berenstain is a classic. I remember reading this as a child and was so pleased to see how much my son enjoyed reading it too. The story is simple, but they cover a lot of the questions a child who has never been or hasn’t been to the dentist in a while may have. We read this many times this fall before my son’s first visit and the hygienist was thrown off when my son asked for the drill. I like that the tooth fairy is giving out dimes for teeth, what’s the going rate now?

“Andrew’s Loose Tooth” by Robert Munsch. Sometimes I think Munsch gets kids in ways many other’s don’t especially what will make them laugh. This book is about a little boy who’s loose tooth is driving him batty,he just wants it out! Everyone tries to help, the dentist comes in a funny car sporting a ponytail and the tooth fairy is in leather and drives a Harley! When I read it alone I thought, oh no this might make my toddler fear the dentist since the dentist in the story ties a rope to Andrew’s tooth and attaches the other end to his car. When I read it to my son I was reminded why the author is as successful as he is, my son even at 2 could tell this was absurd. Hilariously absurd!

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  1. Preschool Playbook says

    I would like to do toothbrush painting when we do dental health next year. I am very slow to think of trying other "objects" to paint with. I have to remember this!

  2. GummyMommy says

    Seriously.. i can't get enough of your creativity and fun projects, songs and book recommendations.. Your blog is by far my favorite go-to place when I'm looking for things to do with the little man.. Keep it up!!

  3. Michele says

    Okay, my 2 yo daughter made me watch your toothbrushing song video like 25x- she loves you! 🙂 Thanks for posting you singing the songs for those of us who are song challenged! 🙂

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