Mother’s Day Craft

mother's day craft

I love how these flowers look, they are brightening up my kitchen as I type and I love that they will look just as good in a week! My son hasn’t been into making crafts as much lately so I haven’t been pushing it. Kids go through different interests and just because I have a blog doesn’t mean my kid is any different, pushing and bribing them will just send the wrong message . He came in to help with some of the steps but really just wanted to play with the tape !  Choose your battles and for me art time is not one to bother with, it should be fun not work. He ended up playing flower store with this pool noodle bouquet for days after we made it

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a pool noodle that has a pretty flower shape, a bread knife, some green pipe cleaners, some green construction paper, a pen and double stick tape.
  2. Start by cutting your pool noodle into 1″ – 1.5 ” slices, one for every flower you want to make.mother's day craft
  3. My son was determined to cut the noodle but he’s not allowed to use knives, I think this is where he decided that I would be on my own for art time , he got angry, frustrated and tried to explain to me why he is old enough to use a knife , and when I didn’t buy it he was done . By all means let your capable child use the knife, but knowing your child’s abilities also means knowing when they really aren’t ready for something. mother's day craft
  4. Stick the pipe cleaners into the flowers. This will be tricky for little guys but 3 and up can do it with minimal help. Just be careful they are sharp. mother's day craft
  5. Cut the leaves, if my son was helping I would have had him cut the leaves from the green paper. To make it easier on beginner cutters, pre cut the paper into a strip and have them simply cut pieces off. For more adept scissor users just let them make the leaves however they want.mother's day craft
  6. Write on each leaf something your child says they like about mom – I managed to get answers from my son who was playing in the next room.  Make sure to leave some room on the ends of the leaves for the tape .mother's day craft
  7. Add double stick tape to the ends of the leaves and wrap around the stems. mother's day craft mother's day craft
  8. Pop them in a vase and enjoy the flowers and all the special messages on them. mother's day craft

Mother’s Day Books

All our book lists include affiliate links.

Did I Tell You I Love You Today? by Deloris Jordan is a very practical yet heartwarming look at all the ways parents show love to their children everyday, from feeding them healthy food to praying after they go to bed. My son loved all the big boy things in the book like, the school bus, basketball and the playground. I teared up reading the book, but I cry at American Idol so that may not be indicative of anything!

Piglet and Mama by Margaret Wild is a mother’s day book I would suggest for the under 3 crowd. My son loved it. Piglet is searching for his mom and even though all the other animal mommies offer for him to join them and their babies he wants his mom! The illustrations by Stephen Michael King capture the warmth between a mama and her baby beautifully . My son has the “Mama” scream perfected and quite enjoyed seeing the little piglet do the same thing for her mama. We had a nice chat after reading this about separation, something we have been struggling with for a while. Before nap today I reminded my son that just like piglet his mama will come get him when he wakes up. Even if separation anxiety isn’t something you are dealing with at your house this is a sweet book.

Mama Always Comes Home by Karma Wilson was a last minute grab at the library that I am so thankful I saw. It starts off with animal mother’s leaving their babies, for all different reasons . A bird gathering food, a dog greeting his master and more. The animal mothers leave, but they also always return to their babies. Then it switches to a child and mother. She reassures the child that she will be back and we watch her leave, and return . I loved this book because my son isn’t the best when I leave him, he related to this book immediately and was repeating ” Mama always comes home!” half way through.

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  1. Trisha says

    I hear you about how sometimes kids don’t want to do crafts. Like you I find that my son might jump in a bit if it looks like I am having fun. Thanks for all of the great inspiration!

  2. Heather says

    I had seen an idea for my daughter’s preschool teachers (its teacher appreciation week)…painting a pot and adding handprints, that says “thanks for helping me grow”. We were going to go buy some flowers to put in there, but I think this is way better bc it wont wilt and will last much longer! thanks for the idea! off to find a flower pool noodle!!!

  3. Amanda says

    We have a safety cutter the kids can use. I bought mine long ago from pampered chef but they also sell them in pumpkin carving kits. Not the small saw for detail cutting but the larger one. It has a rounded tip with round teeth. It works best on fruit, but it may also work on a pool noodle. Thank you for all your great ideas! We love them all and especially your songs!

  4. Beth says

    Mama Always Comes Home – as a working mom, I love the idea of this book! Thank you so much for the suggestion! My son is only 6 mos old but I’m starting to build his library and am excited about all of your book reviews. Thank you!!!

  5. Amy says

    Great ideas! Looking for something the kids can make for teacher appreciation day, and so helpful. Comment on the last book–If it showed the animal moms and children separating, that’s helpful for showing that human moms and kids can be separate and be okay too. (My mom died when I was a kid, so you might not want to say “moms always come back”–it is the way of nature that humans often fight against, and as a consequence have a hard time.


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