iPad Giveaway from Target

Read to your kids. I have talked about my commitment to reading to kids over and over. I write my book reviews so my readers can walk into a library with some idea of where to start. I am giddy to  work with Target to share their commitment to reading with you today along with a chance to win an iPad and a selection of books to make it easier for one of you to read books online and off.

Target has launched a program called Target Read With Me to help promote reading , specifically reading proficiency in children by 3rd grade. What’s so special about 3rd grade ?  Research * shows that 3rd grade is the turning point when children begin learning by reading not simply learning to read.  The same study has shown that close to 3 out of 4 children with below grade level reading abilities in 4th grade never catch up.

Never catch up. We can’t let that happen.

That is why Target along with many partners have made a commitment to reading and education. By the end of 2015, Target plans to donate more than $500 million to support education, doubling its support to date, for a total of more than $1 billion. They also have collected wonderful easy to navigate resources on their Target Read With Me site to make reading with your kids easier. My favorite is this Build A Home Library from American Library Association.  It doesn’t just list books, there are short synopsis as well. I stayed up way too late last night reading it, as giddy as a kid in a candy shop.

I am also giddy that they are offering one lucky No Time For Flash Cards reader a prize package to make reading to your kids online and off a cinch:

Target Read With Me Prize Package consisting of a 16 GB iPad with Wi-Fi for reading books online, along with a selection of age-appropriate books for your children.

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me :

What’s your favorite time and place to  read with your children ?

Fine print from Target:

This sweepstakes is only open to U.S. residents 18 years or older. A winning commenter will be drawn at random, using Random.org, after the sweepstakes closes on Thursday, Jan. 20 at 12:00am EST. The winner will receive a 16GB Wi-Fi enabled iPad and a selection of children’s books, a prize package valued up to $599. After the winner is notified, he or she has 48 hours to respond with their mailing address, phone number and ages of their children, so that Target can ship the prize and select books appropriate for their children. If the winner does not reply in that time frame, he or she forfeits the prize and another winner will be drawn at random. Please note that we cannot ship product to a P.O. Box.
I am working with Target, receiving compensation from Target for running this sweepstakes and Target is providing a prize consisting of 16 GB iPad with Wi-Fi and a selection of books for one reader.

*EARLY WARNING! WHY READING BY THE END OF THE THIRD GRADE MATTERS Voices for Virginia’s Children and the Annie E. Casey Foundation

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  1. Stacia says

    On the couch before bed while hubby gives the LO a bath, the older one and I read. Then when he goes to shower I read with the young one. 🙂

  2. Katrina Halcli says

    I love to read with my children any time, but we read every night at bedtime and I love that time together when we are all snuggled up under the covers reading books that they each select. It is especially great when my 6-y/o reads to his sister. My second favorite time has rapidly become in the car listening to audiobooks. Now that my son is older we are listening to longer books and it is great. I love when he doesn’t want to get out of the car so we sit in the driveway to find out what will happen next.

  3. says

    This is probably sort of odd, but my ABSOLUTE favorite time & place to read to my children is on road trips. It used to be that I read the entire time, by myself, but as my children have become stronger readers, they have started taking turns, too.

    We’re like our own book on tape & it’s very special for us all to share a story while we’re heading someone new & fun (or back home again). My favorite book we’ve read on a road trip so far has been The Tale of Despereaux. It lends perfectly to fun voices for each character.

    I hope my children look back as fondly on these readings as I do. We made a 1400 mile trip back from California this summer & the kids played on the Nintendo DSes a total of 15 minutes that whole trip! My heart swells 😀

  4. Norma V. says

    We read to my son and daughter at bedtime on my sons bed. We let them pick the stories they want or we pick a few books to read. My husband and I take turns reading to them. My kids love books and love story time too!

  5. Brandy Robinson says

    My 2- and 4-year-old daughters (unfortunately) don’t nap any more. I do find they need a quiet/restful period and reading to them at that time of day really helps. They have their own bookshelves and we snuggle together in a little nook to read. We also read at bedtime and whenever during the day they bring me a book!

  6. Candee A. Martin says

    Always before bed… and in our household we dont fall asleep with babies, we sleep with our books, lol!

  7. Kimberli says

    My oldest (age 5) and I read when she gets home from Kindergarten. The younger two are supposed to be napping, so it makes some good one-on-one time for us. I read with my two two-year olds right after breakfast. We go upstairs to the bedrooms and they bring me a pile of favorites. 🙂

  8. Julie M. says

    I love to read with my girls snuggled up on the couch. Bedtime is our favorite time. Winding down the day with Sarah and Katie curled up in my lap enjoying some good books is the best!

  9. Jamie says

    I like to read to my kids in our kitchen during snack time! They sit at a little table and chairs set and enjoy a treat while “feasting” on a good book!

  10. Kathy says

    We have always read to our kids at bedtime since this is so calming to them and gets them ready to go off to sleep. But my favorite time to read to them is first thing in the morning. When we don’t have anywhere to go and we can all get up leisurely it is so wonderful to snuggle with pillows and blankets on their bedroom floor and read all their favorites before they are really fully awake.

  11. says

    I love to read to my children before nap times and bedtime. I am so glad that my 2 year old loves reading time so much he ends up bringing me books to read to him in between and my 6 month old laughs and coos at the funny voices and faces I make as we read together. It’s an awesome feeling to cuddle two babies and see their happy faces as I read a new book that will soon become a favorite.

  12. Stephanie says

    Really, I love to read with him anytime. But, my favorite time is when he wakes in the middle of the night. We snuggle down with a blanket and a book in the rocker recliner. 9 times out of 1 we BOTH fall asleep! I am thankful that this phase has lasted longer than it will for most parents (my son has Down syndrome & multiple medical disabilites), but I know it won’t last forever. 🙂

    On a totally unrelated note, thank you for the opportunity to win an IPad! We would really love to get one instead of a bulky and non-updatable communication device.

    Merry Christmas!

    Stephanie and Christopher

  13. Barbara says

    I read books to my kids every day while they eat lunch. It seems odd to a lot of people, but my kids are REALLY picky eaters, and engaging them while they eat seems to help them forget about what they are eating and just enjoy the stories. I could easily sit them in front of the tv, but I love asking them to pick the books from our library bag, sitting with them at the dining room table, and making lunchtime an enjoyable experience instead of a daily battle. It’s my favorite time of the day!

  14. Samantha says

    I love reading anytime but especially when we are all snuggled in bed and all read together. My 3 year old loves hearing the stories and then “reading” it back to me—I love hearing her take on what’s going on in the pictures in the book!

  15. Jackie says

    My favorite time and place to read with my kids is right after lunch on the couch curled up under a blanket

  16. says

    We read together everywhere all the time but my absolute favorite place to read is in our rocking chair with her curled up in my lap. Acorn was sick the other day and I was thrilled to discover that even though the girls are getting bigger I could still fit both girls in my lap and see around them to read the book.

  17. says

    I love being in the middle of my bed, with all my lovies snuggled around me under the covers, and having them each pass me their favorite book. ANY time! 🙂

  18. Annie says

    We read to our 3 year old daughter every day in the rocking chair before naptime and before bedtime. She picks out at least 3 books at each sitting. I’m so glad she has a love for books and reading. She has even started taking books to bed with her :). We also read throughout the day anytime she asks, and we are also reading to our 4 month old son as well!

  19. Michele says

    I cant enter sadly (as in australia) but my answer would simply have to be anywhere anytime.
    I love the ideas about reading at mealtimes and in long car trips
    Thanks and goodluck to all

  20. Cassie says

    We have a 6 ft lovesac (beanbag) in our playroom that we all cuddle up on to read books every morning and night. I love that my kids will sit with me for hours reading. Definitely one of my favorite things to do with them. 🙂

  21. Colleen says

    My 4 year old daughter and I snuggle in her bed and read books every night. It’s a cherished ritual that helps her settle down every night. We also read books at nap time on weekends (and whenever else she asks for stories). She LOVES books!

  22. Ellen says

    My children are grown and out of the house now but I used to read to my son while nursing my daughter. He would have to help turn the pages some. Now my daughter, 21, comes home and reads the same children’s books we read to her to her college friends. Some of them don’t know the children’s stories so she rereads it just like we did to her.

  23. Michelle says

    My daughter has a stack in just about every room of the house. We could be any where & she’ll say, “Read to me Mama or I read to you.” We’ll read in the living room on the couch, or if I’m driving she’s looking @ pages telling me her own story. We of course read w/ her before nap & if she isn’t quite tired/sleepy she’ll lay there & have quite time reading until she falls asleep & then before bed time! She can pick a few or we will & she just smiles & loves to read! 🙂

  24. Kelly says

    I love to read to my grandchildren when they come to visit. We snuggle up on the couch & read book after book!!!
    I also am a preschool teacher who reads to her class at least 3 books a day!!! Reading is the best gift you can give a child!!!

  25. Jean says

    My 3-year old and I read anywhere, any time! We love to read first thing in thing in the morning, during snack time, and a few books before bed. We have books that have been “well-loved”; he’s memorized the words on each page and it sounds like he’s “reading”. We haven’t yet started reading together during car trips, but he does love books in the car; we still laugh about the time one book kept him occupied during a 15-hour car drive!

  26. says

    I absolutely love the days where its cold outside and my husband, myself and our two girls are curled up on the coach with a blanket and a pile of books. Its usually mid afternoon and its just such a satisfying feeling! They have their favorites of course and I love it when they “read” them to me!

  27. says

    My favorite time to read with my kids is before bed. Though we have found through the years that if our kids are starting to get a little crazy and wild we can calm them with books. We simply pick a book, sit in the middle of the couch and start reading aloud. Within seconds we are flanked by kids calmly listening to a story! Now that the kids are getting older we can even take turns reading pages…I just love that!

  28. Trese says

    It’s so hard to pick just one! Sometimes we bring a blanket and a basket of books outside and read, but I think my favorite is reading to them before bed. Cliche, I know. But they look forward to it everynight and so did I. We end everyday by cuddling up together and enjoying a couple books. I’m going to miss that when they are older…

  29. Katie says

    My girls(2&4) and I are avid readers and read throughout the day! We love to snuggle on my older daughters bed and read, especially right before bed time. It is the best time to relax and talk about the stories and review our day and what we did.

  30. says

    We read a lot during the day, but right after naptime is my favorite. She is so calm and happy about reading at that time.

  31. says

    Like so many of your readers, our very favorite time of day to read to our two boys is just before bedtime. It is a wonderful way to unwind and talk quietly to our children, I think my husband and I enjoy this time of day as much as our children.

    (I love your website, it was a lifesaver when I took a year off of teaching to stay home with our baby. : ) )

    Thank you for sharing this opportunity to win an IPad!

  32. Alice S says

    We read in the mornings and after my son gets home from Kindergarten. Reading is a nice way to transition from the school atmosphere to home.

  33. sara burbank says

    My all time favorite time to read to my kids is when they are sick. We cuddle up in my bed and pick a book that makes us forget about how we are feeling and of course makes us laugh 🙂

  34. says

    I love to read to my children at night before they go to bed. They will let you read longer because they don’t want to go to bed. They also seem more attentive.

  35. Carrie says

    I love to read to Abby before bed. With her gone at school all day, it is such a nice chance for the two of us to just cuddle. No though, she is starting to read to me! I love it!

    I read to Viv all day long. She is constantly bringing me books to read. It is just the sweetest thing.

  36. Deanne Hoffman says

    Before nap time, sitting on the couch between my 4 and 2 year old. And sometimes while holding my 5 month old 🙂 The kiddo’s love it…it’s one of the few things my 2 year old will sit still for, especially if there are ‘tractors’ in the story! 🙂

  37. Angie says

    I love to read with my daughter right before bed. She usually picks two books and we snuggle up to read. I love just the quiet time to be with her on the couch!

  38. Emily says

    My favorite time to read is when my children bring me books- morning, noon, night, whenever! I especially enjoy this now that my little one (15 months) will go to the bookshelf and pick out a book to read too 🙂

  39. says

    My son and I love to read anytime and anywhere. Reading is part of our waking and bedtime ritual. We snuggle up and read two books when he wakes up in the morning and two books for his bedtime story. He is 4-years-old and loves for us to hear a little from a “chapter book” each day.

  40. Christina564 says

    I read to my granddaughters whenever we’re snuggled in my chair. They get hooked on one book, and we read it over and over.

  41. Jenny Gundale says

    I snuggle on the couch (lately w/ a fire in the fireplace) and read a pile of library books before nap. It’s our special time together. He asks many interesting questions about the story and pictures. I LOVE this time together.

  42. says

    My favorite time to read to my children is in the Fall….on our back deck they like to lay on a quilt and watch the leaves fall in our woods. We could sit out there for hours!

  43. Lisa says

    Our current favorite place to read is sitting by the Christmas tree with only the tree lights on just before bedtime. Magical!

  44. April H says

    The spontaneous times throughout the day. I love when a book grabs their attention so much that they HAVE to ask me to read it “Wite NOW!” 🙂 Sometimes we plop down wherever we are at the moment, sometimes I have them meet me on the couch so i can finish up what I am doing. 🙂

  45. Jennifer says

    We read throughout the day. My three year old brings us books whenever he feels like it, which is usually several times a day. We have them all where he has access to whenever he wants.

