Sunday Spotlight – Messy Fun


I am often asked how I can chill and not worry about the mess my son makes, but I have nothing on Filth Wizardry. The creative messes here abound, with amazing results. I loved the Freaky Scarecrow and her Playdough Dinosaur Island is simply amazing.  If you haven’t found her blog you need to , trust me your kids will thank you!


  1. Mary Beth says

    I love this link! I had added you in my google reader when you had your blogspot address so I’ve missed A LOT of things! I can’t wait to catch up here!

  2. says

    Hiya, Thanks for sending some new people over to the blog! I’m not very on the ball it seems, because someone had to come and tell me that you’d posted about us here. It made me realise that I’ve not had your posts popping up in Google reader for a while. The comment above from Mary Beth cleared up that confusion for me. I’ll subscribe to your new feed and stop missing out right now! Thanks again, and YAY SLOPPY PAINTY MESS!

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