Felt Flower Craft

Red + White = Pink !
We made this craft ages ago, from time to time a craft will be made and shelved because I’ve posted a similar one, or one that used similar materials or in this case because I forgot about it. I am always looking for something to do with these applesauce containers besides using them in our play kitchen as bowls. Of course I snuck in a color mixing lesson and if I had more felt I would have made a few flowers with different color mixes like orange and purple.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some white and red felt ( these are less than 50 cents a piece) , some red and white paint, glue, scissors and of course an plastic single serve container ( like applesauce, fruit cups etc…) .
  2. Start by pouring your paint into your cup.
  3. Mix the two colors, while your child is doing this make sure to ask about what’s happening.
    set aside to dry.
  4. Cut out a large flower from the red felt.
  5. Cut smaller white petals.
  6. Add glue to the red flower
  7. Add the petals, be sure to count them. Don’t worry if some are upside down.
  8. When the cup of paint is dry add glue around the edge.
  9. Glue in the middle of the petals. Let dry.
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  1. The Activity Mom says

    I really like this! I can see us pointing from outside to inside saying "Red and White makes Pink". A great visual and also a great way to reuse those applesauce containers! =)

  2. Nicole {tired, need sleep} says

    Very cute flower craft! I love this idea. BTW, we use those applesauce containers as paint holders… just stick them in a muffin tray (use a little tacky putty to keep them in) put paint in them, and then put foil over the whole thing to keep the paints from drying out. It's better than cups that can tip over and it's easy to clean up – just toss the applesauce cup and stick a new one in when you want!

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