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Mom It Forward
is all about moms making a difference . They achieve this by strengthening the bonds between women, acting locally and globally to make the world online and off better one mom at a time .

Are you on Twitter? If you are you are probably familiar with the hashtag #GNO which stands for Girls Night Out. If you aren’t on Twitter I am making no sense to you right now. Let me explain. Every Tuesday starting at 9pm EST a large group of women ( and some men too) gather on Twitter for Girls Night Out hosted by Jyl from MomItForward. Since first attending this online gathering of women months ago I have started looking forward to Tuesday nights and “meeting” up with the girls online. Every week there is a new topic that is discussed and like every book club and playgroup function I have ever been to sometimes the discussion wanders but you always learn something valuable, and make new friends. What’s awesome about #GNO’s is that Jyl keeps the discussion going with questions for the participants and has a panel of experts ready to give advice and share their experiences about that topic.

I am so excited to announce I will be a panelist this week! The topic is “Back To School” and you can check out to RSVP for the party ( there are always fun giveaways!) and for more information about the wonderful service and charity projects that Mom It Forward is all about.

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  1. Jyl Johnson Pattee says

    So excited to have you as a panelist on #gno this Tuesday, Allie! You've got such a great website and will add tremendous ideas an expertise. Can't wait to learn from you.



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