  46. Carey Pace says

    By far, my favorite time and place is bedtime. The kids get to choose the books they want to read. We snuggle either in the recliner in my oldest’s room or in his bed, and read. For some reason, it is during THAT time of day, in THAT place in the house, that I can turn off all those little pop ups in my brain and can focus on them. Take my time. Enjoy the words, and stories, and the questions. I’ve often been thinking lately why I don’t enjoy it as much other times of the day, like I do at bedtime. : )

  47. says

    i do like the read at bedtime with my kids and that happens every night, but i don’t want them to think we only read before bed, so, we also like to pile up in the lazyboy chair and read lots of books several times a day!

  48. JB says

    I would be glad to read to my daughter at nearly any time or place, but she has been very resistant. She is in Kindergarten at the only time she expresses interest in reading is to evade bedtime. I’m very concerned about her unwillingness to look at books or let us read to her. We’ve decided to change her bedtime by half an hour so that we can permit the habit of reading to avoid bedtime. She’ll never know the difference. She’ll just think she’s getting her way, but really we’ll be getting ours.

  49. Brandi Lopez says

    My 6 year old Ella LOVES reading, so we take turns at night reading to eachother! She reads one paragraph out loud, I read the next. It helps her advance her reading even further, and it gives us that special bonding time, snuggled warm in her bed. We both look forward to this every night!

  50. Tiscia says

    We love to read – all the time. We just had to update my son’s bookshelf in him room from a small 3-shelf bookshelf, to one that is taller than me and has 6 shelves! The time of day that we end up reading the most books is right before bed – either on the couch, or on mom and dad’s bed, or on the floor within reach of the bookshelf.

  51. Homa says

    Favorite time to read to my kids: whenever my daughter brings me a book!

    Favorite place: snuggled up on the couch

  52. says

    My favorite time to read to Grace is the middle of the day, when we’re both alert and eager. We read everything from board books to chapter books. There are few things I love more than reading with her. 🙂

  53. Shanna says

    We read everywhere, all the time!!! The kids’ favorite place is in our bed with Daddy before bed.

  54. Beth Connelly says

    My favorite time to read with my two sons, 6 & 4, would have to be before bedtime with them snuggled up on each side. We’ve been reading to them at bedtime since they were probably 3 months old and we all love the routine. That being said, any time of day is a great time for a book party. Our 6 year old is reading beautifully and it’s been amazing having him read to me. But the sweetest and proudest reading moments have been when I’ve found our older son reading to our younger – it doesn’t get any better than that!

  55. Nic says

    We like to read before bed. I think we get a lot more reading in then because he is suddenly really interested when he knows his other option is going to sleep. 🙂

  56. says

    I love to read to my kids anytime and any place, but reading books is an especially helpful way to calm down my 3yo son when he is tired or scared. Hooray for our pediatrician always having a stack of books in his office!

  57. Shelly says

    I love to read with children all the time! I am a teacher and seeing their faces light up and the expressions they make as I take them to all of the magical places I do with books, is priceless! My children are grown now, but we ALWAYS read at bedtime, and any other time they would sit down! I am so blessed to get to work with children every day! Happy Reading everyone!

  58. Tamara glennon says

    We live to read right before bedtime! My 3 year old and 6 month old lay there while I read stories! Then my 7 year old and I take turns reading to the little ones! I hope to foster a love for reading for my children!

  59. Kate says

    What an amazing give a way!! Thank you! We read everywhere, but my favorite is still at night before bed. My son is so sweet in his pj’s and always asks to read at least 4 books.

  60. Janice says

    I LOVE reading to my children. I love when my daughter will bring PILES of books for me to read, and will sit on my lap as we read them all. My favorite place and time has to be when they’re snuggled in bed before bedtime!

  61. Jennifer says

    My favorite time to read to my daughter is when she is all snuggled in her bed at bedtime. I also do daycare, and love to read to the kids before rest time.

  62. Laura J says

    Our favorite time to read together is bedtime. My husband and I read with each of our three kids while snuggling in their rooms before we say “Goodnight”.

  63. Cathy says

    My daughter will sit and listen to a book being read anytime or anywhere (my one year old son, is not that easy)! So while my son naps in the late morning, my daughter and I sit together on a comfy chair and read which ever books she pulls from the book shelve. With my son, I’ll read one (or two books if I’m lucky) with him before he goes up for bath at the end of the day.

  64. says

    I love reading to children–especially a whole group sitting on the rug in front of me! Hearing the bunch giggle and laugh and asking questions is sheer joy!

  65. says

    It’s really hard to get my active 16 month old to sit with me to look at books, except when he’s practicing sitting on his little potty, so we do that a lot. 🙂

  66. says

    Always before bed… but I try to never say no whenever they bring me a book to read them any time of the day. I also like reading to them in the library, because usually a little group of kids form around me and it turns into an impromptu story-time.

  67. Mary says

    We read all throughout the day at different times in different places but we always read every night in my daughters room before she goes to bed.

  68. says

    We do lots of reading at our house….with three kids 2 and under we go through lots of books! My favorite is our devotional reading before bed. We all gather in the twins room on the floor and read and discuss our devotion for the night. We then sing and say prayers and then it is time for bed. I cherish these moments. We would be soooo honored to win and would have lots of use out of such an awesome gift!!!!

  69. says

    We do lots of reading at our house….with three kids 2 and under we go through lots of books! My favorite is our devotional reading before bed. We all gather in the twins room on the floor and read and discuss our devotion for the night. We then sing and say prayers and then it is time for bed. I cherish these moments. We would be soooo honored to win and would have lots of use out of such an awesome gift!!!!

  70. Zombie Mom Comics says

    I love to read to them anywhere they will sit and listen! I especially like a couch or rocking chair where they can cuddle up next to me but they don’t tolerate that as much. I enjoy laying in my daughter’s bed and reading to her before bedtime.

    Awesome giveaway! Good luck everyone! I <3 Target.

  71. says

    I love to read to my girls right when they way up – it’s a nice quiet moment before we start the hustle and bustle of our day. We sit on the couch, grab a blanket, everyone still in pjs, and start our day with a couple of books. 🙂

  72. says

    My favorite time and place to read with my 2 year old son is in the recliner in our pjs right as my hubby is going to work. Our son does this everyday, and I believe he finds comfort and security in it!

  73. Danette Morgan says

    *I LOVE reading with children everywhere! I am a speech intern dedicated to working with children with autism. I know that an IPad would help me facilitate reading with many students needing something special to help them learn & become involved in books through technology. 🙂

  74. Marie Kuchenmeister says

    I love to read with my daughter on the couch in the sunny front room. Sometimes we have a fire and we actually read side by side now, she likes to read her book while I’m reading mine. When my son is being a maniac, we lay on the floor and FOCUS for a few minutes on a few books. It brings him down a little! My baby is in the “I eat everything, expecially paper” stage so when I read to him, it had to be at arms length!

  75. Liz says

    My favorite time and place to read with my children is anywhere, anytime. I am just so happy that my oldest two are readers and that my little one will sit and be read to by just about anyone. We read while waiting on lines, waiting for a sibling at gymnastics class, at bedtime and on the couch in the mornings before school. My husband and I made a deal to say YES to reading to whenever possible, one of our best moves.

  76. Andrea says

    Anytime is the perfect time for reading in our house. We have baskets of books everywhere. I read to my daughter in bed before nap and bed times, especially. Anytime I want to calm her down a bit and have some quiet time together we will cuddle up with a good book. We would really appreciate and be greatful to you and Target for such a wonderful gift! I would LOVE to get rid of some of those baskets and an IPad would allow me to do that!

  77. Carolyn says

    I snuggle and have reading time with my 1 year old before her bedtime. We read different books, but my favorite is a personalized storybook a friend got her. It’s about different garden fairies, and in the end they all spell out my daughter’s name. It’s really cute and it sneaks some moral values in there.

  78. Kirstine D. says

    My 3 year old and I read in his bed everyday before nap and bedtime. He will not go to sleep if we do not read a book. Most nights he asks for more than 1 book…

  79. Justine B. says

    We read all day long, but my favorite time to read to my little boy is right before bed. We do it everyday, no matter what. We snuggle on his bed and read every night.

  80. Vicky says

    I usually read about 2 hours per day with my kids (ages 4 and 2 now). The times have changed as they’ve gotten older, but now we read about an hour before naptime and at least an hour before bedtime. This helps settle them down before going to sleep! And I confess, I love the snuggle time. It won’t be like this forever, and soon they will want to go do things with their friends. I will take it as long as it lasts. 🙂 An added plus of reading so much with my kids is that my daughter started reading at age 3.5!

  81. stephanie says

    in the afternoons, when a. & my husband have returned from finding a HUGE stack of new & old favorites from the library.

  82. Danielle says

    We read all the time, but my favorite time is first thing in the morning because my littlest one is the most attentive.

  83. says

    I’m with pretty much everyone else – we love to read before bed. The only time our 16 mo. old son sits still is during story time and our 3 year old daughter loves picking books at the library. What a wonderful giveaway, thanks!

  84. Erin S. says

    In the middle of the afternoon, when the kids are in need of a calm down period. Both boys get to pick books and we snuggle into our reading chair. The boys “help” read, the oldest helps recite the book and they both point to pictures.

  85. Liz says

    My favorite time and place to read with my children is anytime, anywhere. My husband and I try to say yes to reading as often as possible. We are thrilled that our two oldest are readers who read for pleasure in addition to their schoolwork. Our youngest will finally sit still to be read to. We read while waiting in the car, on the couch, in their bedrooms at bedtime, on chairs while waiting for siblings at gymnastics-current favorite is little plastic picnic table at luncthime even though it’s NOT my favorite weather for that anymore!

  86. Julie says

    Daddy reads with the two little ones (ages 3 and 5) before bed… I love to read with them in the middle of the day, turning off the tv, snuggling on the couch or sitting on the floor in front of the bookshelf. We also have an 11 and 13 year old… they read almost constantly on their own, so I like to read the same books they are. This has allowed for some great conversations! 🙂

  87. Jo says

    We read to our children the last 30 minutes before bedtime. I take one kid and DH takes another and we snuggle in bed and read as many as we can. It’s my favorite time of day. Recently my 20 m/o wants to read throughout the day. With books stashed ALL around the house, there is always an opportunity to read! 🙂 Great Giveaway! Very generious of Target and you! 🙂

  88. Jess Patterson says

    What’s your favorite time and place to read with your children ?

    I read to my boys whenever they bring me a book. The rule in our hose is that we stop what we are doing a read to them when they want to hear a story. We also have scheduled story times before bed and nap. We usually read on the couch because everyone can cuddle at the same time.

  89. Katie says

    I read to my son before nap and bedtime. It gives him just enough quiet time to settle down and sleep. We also read anytime he likes to cuddle with me on the couch. I keep a basket of books nearby.

  90. says

    This is a great giveaway!

    Matthew and I like to read in my bed at night. Right now he just begs for “Hammy”….aka “Green Eggs and Ham”

  91. Emma says

    I’m a traditionalist & my favorite time is bedtime, when everyone has fewer wiggles- by then, we’ve run around outside, had an opportunity for crafting & dramatic play & everyone needs a cuddle. Reading time is a great shared experience. Don’t tell my 2 1/2 year old, but after we all read picture books together & he’s in bed, I head into my 5 year old’s room & we read another 2 (or more) chapters of her current chapter book. She’s off in preschool 4 mornings a week & he & I sneak in books during the day & that’s a great special time with her (where we also get to read longer books with a higher vocabulary & that require more age approriate retention (we recall what happened in the story the night(s) before & make predictions as to what’s going to happen, and use picture clues throughout the story). This is great for me, as it activates much of my elementary reading teacher training (I’m “on hold” for a few years) & it’s a higher level of teaching than I do with my 2’s classroom (which I teach 2 mornings a week). The picture books are fabulous for both kids & you never outgrown them, but it’s also nice to have 1:1 time with each child. So far we’ve read Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary, Rainbow Magic Fairies (a big hit), Flat Stanley (about 5 of the books – we have more in our cue) & we’re looking forward to starting some mysteries soon (like Jigsaw Jones). I also love to sneak in some books on CD in the car & have found some seasonal poetry by Jack Prelutsky for this month – but we’ve been sidetracked by the music of the Nutcracker this week! Awesome giveaway – what an amazing opportunity – my kids love visiting the Apple store & can’t understand why my laptop screen “doesn’t work”! 🙂

  92. Nicole Roberts says

    We love to read anytime. When he was little whenever he wanted to we would stop and read a book. Now that he is in 2nd grade, its usually after homework time and before bed. He is just getting into chapter books so we are working though a few of those together. Right now we are all about the Christmas books, particuarly How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The night before the night before Christmas.

    I teach Preschool and this is such an awesome program Target has started. The children in my class are just really starting their journey and they are so excited. It is so sad to then later go volunteer in Josephs class and see that excitement replaced by frusteration, when they are older and struggling!

  93. Joanne says

    On the couch just before naptime. It calms everyone down and is a nice snuggle time to get us all sleepy.

  94. Kristina says

    My favorite time is right before bed. My son snuggles up in his jammies and brings along his favorite stuffed animals and lovies so they can hear the stories too. He would listen to books all night long. We just love our special time!

