Sponsor Spotlight: Constructive Playthings New Toy Catalog

As a mom I try to buy toys for my son he is going to like so that my family room doesn’t turn into a toy graveyard. Who wants toys that are played with once and discarded only to be rescued from the “donate” pile and played with a 2nd and final time? One thing I love is being able to show my son a catalog and see what strikes his fancy, without the in store meltdown that can happen when you go see toys in person.

I am a Constructive Mom for the toy company Constructive Playthings and they have a new catalog.  They asked us to share what we thought, give them some constructive criticism . I have to say I liked it and the variety of toys  and my son was as expected more than happy to show off the Firehouse Playstation and tell me how he wants to add it to his Christmas list. One thing I wish was different was that the sale items are in the middle, as a savy shopper that is where to turn to first and it’s easier if it’s at the end.

The best thing about this catalog though are all the fun crafts you can make with it too 😉

Visit Constructive Playthings to get your own free toy catalog and see for yourself.

PS see that button ( <———over there on the left) if you click that it gives you 15% off automatically at Constructive Playthings.

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