Best of 2010 #10

Welcome to our annual countdown of the posts that attracted the most attention, the most reader emails and the most comments throughout the year. I hope you recognize a few of your favorites, and maybe see something you missed too. Now on with the show!


Books About All Sorts Of Families

No book review post earned as many emails of thanks as this one did. Readers reacted emotionally to seeing their families represented. I was delighted by the feedback and look forward to more posts like this in 2011.

What was your favorite children’s book you read at your house this year?


  1. Marji says

    My most recent favorite is “Toy Boat” by de Seve/Long… which I heard about from YOUR blog! Thanks! I’m amazed how my freshly turned 3yo gets into the story. :-)

  2. says

    I think it is way too hard to choose a favorite, but we loved Pablo’s Tree from your list. My 6 year old even chose that as the book he wanted me to read to his class when it was our turn for “milk, cookies, and a story.”


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