Sunday Spotlight

willerThis blog is one of my favorites, I don’t get a chance to read as often as I wish I did but secretly enjoy the chance to sit and play  catch up. I was lucky enough to meet Emma at Blogher and now when I read Where there’s a Willer I hear her sarcastic intonations just right. If you haven’t read this blog you will laugh and cry and most of all enjoy the great writing and honesty. Check it out!


  1. says

    So I see this sudden spike in my non-existent traffic, my highest one day stats ever, and I go “what the hell?!” and it’s you being EXTREMELY sweet.
    Wow. That is so incredibly kind of you! Thank you!

    • admin says

      My pleasure, I am so sorry about your cat :( I’ve had to put down a pet before and knwo even when it’s the best decision it’s still such a sad time.

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