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Alphabet Craft

I often get asked how and when to start doing letter crafts.  My best advice is to start when your child starts paying attention to letters, pointing them out and enjoying alphabet books and toys.  The other question that normally follows that is which letter to start with? I suggest starting with a letter they are confident recognizing, and a theme they enjoy. This is why this family letter craft is so fun and perfect for beginners. Kids are narcissistic and  crafts with their own smiling faces are often sure fire hits! This uses your child’s initial as the letter of the week, my son decided we should also make M for mommy and D for daddy. We used lowercase because that is what we are working on but either upper or lower would be fine!

  1. Gather your materials. You will need pictures of your child and whoever else you are making into letters, a sheet of construction paper for each letter, and one for the backing, scissors, glue , a marker and crayons. Alphabet Craft
  2. Start by writing the letter on the construction paper.Alphabet Craft
  3. Color the letter with crayons. We did this as a family so Daddy came and made his too !  Alphabet Craft Alphabet Craft
  4. While they color cut out the pictures.  Alphabet Craft
  5. While you cuts the letters out your child and husband can  play puppets with their picture cut outs  !Alphabet Craft
  6. Add glue  to your cut out letter and glue it to the backing. Alphabet Craft
  7. Add glue to the front of the letter- we did a little counting here , first counting the picture cut outs and then adding that number of glue globs to the letter.Alphabet Craft
  8. Add the picture cut outs.  Alphabet Craft
  9. Let dry.

Alphabet Books

I have many alphabet book reviews here but these three are my 3 favorites for beginners.

Alphabet Under Construction by Denise Fleming is a wonderful example of what an alphabet book should be. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers learning their first letters, the text is short , the letters are front and center and the illustrations are fun and interesting. My son loves this book, I grabbed it at the library after remembering how much my Pre K class loved it too! Many alphabet books are too long to read entirety at circle time or in one shot with a toddler but this my 19 month old will sit through Z every time!

Chicka Chicka ABC by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault is a fantastic board book and shorter version of the longer book. My son loves this book and it’s the perfect amount of text for a toddler, the illustrations by Lois Ehlert are so bright and bold that even very young babies will respond to it! A must have for all bookshelves.

Baby's Alphabet by Jean Marzollo
Baby’s Alphabetby Jean Marzollo will appeal to your baby and toddler, we were given it as a gift and my son has loved it since about 9 months on. The photographs of other babies will keep your little one interested and you will be surprised how soon they will anticipate the next page, I know I was. Sadly our copy is now flying the friendly skies , we took it on a flight with us last week and forgot it. Hopefully someone with a baby finds it !

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  1. admin says

    Kara- that book was the one my son was obsessed with and had the exact same result. He knew all his letters at 18 months, almost a year before I was going to purposefully teach him.


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