Halloween Kids Crafts Galore!

Here is our full list of Halloween crafts for kids we have done this year and last.

Candy Corn Magnet

Candy Corn Magnet

Candy Corn

Halloween Silhouette
Easy Halloween Hair Tie

Halloween Magnets

Haunted House
Pumpkin Collage
Pumpkin Luminaries

Pumpkin Play Dough
Pumpkin Prints

Pumpkin Stencils
Sandpaper Pumpkin
Spider Cookies

Spider S

I hope his list, which can also be found on our drop down menu under Crafts by Theme , will come in handy in the next week!


  1. April says

    Hi! The links are not working to all of your other Halloween crafts above. Not sure what is going on. But love your blog!! Great ideas…keep them coming!!

  2. admin says

    I think they are fixed- I copied and pasted from my own site and it didn’t work- I copied the html and now it should be cool. Thank you so much for letting me know!

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