Favorite Authors For Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

A devoted reader and fellow mom asked me to write out my favorite authors for different ages and stages. I hope this list is useful to both her and you! I’ve tested them out in classroom, with children I have nannied and my own son. The pictures of the books link to reviews , click to read. Also It’s hard to divide these authors by age, it’s not definitive, most of these authors have books for all ages so check them all out.


Sandra Boynton

Karen Katz

Bill Martin Jr.

Margaret Wise Brown


Eric Carle

Donald Crews

Todd Parr

Monica Wellington


Robert Munsch

Laura Numeroff

Anne Rockwell

David Shannon

There are so many more authors and books I love and consider must haves, leave a comment if you want to share yours, kids can never have too many books or be read to too much !

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  1. Jennifer McNichols says

    Great list! I love Margaret Wise Brown. To it, I'd add Maurice Sendak, Ruth Krauss, and Ezra Jack Keats. But that's off the top of my head. I'm sure I could think of a dozen more "must have" authors! It's so hard to choose!

  2. Allie says

    Ezra Jack Keats!! I havent' gotten my son into him yet , but I need to! Sendak is big here too, last night my son informed me he wanted to me a "Wild Thing" for Halloween, of course he picked the one with all the horns and impossible costume… I am secretly hoping he goes back to wanting to be a UPS man.

  3. Heather @ Not a DIY Life says

    No wonder this post took so long!

    We have a lot of the books you pictured, and I am constantly discovering more treasures by some of our favorite authors. I'll definitely take time to click thru and read reviews. Thanks!

  4. Marialexandra says

    Love your list! Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, that was my son's favorite book in Kinder, and my daughter got Take a Mouse to the Movies for Christmas last year from her Kinder teacher and she loved it. Great suggestions!

  5. Karen Lisa says

    This is a great list. I'd also add Maurice Sendak & Ezra Jack Keats. My baby is still a baby so he's not old enough for their stories, but I've got the books ready for when he is. 🙂

    His favorite books now at 9 months old are Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney and Richard Scarry's I am a Bunny. Oh, and you can't forget Runaway Bunny, which you already have listed… he loves that one too. 🙂

    Yes, we like bunny books. 🙂

  6. Tara @ Feels like home says

    So true! We have most of these books, and we love them a lot. You did show me a couple of new authors, though. We'll have to look for them at the library.

    Well done, as usual!

  7. Amy Kraft says

    Fabulous list. We're especially fans of David Shannon and Sandra Boynton. My go-to author, though, for babies and toddlers is Leslie Patricelli. I love her adorable baby illustrations and particularly like the book Yummy Yucky.

  8. Infant Bibliophile says

    I think you did a fantastic job! Those seem perfect to me. Some my son loves more than others, but that's true for every child. For babies, I often recommend Nina Laden's board books too, just because they were among his first favorites. Oh yes, and Richard Scarry is probably his consistently favorite author now at 21 months.

    My son is young for Ezra Jack Keats too, but he loves a recent one we got of his called My Dog is Lost (it's a bilingual book so also Mi Perro Se Ha Perdido). If he likes dogs, he might like that?

    Ha re: the Wild Things costume! I saw an adorable UPS man costume last year and really wanted to get it (not that you'd need to buy a costume for that).

  9. Jackie says

    Great list and great books! I love books!! My grandma was a librarian when I was little and would order copies of the latest titles for my cousins, my brother and I. We had a book called No, No, Natalie that I loved. I saved it and my toddlers have all loved it, too. I don't even know if it can be found anymore. Anyway, thanks for your hard work!

  10. MommySecrets says

    I love your list, and I'm going to link to it at my blog – http://www.theassetedge.blogspot.com.

    If any of your readers are interested in a free booklet with 64 preschool books that promote healthy child development, I'd love to share it with them. They can email me at ann(at)theassetedge(dot)net to get a free copy.

    I also just co-authored a book that might interest your readers – Building Character from the Start: 201 Activities to Foster Creativity, Literacy and Play in K-3. It fits your style of teaching well!

    Ann Saylor

  11. Jennifer says

    We love a lot of the books on your list. I can imagine how hard it was to write given the volume out there.
    Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann's has been loved by my kids from birth to pre-school. You can do so many things with it from them just looking at pictures to you making up the story to matching gates with the keys. Awesome book.

  12. Melissa says

    I am a book lover and so my little ones have had me reading to them since they were babies. I love all of these books on your list. My son,who is two, just loves to have mommy read to him-he doesn't have any prefrences yet. But my daughter, who is 4, absoultly adores the Fancy Nancy books. It has expanded her vocabulary and I hear her using all the big word in that book all the time. If anyone has little girls that love fancy things and big words-the Fancy Nancy books are the best.

  13. Teaching with Picture Books says

    I love this list! We read many of the authors you have highlighted, but there were a few new ones we will have to check out! Another great author for preschoolers is Doreen Cronin. My son loved her books.

    Thanks, Allie!

  14. Josie and Wayne says

    One of my three year olds favorite books to read is our big book of nursery rhymes and fairy tales. She loves the gingerbread man and jack and jill. I love your list. Thanks for all you put into helping us.

  15. Staci says

    What a great list! Thank you Allie.

    My DD (2-1/2) is totally enthralled with Lucy Cousins and the "Maisy" books right now. She thinks if we read something in one of these books that she has done it in real life. Just the other day asked me "Remember when I went to the museum with Maisy.?" LOL!


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