  95. Tara says

    As a busy homeschool mom of 7, sitting down with a book anytime with anyone is kind of a luxury. I think the sweetest times have been when my children were toddlers and we snuggled together with a chubby baby board book. My oldest is now 21 and is a voracious reader. I can’t keep up with the books my 13yo daughter reads. My four youngest children are 4th grade to 4 years old. We are all book junkies. As they grow older I enjoy seeing them curled up with a good book alone or with each other and am pleased that because books have had as much place on our shelves as toys they love to read. It is also a joy to watch the older children read to the younger. My “baby” is 4, the last child that I will have the pleasure of teaching to read, and leading into the world of books. Right now snuggling up with Dr. Seuss is probably our favorite. Thankfully, hopefully, not too long I will have grandbabies to enjoy snuggling up with a good book! 🙂

  96. Peter says

    My wife or I read to our daughter every night before bed. Also sometimes during the day. She just got a tag reader so we’re playing with that now too.

  97. Emily Saba says

    Definitely at nighttime in their beds. My 7 yr old is now reading to me! I love that time of day.

  98. says

    I would have to say my favorite time to read to my 2 year old is when she just brings me a book to read, it could be any time of the day! She loves books and I love that! My 9 month old doesn’t like to sit for books yet, but she sits nearby, so hopefully she is still getting some of the benefit of hearing the story.

  99. Marji says

    Before the afternoon nap when my son has lots of questions and is enthusiastic about getting into the story lines… and I like to think it gives him imaginative dreams while he naps. 🙂

  100. Jamie says

    Before bedtime in the living room before my husband heads to work. The family time is priceless and that we spend it reading makes me smile.

  101. Nikki Paden says

    During the Christmas Season I started reading Christmas stories to my little guy (19 month old) during lunch and he LOVES it!! In fact, during the first few days if I didn’t get the book out fast enough, he would yell….book, book! This is something that I will continue even after the Christmas Season!!

  102. wendy says

    My favorite time/place to read to my son is snuggled in bed before bedtime. I also LOVE when the first thing he says in the morning is, “Mom, read to me!” We also read at the dinner table or on the couch or floor or wherever we are when he wants to hear a good story.

  103. says

    Anywhere and everywhere! Our LEAST fav time is opposite of everyone else- at bedtime when we are tired and cranky and all I want is sleep, not questions and discussions and cuddles and giggles! We’ve done our best reading around the table over dessert, in the car, at the library, on the sofa as a tv alternative, or during nap/rest time when baby is sleeping and there are no interruptions for the big kids and we can tackle longer chapter books.

  104. Erin says

    I have twins and they love to read. We read lots during the day and we always read Good Night Moon before bed.

  105. Tawna Brown says

    Our favorite time to read is just before naps and bedtime. Everyone grabs their pillows and we all gather on the floor- slumber party style. We love to snuggle and read the books and have a calming time together.

  106. Carolyn Stramecki says

    I love reading to both my girls (3.5 yrs and 4.5 months) snuggled up in our rocking chair in the evenings.

  107. Babs Harrell says

    WOW! I can’t even imagine using an IPAD! Our computer is sooo old LOL

    Our favorite time to read is at night when daddy is home after we eat dinner. We have been striving for 20 min a day and if I forget the boys always remind me! I am sooo glad they love to read as much as I do!!!

  108. Dana says

    My favorite time to read books to the kid is when the decide in the middle of the day they want to read. They will go into the rooms and get books and bring them to the living room for us to read on the sofa. I just love the innocent nature of the moment and cherish every last bit of it!!

  109. Susie says

    We are voracious readers at our house. My favorite time to read to the kids is when my 6 year old gets home from school. My 4 year old and 6 year old cuddle with me on the couch as I read. I think it helps my 6 year old to relax after a full day of school.

  110. Kecia says

    Wow, what a cool giveaway! And who knew Target was doing so much for kids’ literacy?

    My little one loves books, so we end up reading at all times and places. But my favorite time is every night, after he’s all warm and snuggly from his bath, we curl up in the bright red armchair in his room and read three books before bed. I’m savoring this time while it lasts!

  111. Nan says

    My favorite time to read is when they ask me to read to them! Even the 1 yo will bring a book to me. Fostering their love of reading is important, so I believe it is important to D.E.A.R – Drop Everything And Read.

  112. says

    Awesome giveaway! I often find myself reading to my little boy (2 years) throughout the day because he loves story books, but our designated story time is before his nap. We usually read three books while cuddled up on the glider in his room. Daddy reads him three more books before bedtime. We are really starting to notice how much he learns from books – lately he’s been telling us he has a “tummy ache” when he doesn’t want to eat his dinner (thanks, “Very Hungry Caterpillar”).

  113. Marsha says

    My favorite time to read is after I put the baby down for naptime. He gathers up lots of books and we snuggle under a blanket and get lost in our stories together. It’s our special mommy and me time since the baby came and I love it!

  114. says

    We love to read anytime of day…but especially at naptime with my youngest and whenever younger brother is napping with my oldest! We normally read in our big cozy chair or one of the boy’s foam “anywhere” chairs. 🙂

  115. Christine H. says

    We always read before bed but my favorite time to read with my 1 year old is whenever he brings me his favorite books. He just started using the sign for “book” and loves to hand me one of his 2 favorites and very eagerly signs “book”! It is the cutest thing ever! Despite the fact that I may read those same 2 books 10 times in a row I am so glad he’s taken an interest in reading and will do anything to foster a love of learning and reading!Thanks for the opportunity to win an iPad!

  116. Eva Keener says

    I love to read to my 4 year old while she’s in the bathtub. Her favorite has to be in the middle of the afternoon in my bed. 🙂

  117. mary jo smalley says

    Reading with my son at bedtime has become even more important lately after a house fire last summer that traumatized him so much so, at the age of 9, he needs to sleep next to me again.

    But reading the right book, soothes him, lifts his thoughts from the night terrors that left him shaking all night one particular night. It has been a healing process, redirecting his mind to higher plains, lofty thoughts, happier dreams:)

    If he wakes in the middle of the night, we keep a flashlight and his favorite book at the foot of the bed so that it can calm his fears and get him back to sleep. Slowly but surely he is healing and keeps talking about the next big step, sleeping in his own room. I admire his courage. Perhaps a really good book will get him there.

  118. Janet says

    I love snuggling with my son before his bedtime with a couple of books. Its our nightly ritual, I read a few then my husband reads a few. My heart melts every time he asks for “one more” which always turns into more than one.

  119. Trisha says

    Hi Allie,

    Thanks for doing this. We read in so many places/ways it is hard to pick, but it is especially fun when we read on the couch in the morning before going to school and work, especially when we read books picked out at the library the night before. It is a nice change of pace from the usual morning craziness. Happy Holidays!

  120. says

    My favorite time to read to my class is first thing in the morning. I would use the iPad in small groups for differentiation and to support struggling readers.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  121. Alexis Richards says

    My husband and I enjoy reading to our boys before bedtime. Of course, anytime is ok with us.

  122. Linda says

    Wow! I am so impressed with this giveaway! As a former teacher, I know how important it is to learn to read and to be in a print-rich environment! That’s why we’re constantly looking for opportunities to read! We read in the morning after breakfast, afternoon-after lunch, and before bedtime. Our kids love to read books, and we thoroughly enjoy readying to them. It brings us much closer as a family.

  123. melissa says

    I adore bedtime reading. There is something so sweet about cuddling in bed with all 4 of my kids and filling their minds with beautiful stories before they fall asleep.

  124. Jennifer C says

    We love to read in bed before bedtime. I am a huge promoter of reading to your children also. I always buy books as gifts and read to my friends kids too.

  125. says

    I’ve heard about this program. It sounds fabulous! After my daughter struggling to read at first, and seeing how a whole new world has opened up to her when she finally got it, I get excited when I hear about kids learning how to read. Our favorite place to read is snuggled up on the couch, under a blanket, in front of a roaring fire!

  126. Crissy says

    I love to read at night with my son before he goes to bed. He has a big yellow oversized chair that we snuggle and read in. So much fun! He loves books!

  127. Tina Blanchard says

    I’m a mother of 5 and licensed child care provider. We have various books all OVER the house and visit the library no less than once a week. Reading is a way to learn, relax, escape, entertain and GROW! We read at “circle time” during our child care schedule, but children are encouraged to read throughout the day, as books are available anytime. Our home has items labeled (“door,” “chair,” “window,” etc) as another way of encouraging literacy.
    Can’t even imagine the possibilites an iPad would increase the opportunities for the children in my care to learn…

  128. says

    Thanks for this great giveaway!! We love to read all the time too Our all time favorite is at night after dinner. The house seems to be a bit calmer than during the day when we are in a rush to get someplace.

  129. says

    Whew! This is a fun giveaway! I love reading with my kids. oh and I really like your book reviews – it gives me good ideas of what to put on hold at the library for our preschool group. my favorite time to read to my kids is before bed, all snuggled up.

  130. says

    Excellent program! It’s such an easy way to ensure the future success of your child.

    I have a new favorite place to read to my kids – in my 5-year-old son’s new “big” bed. We finally got him a full-size bed, so an adult can lay in it with him – no more toddler bed! My 3-year-old daughter will climb up there with us, and the three of us just read and read… Before bedtime is the best. I actually love hearing, “Just one more chapter, Mom!”

  131. Kirsten Patterson says

    Reading is a constant at our house! We love to move out couch in front of the fireplace and spend several hours lost in books. Sometimes my kids sniffle and listen quiety, sometimes they color, and sometimes they turn cartwheels. No matter, they love to read and love to be read to.

  132. Jenny says

    Morning, noon and night at our house! But my two favorites are when we are just home from the library with a stack of new books, and we spend lots of time reading through our new treasure trove, and then weeks later when we have read our library books over and over again, favorites have emerged, and my son recites half of the stories with me. Then it starts all over again! Where? Always on the couch in the living room, lately in the light of the Christmas tree.

  133. Melissa Peterson says

    My daughter (2yrs) is a huge book lover, chooses to read books over playing with toys! I love it!! My favorite time to read to her is after bath, just before bed. She picks out the books herself, which sometimes takes a few minutes because she knows exactly what each book is about and which one she’s looking for. She loves to sit in the rocker with me and we usually end up reading for about 20 min each night. My favorite time of the day!!

  134. Sarah J says

    I love the random times throughout the day when my son will pick up a book and ask me to read it to him. It reminds me how important it is to read to him and how much he has already developed a love for it. I also love that my daughter, who is 14 months old, will sit down in the play room and pull out books to look through the pictures.

  135. Lynsi says

    Our favorite time to read is at bedtime. It is just perfect to calm down and relax and enjoy a good book. My youngest doesn’t want to go to bed but if I say “Let’s go read a book”, he runs to his bed!

  136. Courtney M. says

    I love to read with my daughter right after I get home from work. It’s a great way to reconnect after being away from her all day. She snuggles up next to me and we read.

  137. Sarah E. says

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway! We love reading any time and anywhere with our children, but my favorite is at bedtime in their beds with them. They love it! For my baby, I could sit in the rocking chair with her and read all day!

  138. Beth Baker says

    I always enjoy reading my daughter’s bedtime story but my favorite time to read is when she brings me a book to read her during the day! 🙂

  139. Laura says

    Any time of day is good with me, but I especially love it when my son initiatcousin reading session 🙂 We always snuggle on one of our beds, or the couch.

  140. Paula Lenahan says

    I read to my kids after dinner, but before bathtime. We build a tent in the toyroom and then we all climb underneath and read 3 books. Bella picks one, Dominic picks one and mommy picks one. its good quite time with no tv, computers or phones.

  141. says

    My son is 15 months old. I started reading to him the day I brought him home from the hospital. Whether it is a magazine, a book I’m reading, something I’m studying for work, craft projects or patterns for outfits I’m making for him, I read to him every chance I get. We always sit down and read to him before he goes to bed. He loves carrying books around the house. And, while he’s an active little boy who rarely sits, he will walk around with a book and fumble through the pages at the same time. I am hoping to continue with this as he grows into a big kid.

  142. Liberty Armstrong says

    My FAVORITE place to read with my kids is out in the hammock, under the tree, while a nice cool breeze blows and the birds chirp. Of course, that’s just an imagination now, as I look out at the 6″ of snow on the ground! 🙂

  143. Jessica Douglas says

    Our favorite time to read is just before nap time. We all pile into a comfy chair and let the stories take us away.

  144. says

    We have a library nook area near the living room. Our favorite time to read is after lunch. Charley likes to read while Cole is at preschool.

  145. Brandi says

    My favorite time to read to my four year old son is just before bedtime. He loves to snuggle and he concentrates completely on what we’re doing together. This is hard to come by sometimes with my very independent son and I love it!!

  146. Kristen says

    I like reading to them anytime but my favorite time is bedtime while cuddled up in bed. My second favorite time and place is at restaurants while we wait for our food.

  147. Anne says

    My daughter and I always read at bedtime after her little sister has gone to bed. My husband finishes cleaning up the kitchen and she and I sit on the couch for some cuddle mama/daughter time. After the busy dinner hour, this time is very special! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  148. jennifer says

    Our most favorite time to read is right before bedtime. We all snuggle in our bed and each child picks a book to read.

  149. says

    We love to read all day long. Usually on the couch after dinner or in the car as we make our rounds. Our son is just now getting to the point that is love being read too and he is actually listening. This would be a great prize.

  150. Barbara says

    My 3 boys read before bed my older 2 sometimes wake up in the AM and read some more. I would love to win because it would be great to see all 3 of my boys ( 10 7 2) reading together on the i pad!!!!

