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Do you ever find a blog and think – more people need to know about this! That blog for me it the domestic NOTEBOOK . Especially wonderful for moms ( she has a great baby puree and hooded towel tutorials) , and others who aren’t quite up to the unrealistic expectations of Martha Stewart. I need to read it before I cook because when I read it after I’ve already eaten I just get hungry all over again. If you want to know why, just look at her post from Friday! This blog is on my “one to watch” list because it’s full of potential and down to earth stylish advice .

Before you run off and drool over the food on the domestic NOTEBOOK, pop over to Project Mommywood and cast your vote for
Mommy Blogger Of The Year. I am thrilled to be nominated and the race has been tight between a few of us. I need your vote!
Voting ends August 31st .


  1. The Book Chook says

    I love your blog for what it offers parents so I just voted and you were one percent ahead! Good luck!

  2. The Notetaker says

    Allie, thank you so much for featuring my blog and for all of your kind words. And thanks for the wonderful inspiration and ideas you give all of us mommies.
    Off to vote for your blog.

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