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letter of the week craft

It’s back!  Our ever popular letter of the week craft is back now that we are in the swing of things. Our philosophy about these projects is to have fun with the letter , to introduce them and play with them. We don’t focus only on this one letter all week, instead we take a whole language approach and continue to work on all letters as they pop up in our every day life and reading. This peacock letter p letter of the week craft was  a blast to make, he did all the cutting and although I was skeptical that we’d get feathers he did a great job!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need 3 pieces of construction paper plus a little scrap of orange paper, some paint, glue , a googly eye and scissors.Letter of the week P , Winter Sensory Tub 015
  2. Start by drawing a p on one piece of paper.Letter of the week P
  3. Draw tail feathers on another.Letter of the week P
  4. Paint the tail feathers. We chose to use our Do-A-Dot paints, they were perfect for this craft, but any paint or marker would be great!Letter of the week P
  5. Add another color! Letter of the week P
  6. Time to cut it out. I let him go for it this time and I won’t lie to you, I was worried we’d end up with 40 tiny feathers but he did great.Letter of the week P Letter of the week P
  7. While they decorate and paint the feathers, cut out the head feather and beak.Letter of the week P
  8. As well as the P, add glue to it.Letter of the week P
  9. Add your feathers to the glue.Letter of the week P
  10. Glue the P to the 3rd piece of paper .
  11. Time to add glue for the beak!Letter of the week P
  12. Add it on.Letter of the week P
  13. Add more for the head feather.Letter of the week P
  14. Pop it on.Letter of the week P
  15. Last but not least add the eye.Letter of the week P



Bees, Snails, & Peacock Tails: Patterns & Shapes . . . Naturally by Betsy Franco is a really cute library find.  The book is non fiction about all the fun shapes and funky patterns that you can find in the animal world. From the beautiful feathers of peacocks to the amazing shapes of a beehive each page discovers a new natural wonder that we often take for granted. What I like about this book is it’s bright bold pictures. so often the non fiction books available at the library are older and their illustrations are not exciting enough for young kids. Steve Jenkins does a wonderful job accompanying the information in the text. The author also does a great job with a rhyming text that is full of just the right amount information.

Animal Antics

Animal Antics: A to Z by Anita Lobel is an alphabet book, not a great one but there is nothing lacking either, it’s just adequate.  The setting is a circus and each letter has an animal performer illustrated and acrobats making the corresponding letter above. There is no story line, just a series of these pages. It’s not bad and if your child s really into the circus I could see them loving it, but at our house it was just ok.

Sleey Little Alphabet

The Sleepy Little Alphabet: A Bedtime Story from Alphabet Townby Judy Sierra is a great alphabet book. I couldn’t help myself, I read it to my son to the tune of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom . It is clearly it’s own book though. The alphabet is getting ready for bed and just like your little ones, these lowercase letters are pulling out all their tricks and antics to avoid bedtime. Well almost all of them, z is more than happy to go to bed!  It’s a sweet book that your kids can relate to and I like that it focuses on lowercase letters .

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  1. Abbey says

    We mad a beautiful Peacock today! My daughter loves the movie Barbie and the Island princess so she was very familure with the peacock. I have her draw more circles on the feathers for shape practice!



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