  151. says

    My favorite time to read with my kids is when they bring a book to me. We have three reading times built into the day (9:00am, after lunch and before bed) but there is something special about watching my child put down his dinosaurs and then going over to the bookshelf to bring me a book about dinosaurs for me to read to him. I love it!
    Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for your blog! 🙂

  152. says

    My favorite time to read with my kids is before nap time in our reading area in our homeschool classroom…we have lots of comfy bean bags to cuddle up on 🙂 Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  153. Nicole says

    I love to read to my daughter after her bath and before bed. Lazy Saturday mornings are delightful too! We read in the floor of her room or on the couch in the family room! The ipad would rock!!! Merry Christmas to you!

  154. Lisa says

    I love reading to my boys anytime, and am grateful they love it too! My five year old is so busy, it’s wonderful to slow down and snuggle with him and his favorite soft red blankie, at rest time in the afternoon (when his baby brother is napping) and at night before bed. I love his questions lately about the stories and his wide-eyed wonder with fairy tales and adventures. I am pleased that my 10 month old is loving books more and more, and not just for throwing or chewing…just this week he “asked” specifically for a book by doing the “blah”=tongue sticking out that a frog does in one of his favorite books!
    We would absolutely LOVE an ipad, oh to have the library at our fingertips, how neat would that be!!

  155. Jenni Corcoran says

    What an awesome giveaway — thank you! My favorite time to read with my boys is in the afternoon – after my youngest has taken a nap and before I have to start dinner. It’s our favorite time because all three of us get to read together, as opposed to bedtime when we read to them in their separate rooms. Our favorite place is in my 4 year old’s room on his big comfy beanbags. It’s a very special time of day for us.

  156. Becca says

    I love snuggling up on the bed to read to them before bedtime. It’s a great way to unwind, and my 3-year-old will listen for as long as I’m willing to read because she doesn’t want to go to bed!

  157. Jen K says

    The place we read with our toddler most often is in his rocking chair right before bed, but my favorite place to read to him is any where and any time that he picks up a book himself and brings it over to me. No better way to make me immediately stop what I am doing, I love to see him asking to be read to of his own accord.

  158. says

    I love to read with my babies! We read throughout the day. My favorite, though, is when we are out and about. Together we flip through magazines and find pictures of things we see on our daily excursions … for example, we make a book that has pictures of fruits and vegetables. Together we write a sentecne for that picture (Avacados are green and squishy!) and we take our fruit and veggie book to the grocery store. We read the book together in the shopping cart to make real life connections and bring “reading to life”! I’m so blessed that she loves loves loves to read!

  159. says

    Favorite time to read is right before her nap and @ bedtime. We climb into her bed with 3 or 4 books and snuggle up to share adventures.

  160. says

    We love to read anytime!! Most often its after breakfast, mid afternoon and in the evening when daddy gets home:) Woww this is a great give away!!

  161. Chelsea says

    I would love an iPad! We usually read before nap time and bed time. But my favorite times to read are just the random times during the day. When they bring me a book to read or when we get a new one from the library that we are just to excited to wait.

  162. Gina White says

    We love to read when we are winding down for bed. We all snuggle together in the big bed and read. We also love to read when mommy first gets home from work. We snuggle in the couch and enjoy the fact we are all together.

  163. says

    I love reading to my son! We often read in the morning over breakfast, but always before nap time and in the evening as part of our bedtime routine. Our rule is three books, sometimes my son picks, sometimes myself, and I must admit most of the time I get as much pleasure from the reading moments as my son does.

  164. Anna Alcozer says

    Right now one of my favorite times to read is when my 5 year old comes home from Kindergarten. Her sister and brother are napping and we get some good cuddle and reading time!

  165. cathleen ryer says

    We love to cuddle up in Mommy and Daddy’s bed before nap or quiet time and read some of our favorite stories. I also love that my daughter enjoys readin books to herself to fall asleep…she is me in a mini version!

  166. Nikki M says

    Definitely at bedtime. We love to snuggle up in my son’s bed under the covers and read books. It’s quiet, dark (we have a lamp on so that we can see), and I totally have his undivided attention. He loves it too!

  167. Shannon says

    I love reading in my daughter’s tiny little bed every night, piled high with stuffed animals and comfort objects.

  168. Carolina Stumpges says

    My favorite time to read is when the kids ask me to. I love how they come up to me in the middle of the day with a book. Then we all snuggle on the sofa to read. It’s also a nice way to entertain them while I’m nursing the baby.

  169. Sarah says

    This time of year, my favorite time to read is in the evening in front of the lit Christmas tree. It is so peaceful to read Christmas stories in the living room each night with our tree in front of us. We have a big bin of Christmas stories out there and really enjoy reading some of them each night.

  170. says

    We love books at our house. We read randomly throughout the day, but I would have to say my favorite time is right before bedtime, day winding down. I usually read to our 1 yr old who is loving books right now, and I can hear my hubby reading books to our 3 and 5 yr old in their room. Just cuddled up on the floor with kid in the lap, best times. 🙂

  171. says

    I LOVE that Target is doing this! I love Target anyway, but now I love them this much more! Reading is so important for SO MANY REASONS!! I love reading with my kids anytime, but our “designated” time is bedtime. We read “for fun” during the day, but bedtime is a must. And we typically end up reading for about an hour. I truly believe that this reading tradition that started when my first was just weeks old is why she is now, at almost six years old, the second most advanced reader in her class.

  172. Celeste says

    My favorite time to read is anytime. I love to read myself and I love to my children. Usually it’s on the couch curled up wit a blanket or on their beds cuddled together.

  173. says

    Our favorite time to read is in the afternoon when we have no other school or chores responsibilities hanging over our heads. That way, we can read as long as we like and get lost in our books together. Cuddling on the couch is where you’ll most likely find us!

  174. Cara Shoemaker says

    What a fun giveaway! My daughters love to read anytime, but our favorite is before bed, all snuggled in Mom and Dad’s bed.

  175. Brandi says

    I love reading bedtime stories to all three of my girls. I also love hearing one of my older children read to a younger sister. The sound of one of my own children being able to read to someone else is one of the best sounds in the world.

  176. Marta says

    My favorite time to read is when we just walk through the door with a fresh batch of books from the library! We’re so excited to check out our new books, we always end up reading a whole bunch of them!

  177. Michelle says

    Our favorite family reading time is before bed, in the rocking chair of our daughter’s room. Her favorite time to read is after naps, she wakes up and pulls books off her shelf to read until we come to get her.

  178. Allison says

    My favorite time to read with the kids is before bedtime, all on the couch together. And lately, my 4-year-old and I have been enjoying reading some chapter books during the little one’s nap.

  179. Brianna Beers says

    Oh tooo sweet! My favorite times to read to my children is after their morning breakfast, we’ll read in the family room. Then before afternoon nap, we’ll read on their carpet in their bedroom. Lastly, before bed I will read to them while they are laying in bed. This is my reading schedule, as kids love a set schedule…so do I! Thakyou for this giveaway and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  180. Linda says

    I love to read with my kids anytime but my favorite time is snuggled on the couch or bed with our dog Maggie. We love to read in the morning after breakfast or before going to bed. Reading is such a gift to give to your kids!

  181. says

    I love to read all day every day, and hopefully am passing that on to my children. So far so good – my daughter started kindergarten this fall and is really loving learning to read on her own. And I love to listen to her! Our favorite place to read together is curled up on the floor with lots of pillows in front of our fireplace – warm and cozy family time!

  182. Kjersten says

    I love to read with my boys. My favorite time is when my son spontaneously requests a book. I will drop everything and read wherever we are. I love that he loves books and enjoy sharing my love for reading with him. I am hoping that my response will show him how important reading is to me and he will be a reader for life.

  183. Erica Rubin says

    I love our afternoon sessions on the couch – he’ll make a stack of books almost as tall as he is and demand that we read all of them…more often than not, we do 🙂

  184. Cody says

    What a great giveaway – the ability to read is such a precious gift. Normally my 2 year old, hubby and myself read before bedtime but with Christmas coming, he unwraps a Christmas book each day from a basket depending on when the right mood hits during this busy holiday season.

  185. Danette says

    We love to read anytime, but our three times that we read every day are at breakfast, after nap (all snuggly!), and before bed. Clara would spend all day reading books if I had time, though!

  186. says

    While we love a good snuggle with a book at bedtime, my favorite time to read with my kids is in the morning. All three of my homeschooled babes pile in bed with me before any of us are really awake, and we read for a while. Sometimes it’s picture books for The Baby, sometimes The Boy reads us chapter books, and sometimes The Girl recites Dr. Seuss. It’s a great way to start our day, and something I hope my kids will remember when they’re older.

  187. Erin Naylor says

    Whenever my kids ask me to read, I stop and do it. Although I enjoy reading before bedtime, I think my favorite time is during the day when they ask because it is spontaneous and they asked so they are intersted. We usually end up reading several books.

  188. says

    Oh my, we read all the time! If I had to pick a favorite time, I’d have to go with many other commenters and say just before bed. We snuggle together on the glider under our cuddle blanket and read our bedtime story for the night. Then, we sing a lullaby and it’s into bed. Love it!

  189. Melissa says

    I love to read! I taught kindergarten for 5 years and am now at home with my two little ones. My daughter (3) LOVES to read so I find that we read anywhere and anytime but my favorite time to read is right before bed. She snuggles up in my lap and chooses a favorite book or two or three! My son (almost 1) is just starting to love books, too. He mostly likes to turn the pages but I enjoy reading to him before bed, too!

  190. Lindsey G. says

    We do the bulk of our reading before bedtime. My boys (ages 2 and 4) love to pick out there stories, and snuggle up on the rocker for stories. We also attend the library weekly and love to dig into our latest treasures each time we come home.

  191. melissa lehman says

    It might sound silly, but my favorite place to read with my boys (2 and 4) is in the bathroom! We actually have a bookshelf next to the toilet filled with their favorites and a stool for me. It has lead to successful potty training, and I have caught them reading to themselves and to each other without me… sometimes we read while in the bathtub too. As a kindergarten teacher, I value multi-tasking and developing an early love of books!

  192. says

    Wow – what an amazing give-a-way! This probably isn’t too unique – but reading before bed is out favorite! I have three under 5 and they each get to pick 1 or 2 stories before bed each night. My oldest is just starting to like reading “big girl” books without pictures.

  193. Erin says

    I love to read with my kids anytime, but my favorite time to read with them is before bed time. We all cuddle up in bed and read a few books. Love it!

  194. Simone says

    Since an early age, my daughter has LOVED to read! And nothing could make me happier. As an avid reader myself I always hoped that a love of reading would pass to my children. We read at random times throughout the day, it’s our time-ins. A very special time to cuddle up with Mom (or Dad) and enjoy a story. However, my most favorite time is right before bed. Everyone is calm and clean and her droopy eyes tell me she’s trying her hardest to hear the end. I just love it and can’t wait for bedtime tonight!

  195. Holly says

    I am lucky and get to spend lots of time reading to my kiddos, but I love to read to my little guys just after a bath when everyone wants to snuggle in for a good story.

  196. says

    My fifteen month old loves to have books read to her! We read throughout the day, but my favorite time is at night before she goes to bed. She has between 10-15 books read to her every day. I love to read, and I want her to love it too!

  197. Suz says

    Oh, we love reading at my house. From the time my babies were born we have read before bedtime every night. I love reading any time my kids ask me to, which is a lot. I actually have to make my 3-year-old ds stop “reading” at nap time so he can sleep. I just started reading the Little House on the Prairie series with my 5-year-old dd and she is hooked. I love it!

  198. Wendi says

    My husband and I are educators, my mom’s an educator, my brother and SIL (x2) are educators, and my MIL is a retired librarian. Books are a part of our daily routine as we recognize the importance of reading to a child’s development. My favorite time to read is before bed. It’s a great way to wind down (the kids and us!) after a busy day, to bring us close together, and to introduce new topics and concepts. I love reading to my kids in their beds all snuggled close and warm. What a great ending to a perfect day.

  199. Michelle says

    My favorite time to read to my three year old daughter is right before nap time. I’m not usually in a big rush to get her in bed by a certain time so we sometimes spend 45 minutes just reading.

  200. Becky says

    We don’t really have a set time to read in our house, it is always random depending on what my 2.5 yr old is doing at the time that I want to sit down and relax. Reading and relaxing never seem to be at the same time. So rather than have a specific time like bedtime, or morning time. I would have to say that my favorite time to read to my son is when he walks up to me with his puppy dog eyes and says “Mommy wanna read it?”. It is just impossible to say “No, mommy’s busy”. 9 times out of 10 whatever I am doing can be dropped to read that one book, then one more, and the one after that. I love that he is so in to reading. Thank you target for sponsoring such a wonderful event.

  201. Tawnya says

    Hands down, my favorite time to read to my son is just before bed. “Night-time stories” is a sacred time for all of us to be together and snuggle a bit.

  202. Chris B says

    We read to our son a lot during the day. When he gets bored playing, he will usually go find a book and crawl up in our laps. Our daily reading time is in the bed at bed time after prayer time.

  203. says

    My kids LOVE books! We read them many times throughout the day. But, my favorite time is definitely bedtime. They can be bouncing off the walls, but a few good stories gets them ready for dreamland every time 😉 Thanks for sharing this great resource and the giveaway!!

