Gross Motor Game

He Shoots, He Scores!

I like doing less structured activities in my Friday posts, not just because Friday is usually a free play all day kind of day for us but because as I have said before and will keep saying the vast majority of the day should be free play. Listen to them play, ask questions , look for learning opportunities but let them lead! This came out of our family obsession with the Canada Vs. USA Olympic Hockey game.  We took our son to the Olympics and we watched China VS Slovakia in women’s hockey and he is in love! He made this game up, I just polished it ( I added the tape for nets 😉 ).

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some paper towel rolls, a ball, and some painter’s tape. You will also need an area that can be used as the ice. So anywhere with breakable things is not a good choice! We played outside on our porch, and in our foyer ( with breakables moved to the dining room first.)
  2. Make your nets on the floor with the tape. If your child has more than a very very basic understanding of the game you can make creases, blue lines and a red center line too!
  3. We kept our game incredibly simple. Get the puck into the goal. That was it. We played for what seemed like forever and I had to bribe him to go inside.
  4. I like to use games like this to promote sportsmanship and was delighted to see my son get as excited when I got a goal as when he did!

Have fun and now that weather is getting nicer – get outside even if you are still in your PJs !

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  1. Jo says

    Adorable as usual! My 2 year old keeps asking to watch the videos over and over again! Gonna go make our arena now! 🙂 Great idea! Do you have a section of Gross Motor ideas? WE LOVE the crafts, but the new homemade games and things that get us moving and grooving have been a blast around here! Keep them coming!

  2. says

    You made me smile this morning! Your videos are so stinkin’ cute and I love his imagination to make up his own hockey game. And I’ll have you know the USA/Canada game was bittersweet. I was rooting for USA, but love Sid the Kid! So sad about the USA, but happy for Sid’s gold medal. By the way- it’s almost 11 and we are still in our jammies, too!

    Take Care!
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Leprechaun Tales: Fun Reads for St. Patrick’s Day =-.

  3. admin says

    To be honest we never got out of our PJs that day, it was awesome.

    Jo- if you look at Categories I have a “Gross Motor” one or the top menu bar under “Other Activities’ drop down I have a page that lists all the “Fine and Gross Motor” and you can find them all there too .

  4. says

    I love all your ideas. Love them!!! I am doing preschool at my house for five weeks and my theme is the body. Have you done any specifically aimed toward the body? I am going to outline them on butcher paper and let them decorate themselves. talk about healthy eating, etc. But if you have any time, any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for keeping up all the hard work. My son is two and you inspire me to help him do crafts even though he mostly just wants to eat all the stuff! ha!

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