Best of Letter of The Week

Best of Letter of The Week

Every summer we take a break from letter of the week.  For the last Letter of the Week post of this “school” year I am posting the favorites from our house. Did your child have a favorite? Please leave a comment and share which one was the big hit with your little learner.  Letter of the Week will return in the fall!

The crafts shown in the collage :

Alligator A
Boat b
Dragon D
Earth e
Flag F
House h
Peacock P
Road r
Snake S
Vase V
Watermelon W
Yarn y

Check out the rest of the Uppercase and Lowercase crafts too !


  1. Terri says

    Hi, I was disappointed that your craft for the letter D is actually a blended sound of D-r. D and Dr as in dragon do not have the same sound. How about D – dog or D – dinosaur. Thanks.

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