Jack in The Beanstalk Craft

This idea came straight from my son. “What should we make today?” and he suggested a beanstalk and he made it very clear that he wanted to be Jack… so this is what we did.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some craft paper ( you could use thick wrapping paper, just use the reverse side) , paint, a marker, scissors and some fun brushes or sponges for the beanstalk. For your very own “Jack” you will need a photograph,scissors and some double stick tape and a clothes pin.
  2. Take a fun picture of your child posing as Jack- this was what we came up with. I regret letting him stand on the chair I’ve been telling him to get off the chair all day long since … learn from my doppy move and stay on the floor!
  3. Draw a beanstalk with large leaves. Mine was way less than perfect but we loved it anyway, don’t worry about how it looks, just have fun.
  4. Next spread some paint. My son was overjoyed to pour so much paint on the beanstalk.
  5. Spread it with your brushes, we used a bath poof and fun dish sponge.
  6. Add more – for the second round we used yellow and blue to make green!
  7. Let dry , cut out and hang on the wall or the inside of a bedroom door!
  8. Print out the picture or if like me you have no printer, (shocking I know!) run to the store and print one out.
  9. Cut your very own Jack out and tape a clothes pin to the back of the picture.
  10. Add to your beanstalk.
  11. If you want you can add more… we raided the junk drawer for extra pictures and added them.



  1. Annette says

    Oh my goodness. You've outdone all cuteness! I have been waiting to read the book…but now I'm ready!

  2. Shannon says

    This is adorable. My four year old will love it since Jack and the Beanstalk is a favorite story of hers. She requests to listen to it on StoryNory almost every night. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Keri says

    i am going to do this with my little girl- it'll be a "jackie in the beanstalk" :) you are way too creative!!! keep postin'!! i am starting my ABC book with my daughter and will definitely be using some of your letter crafts as inspirations! :)

  4. Polly and Ollie says

    What a great idea–and so many ways to repeat it!!! Rapunzel in the tower, the mouse on the clock, the old lady and the shoe . .

  5. Allie says

    Thanks!! We have been really enjoying this one too, and I am so glad you all like it. I would have been sad if it flopped!

    I wish I had thought of this when I was still teaching it would have been cute to see a whole class on the beanstalk!

    I love the Rapunzel in the tower and growth chart ideas too!

  6. Pececito arcoiris says

    Really wonderful!!! My daughter need to read the book now, she will enjoy this craft for sure. Thank you from Spain.

  7. Julie says

    I love it, and my daughter will too. By the way, how do you store/dispose of all the giant artwork? I need some de-cluttering strategies (LOL)

  8. Reenie's World says

    Thank you so much for your blog. I find so many great ideas from you. I am amazed at your creativity.

    Thanks again!

  9. Allie says

    Julie – when he stops asking about the big things ( usually a few days) I recycle or throw them away after he's gone to bed. Luckily he is young enough he doesn't get too attached yet.

  10. Beth says

    Another great idea! And let me just add, I really appreciate how all your posts emphasize "Just have fun, it doesn't have to be perfect!" Coming from the crafty guru (that's you!), it's great encouragement!


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