  204. Lori W. says

    My favorite times of the day to read with my kids are right after they come home for school and right before bedtime. Reading is one of our absolute favorite things in our home. My 7 year old son will cry if I don’t read to him before bed time. No kidding. We always read snuggled up to each other on someone’s bed. Love it!

  205. Stacy Adam says

    We are always reading at our house, and reading with my 2 and 4 year old is such a piece of our everyday routine; before nap, and before bed, when the older one is having quiet time, he spends upward of 40 minutes looking through and reading his favorite books. But, I particularly love spontaneous story times that happen during our day when one brings a book or two and we all snuggle in for a favorite tale.

  206. says

    Even though my son isn’t even one yet, I love reading to him. We always read a Bible story and one other book before bed. I love the snuggles I get during that night. Books are some of his favorite toys right now. He loves pointing to all the pictures.
    What a great giveaway!

  207. JJ says

    All day long! Snuggled up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket. We are always reading throughout the day. Our current favorites? Anything truck related, Thomas, Dr. Seuss (Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham), and Christmas books from the library!

  208. mary says

    I love reading books. I read them throughout the day. I love reading whenever. I read to my 20 month old whenever she would like to take time to sit on my lap and most of the time that is in the mornings when her brother is at preschool. I read to brother in the afternoon, but my favorite is reading to them right before bed when we are winding down. This is a great giveaway.

  209. says

    We read every night before bed. We read when we have 10 extra minutes and need to distract the kiddos. But my favorite, FAVORITE place to read is in Mommy’s bed on those random weekend mornings when somehow the WHOLE family ends up in our room and we just read stories and laugh. Usually all that is followed by lots of tickling. It’s what memories are made of!!!

  210. meagan says

    When my little guy wakes up bright an early I love reading books. It keeps him calm a little longer and I get to stay in bed. There is nothing better than snuggling up and watching the excitement in his eyes. Thanks NTFFC and Target!

  211. says

    We read every day before nap and bedtime, either on the couch or in my daughter’s bed. We read three stories each time, and she always begs for more. I absolutely love those reading/snuggle times, but my favorite times are the times that she spontaneously stops playing, picks a book and asks me to read to her during her playtime during the day. Priceless!!

    Thanks so much for the chance to enter! Our daughter (4) has multiple medical special needs, so we have many, many specialist appointments that require long car trips, as well as many medical procedures, hospital stays, and lots and LOTS of waiting rooms. We’re currently saving for an iPad for her to occupy this time in an educational way, as well as offer some distraction from the unpleasantness. Winning one would be AMAZING!! Fingers crossed.

  212. Amanda says

    I love to read to my 4 year old son at bedtime. It winds him down and we can snuggle in bed and take our time with the stories.

  213. Sherri says

    We are big book lovers in my house. We read with the kids every single night before bed, after they are in their pj’s. My older one reads in bed, and stays up past her bedtime when she is really into a good book. What a great giveaway! I am crossing my fingers!

  214. Amy Johnson says

    My favorite time to read with the kids is after bath time right before bed. They are all clean and warm and settled and ready for a good story (or two, or three…).

    My favorite time to read by myself is in a nice warm bath after a long day. It is so relaxing!

  215. Lauren says

    I love reading to my son throughout the day, but my favorite time is snuggling up and reading to him right before bedtime.

  216. Bea says

    Target is so cool for doing something so wonderful for education. We love reading in our house, since we have no TV, books are in the spotlight all the time. I love to read to them when we just woke up because then it seems like their whole day is wrapped in whatever story we read. We also read at bed time and I love it just because then my husband can join in.

  217. Danielle Desjardins says

    We read whenever and wherever! My two year old usually likes to read on the couch or the bed so that her sister (10 months old) doesn’t grab the book away from us.
    Books are a great tool for distraction as well. We read whatever her current favorite book is before I head off to work in the morning (to hopefully avoid a ‘mommy, don’t leave!’ tantrum) and when she’s wanting to watch TV, but I think she’s ahd enough.

  218. Sarah says

    all snuggled up with about 5 quilts in my bed, late in the afternoon. sometimes we all drift off to sleep together after reading. I LOVe IT

  219. Lana says

    My favorite time to read to my children is when they bring a book to me and say, “Mama, will you read to me?” From the time our girls were very small, my husband and I have made it a priority to drop what we’re doing anytime our kids want to read together.

  220. elizabeth s. says

    Like many other posters, my favorite time to read to my children is before bed. But my SECOND favorite is…on the potty lol, because my little one is potty-training right now and it’s a great way to keep her sitting still!

  221. says

    I think my favorite time to read to my daughter (19mo) is when we’re all out of sorts. It’s good to just sit down and focus on her and read a fun story that she loves.

  222. Monica says

    My boys and I love books. As a mom, my favorite time to read is bed time. We snuggle under covers and read 2-3 books every night. We have a special basket of seasonal books, but it seems like there a few special ones we read 5 times a week. It is a special time and we all love it. Wouldn’t give it up for anything! As a teacher I know the benefits of reading every day. As a mom, I cherish the time spent together snuggling!

  223. CarrieQ says

    At our house we read a lot at various times of day. By far, my favorite time to read to my three young daughters is whenever one of them approaches me with a book while I’m busy doing something else. I consider it my gift to all of us to stop whatever I’m doing in that very moment to sit with them & enjoy the book & snuggles that come along with it. Reading has always been a constant in my life & I’m excited to build that foundation for my children as well.

  224. says

    We read a lot at our house so really any time and any place is good. BUT my FAVORITE place to read is cuddled in our old hand-me-down recliner chair just before bedtime when they are all sleepy and cuddly. 🙂

  225. says

    We love reading anytime, anywhere! We read every night before bed and lately have been reading Christmas stories under the tree!

  226. Betsy says

    I love snuggling on the couch and reading to my son in the afternoon when we both need some down time. I love seeing his enthusiasm for books and often he’ll pick book after book after book until my voice gets too tired to read anymore!

  227. says

    Every night I read with my daughter before bed. It’s one of my favorite things to do, and she always asks for “one more book”. 🙂

  228. Rachel says

    I enjoy reading to my boys on the couch. It’s a comfy and cozy spot where we can enjoy our time together.

  229. Amanda says

    we love to read at our house. My son especially loves to cuddle up on the couch and read. My favorite time to read with the kids is before bed. We read a couple of books and talk about them. It sets up a special time for conversation about their days.

  230. says

    My 5 yr old loves to read any chance he gets! But my favorite time to read to him is when he’s finally quieted down, is getting a bit drowsy and is snuggled in his bed – it’s the time I really treasure reading books with him, because it’s such so sweet to see him drifting off into his dreams helped out by whatever story we happen to be reading! Plus that’s about the only time he lets me read to him anymore, he wants to do it himself normally!

  231. Carolina says

    I read to my 20 month old every day, but at random times. Sometimes before lunch, other times just before bed. She loves heading to the library to get new books!

  232. Marisa says

    I read to both of my kids during the day, but I read to my little one at nap time and bed time by herself, while my husband reads to our oldest. I love this time to focus on her, one-on-one, and read the books that she loves!

  233. Julie says

    I think reading the two bedtime stories at night is at the top of my list but I also like reading his bathtime book – somehow we got in the habit of reading a book a the end of bath, while DS is still in the tub. I don’t remember how it began but it is very much a ritual now.

  234. Jenifer says

    We love to read everywhere, but the couch is our standby. No matter where else we read stories throughout the day, we have to read two stories before bed on the couch–every day. 🙂

  235. says

    I love reading with my Kids right before bed. But I think my favorite reading has been in the car. My daughter really takes charge when Mommy isn’t holding the book. She starts pointing to all the letters in the book, like she is conducting a symphony as the story plays through the car. I am so glad we started the habit of reading to our kids early, because they love to read with us and I love how they pick up on different aspects of the story each time and tell us when something exciting is about to happen.

  236. says

    My favorite time to read is bedtime because it happens every day, and if I forget or if I don’t feel like it, my kids remind me. We read before naptime too so my baby gets double reading time!

  237. Tanya says

    I love to read to my girls any chance I get….but my very favorite time is right before bed when we snuggle up in their chairs or in their beds. I’m so thankful that my husband and I have passed on a love of reading, books and learning to our children. Makes me very, very happy! 🙂

  238. says

    our favorite place and time to read is bedtime while snuggled in bed- although we also enjoy piling into our plus over sized rocking chair and reading during the day too!

  239. Dina says

    I have 2 favorite times a day to read. I am a preschool teacher so my first time is during circle time every morning and at night I like to read. I used to love reading to my daughter but now she is 15 and I don’t read to her anymore. Maybe it’s time we pick a book we will both enjoy and maybe read to each other!!! I do miss those times before bed.

  240. says

    We love to read before bed. There’s something about having them sit on your lap and just let their imagination go before bed. I love that part of our routine and more so, I love that as they’ve gotten older my boys ask for books. They are only 4 and 2 but love reading. I hope we can keep that fire lit!

  241. Faye says

    We love to read books randomly throughout the day… especially when my 3 y/o “reads” to her own babies from her own favorite books that she has memorized. My favorite part of the day to read with her is bedtime. I love that she loves to pick out a few books and snuggle in bed with me.

  242. says

    I am very blessed that my three children LOVE to read! We read together throughout the day, but especially before bed. Right now we are doing a lot of traveling, and they love for me to read aloud in the car.

  243. April says

    We have read every night before we go to bed since oldest son was young. Now he’s seven and another son is 4 and just had our first little girl a week ago and she too is now included in reading time at night. It’s time I cherish with my kids!

  244. says

    I love reading to my kids before bedtime – when the house is quiet and we’re winding down and hanging out in my son’s bedroom.

  245. Rachel says

    Time and place? Anytime and anywhere…thankfully our kids love to read as much as we love reading to them.

    Thank you for your website! It’s a blast.

  246. Leisa Watkins says

    My favorite time to read to or with the kids is on location. I love to read about trains when visiting a train station. I love to read about camping when camping. And we like to read historical fiction that took place at the location we are visiting while traveling.

  247. Jenny says

    We like to read after lunch. We curl up in bed before nap time, and Island picks out three favorite books. Her favorite this week is Snowman in Paradise.

  248. Irene says

    Our very favorite time is bedtime. They are snuggled in bed and we tell/read them stories. After lights are out and we leave, they like to discuss it amongst themselves while they fall asleep. Ages 4, 2, and 6 mo.

  249. Christy says

    We LOVE books and like reading any time during the day. My favorite time to read is bedtime when we are all snuggled together.

  250. Heidi says

    My fav time of day is during our “quiet time”…we lay a blanket on the floor and read book after book.

  251. Shelley Anderson says

    Each of my girls have a comfy armchair in their rooms and that’s our favorite place to read, before nap/quiet time and before bed. BUT- we also have a window seat and I’m hoping *fingers crossed* that as they learn to read they will like to sit there. Thank you for this great giveaway!

  252. SaraAnne Greenwell says

    I love to read to my daughter at bedtime snuggled with her in her bed. I also love reading outside with her on warm days. Reading is such a great way to be close to your kids!

  253. Jennifer W. says

    We have soooo many books and love to read! My favorite time and place to read with my daughter is just before bed in bed where we can curl up together. We homeschool and have a day care at home…the quiet time we can curl up and read just us and just for fun is precious!

  254. Arrie says

    We like to read at the breakfast table. It’s not easy to hold a 2 year olds attention but this seems to get the best results.

  255. Holly says

    We read to our 6-year-old son every night before bed and have since he was born. That’s my favorite time. The worst time for me is late afternoon when I could use a nap! Then I’ve been known to doze off mid-sentence! (he never seems to need a nap, though!)

  256. Brandy says

    First let me say, we read all day long around here. BUT, my favorite time is first thing in the morning in the rocking chair with all 3 kids in my lap. Sitting on the couch all close together in the evening is my second favorite.

  257. Kaycie says

    My favorite place to read to my kids is in their beds, one on one right before I put them to bed at night. They are so focused on the stories as they wind down for the night! I love those moments!!

  258. says

    Our favorite time and place to read is before bedtime (snuggled up on bed of course). Unfortunately that means we have to limit books so that we aren’t up all night…. so we have a second favorite time – and that’s snuggling up on the couch right after naptime. It gives my girls a chance to each have mommy reading time and a nice way to wake up and restart the afternoon.

  259. Gordon says

    My favorite time to day to read to children is right before they go home from school ( I work in a 4-5 year old room). I enjoy spending that last precious moments enjoying a story.

  260. abigail says

    Love your blog. We love to read in the afternoons – usually picture books then – and before bed, often chapter books. Our current favorite book is “Olivia Helps with Christmas.”

  261. Courtney says

    Hmmm I like to read to my son at night, but he’s more interactive if we cuddle up during the day.

  262. says

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I was just telling my sister the other day how I believe that reading A LOT to my kids during the day contributes significantly to their language development and ability to learn so much! I think a lot of (well-meaning, well-educated) parents are missing the boat on this, unfortunately. Anyway….we love to read cuddled on the bed before quiet time and bedtime each day. We can read for hours…both of my kids love books!! 🙂

  263. juanita says

    Our favorite reading time is when the kids are tucked into bed at night. While my six-year-old daughter is a great reader herself, at bedtime my husband and I take turns reading her our favorite childhood books like Milly Molly Mandy, The Faraway Tree, Charlotte’s Web and Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books. While one parent reads to her, the other reads to my two-year-old son, who is an insatiable book lover as well. Special times.

