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You may have noticed in my sidebar the button for EverythingMom.com , a community for and made up of parent bloggers . I was lucky enough to win a sponsorship contest held by EverythingMom.com to help pay my way to Chicago where I jumped into learning more , sharing about and connecting with other bloggers. This isn’t a post about the conference though, it’s about EverythingMom.com and why I was proud to share it with the other bloggers and PR reps at BlogHer and why I am sharing it now with you. There are too many small things about this community for me to share but let me share a few big ones.

1. First and foremost the support isn’t just emotional , it’s finacial too – there is a shared revenue program where you can include your google adsense account onto your blog on EverythingMom.com essentially multiplying your earning potential. I have added these to my blog on EverythingMom.com which you can find here” don’t eat the paint “ since it’s the same account as mine here on No Time For Flash Cards I see my ad revenue growing faster.

2. Publicity , as a blogger I know that even the smallest mention of your blog in a new spot can grow your readership significantly. Isn’t that what we are looking for?

3. Contacts. Other bloggers, PR reps and a mom blog listing are all things that come free with membership on EverythingMom.com

Go check it out!

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  1. Jackie says

    There was a a deceptive ad that was shown from Everything Mom that said I had a virus…one of their pop up ads must be trying to get you to download something. Just thought I would let your readers know…it really scared me and I am glad my computer savy son knew it was false!

  2. Michelle says

    Hi Jackie – That was very scary for us too! There was something wrong with the URL shorten tag from TweetDeck (bit.ly). We are no longer using TweetDeck just for that reason!

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