Finger painting with gloves

finger painting

Taking old standards and finding ways to make them fresh and new is something I have always relied on in classrooms and at home with my son. This activity was a big hit, simple and allowed him to make whatever he wanted. I kid you not when he started painting he said, ” It’s just abstract.”  I have been lounging  in bed with my art books a lot and someone likes to cuddle and look at the pictures with me, glad to know he’s listening.

  1. Gather your materials. You will need some paints, a dish, paper and an exfoliating glove or mitt. finger painting
  2. Put the paint on the dish.
  3. Get your glove on , this took some time but try not to offer help unless they ask.  I step in too early and need to work on that or my son will be 12 and I will still be putting his shoes on.finger painting
  4. Dip into the paint. finger painting
  5. Go for it. finger painting My son decided that smacking the paper hard was his technique , there is no wrong way. The glove did get stuck to the paper a few times but no biggie. finger painting Also the glove made really cool sounds when he scrapped it against the paper. I loved all the different senses that came into play during this activity. finger painting

Books About Colors

All book lists include affiliate links.

Hello, Red Fox

Hello, Red Fox by Eric Carle is a fun interactive book about colors and the color wheel. Kids will love the “trick” on each page. The trick being that if you stare at a color for long enough then stare at a blank page the complimentary color will appear! This book is great, but not for a group, a class will disintegrate into “Let me!!” and “My turn!” quickly so this is really is best read one on one!

Little Blue and Little Yellow is a profound book with underlying commentary about race relations while the surface story is about little blobs of color who when squished together turn into one green blob! You’ll be surprised by how easily your preschooler will pick up on the connection between the two. In my PreK class I had more than a few kids make the connection all on their own.

Lemons Are Not Red by Laura Vaccaro Seeger is a clever book each page offers a sneak peek at what it next, which my son thought was genius and I have to agree. Soon my son was making his own predictions about what object would be revealed when we turned the page. The book offered so many chances for me to step in and ask my son questions about what we were reading without stalling the momentum of the book.

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  1. says

    What a fun idea and I’m sure you can find those gloves for cheap at the $ store. You always have such great ideas! I’m looking forward to learning about artists and experimenting with art with the girls this summer. One of the activities we’ve been talking about is splatter painting on a big old bed sheet- Jackson Pollack style. Looking forward to them being out of school and having more time for Art, Music, and Science together. (when baby cooperates of course- lol)

    Enjoy your day together,
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Life at the Pond =-.

  2. admin says

    I grabbed it at the dollar store !

    Here is my full list of fine art inspired ideas :

    My son’s favorite was probably the Jackson Pollack one and he really remembered the activity because when he splatters things when we are just free painting he will still say ” I’m pretending to be Jackson Pollack.”

    Have a blast – I hope baby boy cooperates more often than not !

  3. Lesli Peterson says

    Just like those above mention, my son LOATHES getting his hands into fingerpaint (or play-dough or sand…)so this is a great thing for us to try – thanks!

  4. Sandi says

    he he he – just make sure and take that glove off before letting the little ones loose in the house – they might find out what other surfaces make cool sounds with it – LOL
    .-= Sandi´s last blog ..I’m back!! =-.

  5. says

    I have spent HOURS looking through every letter of the day post over the last few days. I am absolutely amazed at your creativity. This is all so perfect for me and my sons. I can’t wait to get started. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and your time!!
    .-= Celia´s last blog ..Wheels Quilt Finished! =-.

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