Sunday Spotlight

Sunday Collage

2009 was a great year for blogs. So many good blogs became great and new wonderfully written ones popped onto my radar and laptop every week. I meant to write this post last night but I was lulled to sleep by my son who’s fever finally broke and needed me to snuggle his clammy body back to sleep and well, you know what happens when a 3 year old wraps their sweaty little snoring body next to you- I totally passed out.  So instead of only giving someone half a day of exposure I wanted to highlight the blogs I spotlighted in 2009.  If you missed any now it your time to catch up! The full list is below.

2009 Sunday Spotlights


  1. Tracy says

    Hi! Love your blog. I’m trying to see what the blog in the bottom right corner is. I see it says Sunday Collage, but a google search didn’t turn up anything. Do you have the link? Thanks We use your blog to “homeschool” my 2 year old!

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