  264. Rebecca Bishop says

    I love to read with my boys snuggled on the couch with the fire on…but cuddled in bed is pretty magical too!

  265. Vanessa says

    My toddler only lets me read to her at night, in bed. She doesn’t want me to read at any other time than bedtime.

  266. Janelle says

    My favorite time and place to read with my children is anytime and anywhere. It is a must that we read together before naptime and bedtime all snuggled in a bed. Their favorite night time place to read is in mommy and daddy’s bed…what a treat! The best is during the day when a child brings me a book and WANTS me to read. Love those moments.

  267. Karen says

    I love to cuddle up with my boys on the couch just before bedtime and read 2 books, that they’ve each picked out themselves.

  268. Ellie says

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and this finally motivates me to leave a comment. I am a high-school English teacher, so I need no convincing that reading to children matters. I consider it my most important job, both at home and at my job. My kids are similar ages to yours: boy 4.5 and girl 1. We read to our son always for ‘quiet time’ and always for bedtime for a total of close to an hour a day; there are more books in his room than anything else, so we read whenever outside those scheduled times he is interested. We do the same with our daughter: nap and bedtime, and whenever she wishes outside of those times. We have big bins of board and pictures books in both of their rooms, and we read in bed or in the rocking chair.

  269. Sara Kalt says

    I love cuddling on the couch with my 4 year old and reading before we pick my older son up at the bus stop. I especially love it when my 6 yo reads to his younger brother before bed.

  270. says

    Our favorite time to read is just before bed. My boys each pick out 3 books and we snuggle up and read together. We also read many other times during the day, but our never miss reading time is before bed.

  271. says

    We have two fave places…
    One is on the hammock on our lanai – two kids and me on a hammock, it’s fun 🙂

    The other is every night in their room, cozied up in their beds before they say hello to the sandman.

    Allie, what an awesome giveaway and even better program that Target is doing! Mahalo!

  272. Tonia says

    I love to read with my two boys after my younger son’s naptime. They each pick a stack of books and we curl up on my younger son’s bed. A favorite way to end our reading time is to do a project related to one of the books. I can find many coloring pages, craft projects, snack ideas related to popular kids books online. My older son has/had a speech delay. Interestingly, though he had trouble with pronounciation, his language skills are above average…proof that kids can learn and build a vocabulary before they can talk. I am very thankful that my boys (ages 2 and 3) love books.

  273. Kris says

    My daughter likes to be read to any time. I love seeing her “read” books. She will make up stories to go along with the pictures since she can not read yet. My daughter will not go to sleep until she is told the 3 Bears story. She has been told this story every night for at least 2 years. Momma is getting tired of the 3 bears.

  274. Danielle says

    My favorite time to read is the unexpected. When they come up to me begging to read a book (sometimes over and over).

  275. says

    I love to read to my kids first thing in the morning, often as they are eating breakfast. Another favorite is the bathtub. : ) It’s the perfect spot for sing-songy, splish-splashy reads.

  276. Holly L. says

    My favorite time is really whenever he brings a book up to me and asks to read it. I seriously love hearing that and CANNOT turn him down ever. I love his interest in it and want to see that flourish as the years pass. We read first thing in the morning and right before bed as a scheduled routine.

  277. Angel says

    We always read right before bedtime, after PJs are on and teeth are brushed. Each child picks out one or two books and we finish with a daily children’s devotional and prayer. =)

  278. Priscilla says

    We have been reading daily since my 6 year old son was born. I think it is such a great way to bond with my children (I have three), to teach them everything from science to morals and to give them an educational boost. I also think it adds structure to our day. We read each morning before school and of course each night before bed. However, my favorite reading times are those when I am able to sit with all three kids and read a book that is engaging for each of them. It doesn’t happen every day and is always spontneous, but it is one of the things enjoy most about parenting.

  279. Jayne says

    I love to read with my kids anytime and anywhere but I guess my most favorite is in the evening after dinner we like to gather and read stories.

  280. dony says

    i read to my little girl before bedtime and naptime. she likes to be read atleast 3-4 books (sometimes even more) 🙂 and i love the special cuddling time i get with her.

  281. says

    My daughter and I read together throughout the day, but my favorite time to read with her is bedtime. I love to cuddle under the covers in her cozy bed and discover magical places. I want my daughter’s head to hit the pillow with beautiful thoughts of wonderful adventures. Over the past few months, my four year old daughter has taken to leading her own story times which are simply delightful!!!! I love to listen to her read. She uses the best voices and great book language!

    Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing give away!!!!

  282. Kirsten L says

    My 3 and 8 year olds are reading machines. We especially love to snuggle up on the coach or in the bed with a good book. Right now my 3 year old says, “You read it, I read it.” Books are her toy of choice.

  283. Jennifer B. says

    I read to my girls many times throughout the day being a homeschooling family, but I would have to say my favorite time to read to them is right before bedtime. That’s when we read our fun chapter book we’ve been working on, and its a special time we share every single night.

  284. says

    I love it when we all curl up on the couch together in the evening 🙂 It is precious time spent with precious people.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this awesome giveaway!

  285. Megan says

    I read to my children always before naps and before bedtime. It helps them wind down. They love to read at other times during the day but we always make sure we read at those two times!

  286. Amy M says

    We love to read here! I think my most favorite time to read is right before bed. Colin will choose 4 books and we cuddle up on the couch. It is the only time of day when Colin sits still!

  287. says

    My favorite time to read to my son is when he asks me to. We read for over an hour each day (before nap and before bed half hour each), but I LOVE it when he brings me a book and asks me to read!

  288. Lady says

    My favorite reading time is just after bath on his rocking chair. We snuggle and read and he loves to do the sound effects (fire trucks, cows, ducks, cars, you name it!)

  289. Angela says

    We read all day long, but my favorite is when we’re all cuddled up in one of their beds and reading before they go to sleep.

  290. Brooke says

    We read all day long, but we ALWAYS read at night. It is a time for our family to gather for wonderful stories!

  291. Tracy McDermott says

    We love to read at many different times, but I think my favorite is at night in their beds. They seem to be more interested and don’t get as distracted at bed time when we are reading.

  292. Linds says

    I love quiet moments when we get to read- before bedtime is usually the best time for us. We used to have 3 of the boys sharing a room so I’d just go in there, but now we take turns with what room we read in.

  293. Kelly Yatcko says

    We started “reading” books to Bailey while rocking her when she was just an infant. Now she’s 3.5 and we do most of our reading before bed, but she loves to run to her room and grab a book to read and tell us about every day.

  294. Katie says

    I read to our daugthers each night before bedtime and naptime. I think my favorite time is a random time during the day when my older daughers asks me to read her a story.

  295. Sara says

    My daughter is a very rambunctious 2-year old and it seems like she RUNS everywhere! But my favorite time of the day is when we settle down in the rocking chair and we read book after book. It is the only time when she sits still and cuddles with me and it just melts my heart to see her develop a love of books like I have.

  296. says

    We read all day long whenever the girls are interested, however my favorite time is right before bed in their rooms. I enjoy snuggling with them sharing a book that they picked out and are excited to read with me.

  297. Deanna says

    We always read three books before my daughter goes to sleep. We cuddle up on the floor with pillows and blankets. But we also read anytime the mood strikes the rest of the day. We just find a cozy spot and sit down to enjoy!

  298. Bo says

    We have read to our children literally since the day they were born in the hospital. We read any where, any time. But our favorite time to read is each day at breakfast and lunch. We all eat together and I read aloud to them from picture books ad chapter books. My children are 3 and 5 and both have listened to all the EB White books and many other classics. It is a great way to talk about what we are reading, other cultures, time periods etc. Nothing makes me as happy as their love of reading!

  299. Heather says

    The only time we can get our 2 year old to slow down is just before bed. I hold both kids in the recliner and read them two books. Favorite bedtime book is Pajama Time!

  300. Kendra says

    My favorite time to read to my son is in the evening after dinner. We hole up in his bedroom and he picks out the books we want to read for the evening. SkippyJohnJones is a must read every night!!

  301. says

    I love to read to my daughter before bedtime. It is such a special time. I also love to have books out throughout the house so that we always have the opportunity to sit down and read together!

  302. Stephanie says

    We love to read on the couch – so we can all fit – and right after lunch is a favorite time – as is right before bed!

  303. Melissa says

    I like to read to my 3 year old daughter before she goes to bed. I’ve been doing it at bedtime before she was even born.

  304. Erin says

    Our favorite time to read is at bedtime. We’ve made it a daily part of our bedtime routine, and now the kids can’t sleep without reading first.

  305. Sara says

    Our favorite time to read is right before bedtime, in the rocking chair next to his bed. We’ve been reading books before nap time and bedtime since he was 5 months old. Sometimes, with a crazy 2 year old, it’s the only snuggles I get all day!

  306. JoEllen says

    A homeschooling mom of three little ones, we don’t need any special places to read – every place is a fun and magical place to read! Though my oldest would probably say his favorite place to read is in our home-made living room forts, I must admit that my favorite place to read is snuggled together wrapped in a warm blanket! When the summer months are upon us, my favorite place to read is under the shade of a tree with the blue sky and beautiful sunshine surrounding us!

  307. Jen B. says

    I like to read to my boys right before their naptime. We’ve been reading to them before naps, and before bedtime, for years now. The kids love it!

  308. Heather says

    I read to my 4 year old when my baby is napping and the baby is read to before bedtime. Both boys love it because they get special snuggly time with mommy!

  309. Rebecca D says

    We always read books right before bed. My 2 year loves to be read to so we usually end up reading several books throughout the day as well!

  310. Lisa says

    My favorite time and place to read to my 4 year old daughter is at bedtime snuggled in her “big girl bed”. We each pick out a book so that she gets to hear the same book 7 nights in a row if she chooses and I can introduce her to a new book I picked up. I started reading to her when she was in the womb and now her brother that is due in February is getting the same treatment! Hopefully he will share her love of books!

  311. Meg says

    My three year old and I read all the time, in fact we carry a chapter book in my purse (Winn Dixie is the current selection) for those annoying waits at the doctor’s office. We’ve even been known to pull it out when waiting in line at the post office! I think my favorite though is cuddled up with mugs of hot chocolate, a fluffy blanket, and a favorite book on a snowy Saturday morning.

  312. says

    What a great giveaway! We LOVE to read books and our kids look at books all day, but my favorite time is when they bounce into our room in the morning with a book in hand…it’s a great way to start our day!

  313. says

    My favorite time and place to read to my kids is in the morning when they are cuddly and just want to snuggle and read board book after board book (they are toddlers). My favorite memory of reading growing up was when my 4th grade teacher would read chapter books to us after lunch and recess…it calmed us down and put us in dream world…she is why I love reading so much and read so much with my kids!

  314. Deb says

    Our favorite time to read is after work. The kids(3 and 10 months) get home with hubby first and then I get home. When I come in the door we snuggle on the couch and read as many books as they want. Dinner can wait! We use this time for everyone to decompress and just see each other.

    We also go to the library every Saturday morning. My 3 year old gets to pick 3 books and he checks them out himself. I love reading and want to instill that in my children. I want them to love the library and explore all that it has to offer.

    I try my hardest to NEVER turn down a reading request. It is not always easy, but I know how important it is.

  315. molly says

    Although we read all day long, my favorite time is the little half hour probably post-breakfast, post-daddy-going-to-work, and pre-preschool, where it’s just me and my two boys. After wrestling with them to get coats and shoes on we just read, read, read until it’s time to go. Nothing better than two toddlers snuggled up on your lap with a book!

  316. says

    My favorite time to read to my daughter is right before bed time when we are all snuggled up on our bed. But I’ll read to her anywhere anytime.

  317. Misty says

    My favorite time to read to my little girl is at night, when she’s calming down and a little less restless.

  318. Kathleen says

    My son loves to read all the time, we read every night before bed and whenever he needs some down time.

  319. says

    Nap time and bedtime are good, but I think the impromptu readings are the best. When he pulls out a book and brings it over for us to read just because he wants to read.

  320. Dionne says

    My favorite place to read with my kids is snuggled up in bed, or on the bean bag chairs in my twin’s room. I recently started reading chapter books with my 4-year old (his favorite series is Magic Tree House), and I just love reading those to him, and it’s hard to resist when he begs “Just one more chapter, Mommy!”.

  321. Cecile says

    My son has just completed potty training. He is the kind that doesn’t really like to sit still for long, in the beginning we got him to sit on the potty long enough by reading. Now it seems to be his favorite reading spot. Before he’ll go to the potty he’ll first grab a book from the shelve.
    It was so funny when I saw your post, because since we actually posted a picture of him reading the target catalog a while back while sitting on the potty. I thought what a coincidence.
    Here a link to the picture: http://gallery.me.com/littleo#100485/D30_3940&bgcolor=black

  322. Abby says

    My son really loves being read to so we read to him quite often. My favorite time to read to him is at night, just before bedtime.

  323. Meagan says

    Wow, there are so many responses already!

    The kids, 5 and 2, refuse to go to bed without a book. We tend to get all ready for nap or bed and climb in a read a good book. My kids current favorite is “No Trouble at All” where two little bear cubs cause after bedtime mischief while grandma/pa says it can’t be true. Once I have the book memorized though I try to pick new books…

  324. Erin says

    My favorite time to read is when my 15 month wakes up he wants to cuddle in bed and read first thing in the morning. We are usually there for about a half an hour and then when his 4 year old sister wakes we all head to her room where we usually talk together and read another book or two. Both my kids are avid readers but this is our favorite time together.

