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I have been asked by many parents of children heading to preschool for the first time about how they can help prepare and make sure their children aren’t behind the curve. One piece of advice I always give is to read some alphabet and counting books together to practice letters and numbers as well as taking turns listening ( while you read) and paying attention to a whole story, which for little book lovers is easy but full of energy movers and shakers can be a challenge. Here are a few more counting books to look for on your next library visit.
” Anno’s Counting Book” by Mitsumasa Anno almost didn’t make it into my library bag. I am so glad it did. This is a wonderful book full of possibilities. There is no text , simple aerial illustrations of a field as it evolves one number at a time. The illustrations fill up quickly and it might take a while to see that you have to classify the pictures on each page to match it with the number on the page but once you do , each page is a lesson!
“Mimi’s Book of Counting” by Emma Chichester Clark is a cute little book about a Grandma and granddaughter counting things in their every day. The counting is simple and easy to follow along with but what makes this book standout for me is how sweet the bond between the generations are. My son loves this book, one of his grandmother’s goes by Mimi and so we make the Grandma in the book Mimi and the little monkey becomes my son. I like that we are counting while also celebrating a special bond in my son’s life.

“Counting Wildflowers” by Bruce McMillan is a simple book but it stands out for me because it is interactive with 20 circles on every page that fill up as you count flowers on each page. The reader can count the blooms, and then count again with the circles , all the way up to 20. When you are trying to reinforce a skill like counting the use of repetition is really helpful. Simple but great.

“One Duck Stuck” by Phyllis Root looks like an everyday book , but inside you will find a brilliantly repetitive storyline that promotes teamwork, and mathematical skills! Count along with your child as a slew of animals try to help this duck get out of the muck! My students a few years ago were nuts about this book and yours will be too!

“Mouse Count” by Ellen Stoll Walsh is another gem from this author illustrator. In this book the mice outsmart a hungry snake and save themselves from his belly. In the meantime the reader counts along as the mice are caught and put in a jar , then again when they escape. The simple illustrations are so effective and my son loved this book.


  1. Becky @ Our Sweet Peas says

    Thanks for the book rec's. I am always reading new library books to the boys and yet I have not picked up any of these yet!

  2. Christy says

    Thanks for the recommendations. WE love Mouse Count but have not read the others. Can't wait to go to the library.

  3. Hobo Mama says

    Thanks for the great suggestions. Our 2-year-old LOVES counting right now. My husband found an old Sesame Street counting pop-up book from when he was a kid, and Mikko loves it. Fortunately, it's already a little tattered, so it doesn't matter that he's near-wrecking it in his enthusiasm to pull the tabs! :)

  4. Jennifer McNichols says

    We're really getting into the books by Anno lately. I love his series about different cities and just last week I picked up the counting book at our library!

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