Sunday Spotlight

When my son was starting to use sippy cups I was scared, there was so much information about BPA ( Bisphenol A ) and it’s harmful effects and presence in baby bottles and sippy cups. I was up every two hours nursing my child and no matter how many times I tried to figure out what was safe I kept buying new cups only to find out they were on the do not buy list! Then I found Zrecs . I am forever in their debt for helping me make better choices. This isn’t a shopping blog, and they are not in it for the free stuff, they are consumer advocates I trust! Their Zrecs Guide To Safer Children’s Products has replaced Consumer Reports as my first stop for making good choices for my family, check it out and see why!


  1. Allie says

    My pleasure Georgine!

    I agree Michelle I really think that they are among the standard setters that other blogs need to follow.

  2. Infant Bibliophile says

    I agree – love that site! I use them whenever I want to buy bath toys too (wish more companies would make safer bath toys).

  3. Jennifer McNichols says

    Thank you Allie for your kind words and thanks everyone else for checking us out! We're so honored to be featured on No time for flash cards!

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