  325. George says

    I work some long hours so I strive to read to my daughter in bed at night. It is our bonding time together and after being at work all day is the perfect way for us to spend some one on one time. I cherish it.

  326. evan says

    both of my kiddos love being read to. jonah (3) must have a minimum of 2 books before bedtime and naptime or else! dorothy (19 months) will plop down on our lap any time of day and bring us book after book to read to her… she can’t get enough. this melts my heart.

  327. Aimee says

    We LOVE to read in bed. Our girls have bunk beds and they love to take turns picking who’s bed we are going to read in. Not only is the time of reading educational but there is nothing better than spending one on one time in an intimate setting!

  328. Colleen says

    I have 3 children. We read at morning snack time, before rest time, after dinner time and right before bed. We read picture books, chapter books, poetry and anything else we can get our hands on. I love the rich vocabulary my children have developed. Our favorite place to read is the family room couch.

  329. Sarah says

    First thing in the morning when the house is quiet and no one else is up! It feels like a special, stolen time and both of us are so much more awake!

  330. Erin K says

    My favorite place is the corner of our couch with our favorite blanket…my favorite time? I guess anytime they are getting along (which if I am honest is most of the time).

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway…this would be so cool!

  331. monica says

    My favorite time to read to my children is on the couch right before dinner. It gives me a chance to unwind and cuddle with my kiddos.

  332. Lindsey says

    My favorite time to read to my 3 year old twins in on a rainy day. We make a fort, collect our pillows, blankets and a flashlight and have the greatest time!

  333. says

    We’re in the good habit of reading every night before bed in my son’s room. It’s a great way to end our day together, snuggled in the chair in my son’s bedroom.

  334. Karen says

    My favorite time to read to and with my children is in the late afternoon. If dinner is in the crockpot, we can curl up on the couch and have some happy quiet time reading together.

  335. says

    I love reading to my daughter any time, any where! As a former early literacy specialist, nothing has made me happier than having a child who loves to read. She brings me books throughout the day and I love that I am able to stop everything and read with her.

  336. Cathy D. says

    My son, Joaquin, is almost 3 months old and I have been reading to him ever since he was in my belly. Nowadays, I read to him every night before putting him to bed while I am breastfeeding. Its our special time together.

  337. Jenn Miller says

    We read all day long, but by far my favorite place to read is sitting in our rocking chair with my kids right before bedtime.

  338. Christy Pair says

    We love to read all the time. I am so thankful that my children enjoy it as much as I do. As of late, we have been reading quite a bit after breakfast. A great way to start our day!

  339. Karen says

  340. Denise says

    Our family’s favorite time to read has always been at bedtime in bed. We have been reading to our daughter since before she was born. My husband used to read Goodnight Moon and Owl Baby to my stomach every night.

  341. Camille says

    While Dad has bedtime books, I really enjoy the post nap story time. My son is still waking up and needing extra cuddles and it’s a great time for books.

  342. Tyrel says

    I read to my kids anytime and anywhere. I have read to my kids from day one and now all my kids love looking at books, reading them and listening to them.

  343. Allison says

    I will read to my kids wherever and whenever they would like. Personally, I love books before bedtime. I think it is the time with kids settling down for bed to enjoy a great story without interruptions.

  344. says

    If we could, we would read all day long. Seriously. Maybe not all day. We do like food and sleep too. 😉 I am the hugest bookworm I know and my girls are following in my footsteps. Our favorite time reading is at bedtime because Daddy is there too! Each girl chooses a book to read and we end with a short Bible story for their Bible.

  345. Lavanya says

    We love to read anytime. I started reading since my baby was in the womb. Almost every day we start the day off by reading 4 or 5 books and then get ready to go on about with the day itself. This just sets the a very calm and nice tone for the entire day.

  346. says

    I read to my kids before nap and bedtime. However, my 2.5 year old reads all day long. Sometimes she is “reading” the real story and other times she’s making up her own story to go with the pictures. I’m totally blessed by both scenarios! But the best is when I catch her reading books to her 1 year old brother. Amazing! 😉

  347. says

    My favorite place to read to my child is snuggled in his bed with a flash light in hand. We read every night together before he goes to bed. We like to turn out the lights and read to a flash light. I love reading with my child!

  348. Jen says

    My daughter and I read each night before bed in her bedroom. We have done this since she was born. We love to cuddle up in the rocker and read. This time we spend together has always been cherished between us!

  349. says

    We read anytime, anywhere. No, seriously. Of course, yes, there’s the 5 to 500 books at bedtime, but we also often stop during the day to read one or more books, just because. My almost-2-year-old is so enamored right now with everything involving fish and trucks that we can’t get to the library fast enough.

  350. Laina says

    We read books to our two kids (almost 4 and almost 2) every day before naptime and bedtime, but my favorite time is during lunch. Once I get everyone settled with food and drink, they get to choose a book and I read it for them. Its relaxing and takes the pressure and attention off the food- which helps them both eat better!

  351. says

    Being a former preschool/prekinergarten/kindergarten teacher, I know the value of reading to my child. We have about 5 overflowing book baskets around our house and we read all throughout the day. My favorite times are before and after nap, before bedtime, and on our “story blanket” in the livingroom. We typically read for over an hour a day (times spread out). My daughter has loved books since she was born! She is now 2.

  352. Kim says

    Our favorite time to read is bedtime. It helps everyone settle in for the night. My oldest and I are now taking turns reading the bedtime story. I love that he is showing a love for books.

  353. says

    between lunch and nap time. what I consider the winding down period. we curl up on the couch or in one of the beds and read as many books as it takes for them to get sleepy!

  354. Antoinette says

    I love to read before bedtime, in my bed, our on my daughter’s bed. We snuggle up, de-stress, read and have a nice few moments all rolled into one.

  355. Lindsey says

    In the afternoon before my husband gets home, I love to read to my son and daughter. I have to say I really enjoy listening to my husband read to them since he does voices for characters.

  356. Sara says

    I love to read to my daughter right before bed. We curl up together in her rocking chair. It’s a relaxing time for both of us!

  357. says

    This is a great giveaway and Target Read With Me sounds like a great program. I’m going to head over and check out the Build a Home Library feature. Reading with my kids is one of my favorite things to do, and I love that they give me an excuse to spend time with children’s books, because I have crazy love for them. I’m not sure what my kids would say, but my favorite time and place to read with them is in the afternoon on the orange couch in our playroom. It really feels like we get lost in the books then.

  358. Natalie says

    Well my “children” are my THIRD GRADE students and my favorite place to read with them is outside underneath a big tree. I know it sounds cliche, but there is something about taking students outside to read that really engages them! They are really learning to become active readers this year!

  359. Kate says

    My favorite place to read is curled up in our big chair in the living room — at any time. I love reading with my son — it’s such a special and close time for us.

  360. says

    I don’t have children but I love to read to my nieces and nephews. They love to be read to before bedtime in their room or on the couch in the living room.

  361. Nanny Judy says

    I’m a nanny for two little ones. My favorite times to read aloud is when the older one gets up from her nap, while we are waiting for little brother to wake up from his nap. And I like to read to them when I am expecting the parents to arrive home, the house is all cleaned up and we are ready for them.

  362. Lauren says

    My favorite time to read with my kids is ALL THE TIME! We are a bunch of book worms and read everywhere. Everyone always has a book with them since you never know when you’ll get stuck somewhere.

  363. Amy says

    Our favorite time to read is at bedtime. We start with two books and then usually my son asks for “one more momma” and then “another one momma”. But we read through out the day and our favorite place to read is in either childs bedroom.

  364. Danielle says

    I think the bedtime storytime is definitely the most focused. I love it when my kids just randomly on their own bring me a book to read to them or when my oldest “reads” to his brother.

  365. says

    I always wanted to be one of those parents that read to my daughter before bedtime, forever, we own tons of books! However, at 15 months old my daughter will still not allow a book reading before bed. She is very impatient nad just not into it. We still have books around and she will bring me a board book when she wants one read, so I go with that, not forcing her. Her father and I both love books, she sees us reading and she has over 100 of her own books already. Someday we will have a favorite time,for now, it’s still great fun when she sits through a whole book!

  366. says

    I love it when my kids sit on my lap while I’m reading to them. I don’t care when it is or where we are as long as I can be holding them!

  367. Momof1 says

    Our favorite time to read book is in the afternoons on the couch in our living room and also on bed just before bedtime. Also, now that my son is learning to read some books by himself so he just picks the books to read whenever he wants to.

  368. Lauren H. says

    Our favorite time to read books is before bed! Everyone is in their PJ’s and it’s a perfect way to wind down after a long day!

  369. says

    what an amazing giveaway! wow.

    my favourite time and place is anytime anywhere. but if i were forced to choose… i’d say, after dinner is made, but not quite ready, snuggling on the couch and creating that calm that comes with reading, at what is otherwise a nutty time of the day in the house.

  370. Erin says

    I read all the time to my kids but they enjoy reading at meal times. They get so excited and then we love talking about what the books were about.

  371. says

    I love reading any time, but my favorite time is bedtime. There is nothing else competing, no hungry bellies, or places to go. Just snuggling up with a book.

  372. says

    My favorite time to read is in bed at the end of the day. There’s something so wonderful about snuggling in with a good book, whether it’s a new book or one we’ve already read a million times. It’s quiet, time where there’s nothing to do but fall into a great story. Love it.
    Love that you’re doing so much to further this cause. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!

  373. says

    Since Daddy does bedtime, my favorite time to read to my two boys is naptime. It’s a great way for them to settle down and relax in the middle of the day.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  374. says

    Fave time & place to read with the Pipsqueak is after school cuddled up on my bed or in front of the fireplace during the winter or hanging out on the deck during warmer weather ;D

  375. says

    We sneak in reading all day long and I am so glad that my little one is a bookworm in the making, but one of my favorite times to read is late afternoon when my little one rests for a bit and has a snack…I love for her to cuddle up on my lap while we read. It’s just sorta a special “mommy & me” time and I love it almost as much as our bedtime stories.

  376. Annette Braun says

    My favorite time to read is when my son or daughter brings me a book on their own and asks to read. Also, I love when my daughter reads to me. Being only five, I am soooo proud of her! It’s definitely a special occasion anytime!

  377. Jason says

    I always like to read to my daughter right before bedtime. She and I always have a hard time choosing a book as she has a full bookshelf, but that usually results in several choices for us to enjoy. Now if I could find a book that made her tired…..

  378. Katie says

    I love to read to them on my bed under lots of blankets in the morning when the house is still at rest

  379. Darylyne says

    It is hard to choose just one favorite, but right now we really love the “Llama, Llama” series. Our favorite time to read is bedtime, all snuggled up with a cup of herbal tea.

  380. Sarah Bahm says

    I’ve loved reading with my son forever, we ready all over the house. But my favorite place to read is in the rocking chair after bath before bed. He’s calm, relaxed and focused on me and the book! We talk about sounds, letters, the story and so much more. It’s one of my favorite times of the day!

  381. says

    I love to read to my kids in our reclining rocking chairs after dinner, on Wednesdays when Daddy isn’t home. Time for them all to myself.

  382. Robyn Brown says

    We read when waiting at the doctor’s office and in the afternoons after nap. We curl up on the couch at home and enjoy great books!

  383. jules p says

    We have bean bag chairs by our big window. We sit here for long periods of time, just reading and enjoying being together!

  384. says

    We love to read during lunch! I started when my first son was little before he even talked and it just became a habit! Now when I call the boys for lunch they come with hungry bellies and arms full of books:)

  385. says

    A few weeks ago I would have answered reading stories at bedtime. My daughter has just started to read on her own, so my new favorite time and place to read is on the couch when she comes home from school, excitedly pulling books down off the shelf.

  386. says

    I like to space out my reading time with my children. Usually after breakfast with my youngest and after school with my oldest. We read at the kitchen table or on the couch. Sometimes on the rug as well because it’s just more conducive to fun for them.

    At night my wife and I alternate between reading with each of the children. In reality though, whenever they show interest in reading we tend to follow through with their request.

    Latest article at CuteMonster.com:

    Active Indoor Activities for Kids in Winter

  387. mmm619 says

    My favorite time to read with my son is just before bed. He has a night time ritual of reading with Daddy first and then me. Our favorite place to snuggle up with a book is on our bed where there’s plenty of room for all three of us.

  388. Amanda C says

    My son has a speech delay, possible autism, and he’s choosy about what he feels like doing and when. I find reading right when he wakes up to be the best time as well as when he’s in the bath.

  389. Tiffany M says

    Any time, any place….Love cuddling on the couch with my 18 month old reading her favorite book…David smells. Or when my 11 year old comes to me to tell me all about the new book she is reading!!!

  390. says

    It is so hard to narrow it down to just one time and place to read to my 4 year old twins. We read all day long! We read a Bible story after breakfast while still at the table. We read a book before we do our craft/letter of the week project. We read stories before naptime and bedtimewhile sitting on their beds. But I guess my favorite place to read to my kids is right after they wake up from their nap. We go to the big, fluffy red Lazyboy in our family, grab a blanket and they each pick a book. One almost always picks a biography and the other almost always picks an animal book. We rock in the red chair all snuggled up and enjoy a great few great books together!

