Grandad and Gingerbread !

gingerbread house

On Friday I went into the city while my parents soaked up some time with their only grandchild. After reiterating that the candy was to decorate not eat I left for the ferry and have only been told about what happened next. Time with grandparents is so precious and having a special activity makes it even better! My son was so excited to show my husband and I his “Cool gingerbread house” and since making it with my parents he has pointed to every gingerbread house he’s seen and said ” I made one of those with Grandma and Grandad! ” pretty cool!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a gingerbread house kit , icing and candies. Our house came with everything you see here but when this activity is repeated next year more candies will be bought. Also make sure you have a permissive grandparent and eager grandchild.
  2. Start by icing the house. gingerbread house 013
  3. Add the candies.
  4. Add some more for bushes.gingerbread house 023
  5. Don’t forget the door nob! gingerbread house
  6. Add some icing icicles.gingerbread house
  7. Eat some icing with help from Grandad! I love this picture even though I am sure I would have said “Dad don’t ?!” had I been there, so it’s good I wasn’t.gingerbread house
  8. Beam with pride when it’s all done!gingerbread house


  1. Tanya says

    So adorable, esp the pic of Grandpa feeding him candy! Yay for whoever took the pics! I’m guessing it was Grandma and that the pics were part of the deal. 😉

  2. says

    Love it!! My oldest decorated a gingerbread house with his grandma last year, and they had so much fun. The best picture I have from it is Will leaning over the house after they were done to take a bite directly from the roof of the house. :)
    .-= Claire´s last blog ..Julie’s Caramel Bars =-.

  3. Grandma says

    We had such a super time making the gingerbread house that we’re planning to make it an annual event! You’re correct – Grandma did take the pictures but wasn’t expecting that they’d end up becoming a post to NTFFC! Using the kit made it very easy as it eliminated all the preliminary preparation so the “boys” could get right to decorating!

  4. Grandad says

    It was a very special time and we (Grandma & I) are just looking at all the pictures again and enjoying it all over again.
    Yes she took the pictures and there wasn’t a fuzzy one in the bunch.

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