  391. Kate B says

    We read before bed every night. I love snuggling up in bed with both of my boys and reading away.

  392. says

    Honestly, my answer is anytime, anyplace. I LOVE reading aloud to my classes, my son, storytime at the library…but we most frequently read to CJ on the couch or in bed, before naptime and bedtime. He also loves to be read to while he sits on the potty.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  393. MichelleH says

    When the weather’s warm our favorite place to read is outside under a tree. When the weather’s cold our favorite place is on the couch by the fireplace with cocoa. My daughter’s favorite place is always on the reader’s lap.

  394. Nicole says

    My son and I love to read throughout the whole day. I leave a pile of books in every room so he brings me each one frequently. We mostly read on the floor, because that is where mommy plays with him! And in the bath- I can’t count then number of books that have been sabotaged from being thrown in the bath to have been read.

    Thanks for the great chance of an I pad!

  395. Kate says

    My favorite time to read to my son is when he first wakes up. He has some favorite board books in his crib and when I get him up in the morning he insists on taking the books out of the crib. We sit in my rocking chair, read the board books and then it snowballs….after we finish those he keeps grabbing more and more books of the shelf! It’s tough to pry him away for breakfast!

  396. Jenny says

    My favorite time to read with my children is at bedtime. We sit in the hall where all the books of the week is. We do it every night.

  397. Lisa Morrow says

    I love snuggling with my boys in the morning on the weekends. They come in my room with their books in hand. It’s our special time together.

  398. Suzi says

    I’d have to say I have two favorite places to read to my kids. In the summer, we do a lot of picnic lunches in our yard and I love reading to them while they are having their lunch. It’s relaxing and fun. My second favorite place (which may sound silly) is reading to them while they are in the bathtub. We do this from time to time just for fun and they think it’s so exciting! I think I enjoy their excitement as much as they enjoy bathtub storytime!

  399. nopinkhere says

    With my 4yo son, it’s usually bedtime. Some days that’s the only time, so we read a long story then. Other days we read on and off all day as well. For my 1yo daughter, she’s liable to bring me a book at anytime she spots one she likes. She especially likes lift-the-flap ones at the moment.

  400. Jessica says

    I love to read all the time. I read with my students right before lunch while they rest around the room. At home our favorite time to read is anytime. We keep books all over the house, and it isn’t uncommon for us to read on the stairs, the living room,the bedrooms (theirs and mine), and the car. When we start potty training, we will add the bathroom to that list as well! Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome giveaway.

  401. Kathryn says

    I like to read to my son at the library. It’s noisy in the kids’ area and the chairs are tiny and uncomfortable, BUT my son is usually so excited about finding a particular book that his enthusiasm makes up for the surroundings.

    I would so love to win this give-away!

  402. Kim says

    Most of the time we read just before bed in their room. But it’s not limited to bedtime. I do a lot of reading with my younger son while his brother is in school. He likes not having any competition for picking out books:-)

  403. says

    Reading is so important to our family. My husband and I are trying to instill our love of learning into our 3 daughters. Our favorite place roams the house. Sometimes in a hut, sometimes in the big bed, lately, around the Christmas tree. Always though, after dinner is cleaned up, it’s quiet reading time all together! The best time of my day! We would love this give-away so much. Thanks for all you do.

  404. Katherine says

    My son and I enjoy reading all day long. We read and look at books while having breakfast. We snuggle up on the couch and navigate our way through a stack of library books. I think it’s hilarious that he collects two or three books before heading to sit on the potty (he’s 2 1/2)!

  405. Tracy says

    I love reading to my baby on the floor when I get home from work. It’s our special time together!!

  406. Becky Guenther says

    I read to each child individually at bedtime, and also have my daughter read to me when she gets home from Kindergarten. Cuddled on the couch or a child’s bed are our favorite places!

  407. Teresa says

    What a lovely giveaway! Our favorite reading time / place is on the couch between lunch and nap time.

  408. says

    I read to my kids every day before naps and my husband reads to them every night before bed. My favorite place to read to them is in my son’s room on the big, cushy, rocking recliner. We can all snuggle together and read. My favorite time to read to them, though, is when my daughter wakes up before my son and we share special book time in her room. So snuggly.

  409. says

    I don’t have any children of my own. But, my wonderful friends share theirs with me. Anytime I’m over at their house, one of our favorite things to do together is read. I love reading them stories. I’m always on the lookout for books I can share with them.

  410. Krstin says

    I love reading to my boys right after dinner before our bedtime routine starts. The four of us (and sometimes my husband, too) pile on the couch and snuggle and read. It’s my favorite time of day =)

  411. Jolynda says

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the importance of reading to our children. I simply love reading to my children! I read to them after breakfast, before naps, before bedtime, and then at other times during the day. I’d read to them all day long if I could! I really love reading to them while we are curled up on the couch or on our bed. My children will say their favorite place to read books is on mommy or papa’s lap!

  412. Sherri says

    My favorite time to read with both my children is when they bring a book to me and ask to read. I always make time for my kids when they initiate reading. It warms my heart when one of my kids come’s to me and wants to spend quality one on one time and we are able to share the amazing world of books. It helps to foster communication, imagination, education and love. I love that both my children share a passion for books. It is a wonderful way to connect, create memories and educate my little ones. Thanks for always being a great resource for new books I can share with my kids! Happy holidays!

  413. says

    When my little boy was little our favorite time to read was at bedtime in the glider. It was our special time to sit together and now he is getting ready to enter Kindergarten and bed time is crazy. So we read throughout the day. I need to take the time to make “Our special time” once again. No matter how big my little boy gets, I want us to have our special time everyday.

  414. says

    We read all day, but my favorite is probably bed time. My husband and I split up; one of us takes my son and one takes my daughter. We read a few stories while snuggled in their beds. It’s great one on one time!

  415. Patti says

    My favorite time and place to read with the girls is snuggling in the rocking chair before bedtime.

  416. Brit says

    You just have to love sweet bedtime snuggles, and “Mommy, can we read just one more book, please?” Can’t ever turn that sweet request down!

  417. Teasa says

    My favorite time to read with my little guy is at bedtime, when he’s all snuggled up in bed. And there’s always a 3 book minimum. 😉

  418. Danyell says

    My favorite time is after school and we read the Sunday newspaper together. It’s something I did with my late grandfather while growing up

  419. Aaryn says

    I love to read with my boys when they bring me stories on their own, at any time (except after they’re supposed to be sleeping!). We read a lot but I love it when they initiate story time.

  420. Caterina says

    My favorite time and place to read to my children is in bed at bedtime. I always felt that aside from nursing them this was a time that I felt we were the closest.

    Great Giveaway

  421. Melissa says

    In the late afternoon when the crazies are setting in, all together on the couch. Added bonus: lots of cuddles!

  422. says

    I love to read with my daughter at bedtime. She is so calm and attentive. It is such a special time. I am so excited for when she is old enough that we can start reading chapters out of the Little House on the Prairie books before bed.

  423. says

    I love to read to my boys ANYWHERE! If they bring me a book, I stop what I am doing and read. I especially like reading to them in the rocking chair because neither one of them can toddle off!

  424. Amy Denardo says

    I love reading to my son before bed. We read in his room. I find its a great way to spend some one on one time with him and settles him down for bedtime. He’s in Kindergarten and just learning to read and he looks forward to this time to “show” me what he knows.

  425. Sharon says

    I love reading to DD before bedtime sitting together in the glider chair in her room. She sits still and wants another book… then another… then another… then another. She’s not the type to sit still for me for any other part of the day and at bedtime she’ll often read by memorization along w/me.

  426. Cathy says

    My favorite time is right before bed. We all snuggle up together and I read a few books to each kid.

  427. Corinne says

    My Husband & I love reading to our Daughter every night before she goes to bed. We make it a nightly ritual and 20 minutes of family time where we have no other distractions. Its the one part of the day where we forget about everything else.

  428. J. Packard says

    We read anywhere, anytime, but our favorite time would be before bed, curled up on our couch. Now that my older daughter is beginning to read, she helps out- which is magical to see! Thank you for all the book suggestions on your site!

  429. Mayghen says

    I like reading to my kids whenever or where ever they let me!! My 2 year old son is a very on the go kid and if he hands me a book or sits still for more than a minute, im a kid in a candy store!! I love reading and especially to them!!

  430. Mike says

    I love reading to my kids in the car! Of course my wife is driving, but its the only place they are both sitting and listening for a long time (we love road trips!).

  431. says

    I love reading all the time with my little one but my favorite has to be right when we get home for the day. She is so excited to see me and have some good cuddle time. We read book after book and it keeps me from getting caught up in the hustle of our evenings.

  432. Tracy says

    I love reading to them cuddled up on the couch with a nice warm blanket. My 18 month old loves to pick out the book from the basket.

  433. Carrie Bell says

    When my kids are little I loved reading to them while they were sitting in their high chairs for snacktime, so they’d be contained. Now we love to read at bedtime with all the lights off, with nothing illuminating the book but flashlights held by my sons.

  434. amanda g says

    My favorite time to read to my boys is nightly in there room. I let them each pick a book and then we read my sons AR book together. It is so awesome to see my five year old start to be able to read book! Our bed time reading is one of my favorite times of the day.

  435. says

    We read aloud as a family daily. My husband reads articles, and also chapter books to them.Like “Stewart Little.” Bedtime is our favorite time, when they are tucked in and cozy!

  436. Kristy says

    I love reading before bedtime with my son. But even better is when he cmnes to me at random points throughout the day with a book in his hand asking to read with me.

  437. A MCCARTHY says


  438. Jenny says

    Our favorite time to read is actually during lunch. The kids will have their lunches and the food keeps our youngest’s mouth full and busy :). If we just CAN’T put the book down, we move to the living room on the couch and snuggle up together.

  439. Shelley says

    We read throughout the day. There always seem to be a few moments that they need a little snuggling, or a little attention, or just some down time and I jump on each of those moments with a book.

  440. julie says

    We love to read anywhere anytime, but mostly at bed time….We call it our Book Party. We started that name when she was just born; I’d lay on the queen bed in her nursery (tired as a new mom) any time of the day and read to her with all the books we had surrounded on the quilt. Then when she was old enough to sit up, she started turning pages, and just looking as I read from the other choices. But now, curled up on her bed we read, or even she “reads” (a 4 year old’s recitations or version) her choices for the night. Sometimes even chapter books. We also read her books, the ones where she has drawn pictures and I have written her words and story. She is a book worm! Thanks for the opportunity. Keep up the great blog!

  441. says

    I read to my niece and nephew anytime we visit – menus, newspapers, instructions for baking. I want them to understand reading is essential. Just because I am a librarian doesn’t mean reading will sink in with them, one is a reluctant reader so reading books is a complete turnoff.

  442. Kate says

    As a single,full-time working mother of two toddler boys, I treasure any minute I can read with them. Sometimes it’s for five minutes, in our coats on the front steps of our house…(running late for work and daycare); sometimes its under the blankets on our couch,with piles of our “read-agains” stacked on the floor below us; sometimes its at our public library, spread out on the ground between the rows and rows of picture books, without a care in the world.
    Reading with my children, snuggled close together, reminds me of what matters most, and despite the chaos that we usually experience in our daily routines, it gives us, all of us, a chance to slow down, be in the moment, and connect as a family.

  443. shelagh jackson says

    I have two sons: (1) 9years old, the other 20 months. They both compete for my attention. Our family room is close to the back deck, but is the warmest room in our home. Complete with a rocking sofa and an adult and children’s library, each one of my boys get their very own “Mommy Time” through their joy and love of books. In the AM, I wake up my 20 month old a half hour earlier than my oldest so he and I can sit close and snuggle with his favorite fluffy green blankie, as I read his many favorite stories, sometimes over and over, for 20 minutes straight. In the evening, after the little one goes down, my oldest son races to the family room, curls up with his favorite blanket and happily waits for me to join him on the rocking sofa. Sometimes we share reading aloud to each other for half an hour; most times my oldest just likes to hear the sound of his Mommy’s voice. I’m blessed that both of my boys have such a joy and a love for books:)

  444. MaryBeth says

    We read throughout the day, but my favorite time and place is right before bedtime. The kids are freshly bathed and we snuggle together and read several stories. It is such a special time!

  445. Sally says

    There’s nothing better than reading in their bed with them before bedtime. That’s my favorite, but I also like reading at the library.

  446. Toni says

    When my daughter was younger, my favorite time to read to her was before bedtime snuggled up in the rocking chair in HER room. Now that she is older, my favorite time is Sunday mornings snuggled in MY bed. We’ve gone from sturdy board books to hefty chapter books and I’m glad we have our special time together even though she is an excellent reader on her own.

  447. Leigh says

    I love to read to them right before naptime – it calms them down and makes the transition to naptime/quiet time easier. I can whisk the youngest away to bed and let the oldest stay reading by himself for quiet time… we read on our comfy sofa!

  448. Laura Prestler says

    Why in bed of course snuggling. If daddy is in on the reading however, we read on the couch together. Either way, a blanket is always involved!

  449. Leana says

    My favorite time to read is during the day to my son. He is more alert (than at nap or bedtime) and we can talk about the book and learn new words. He LOVES books and would let me read to him all day if I could 🙂

  450. Christine says

    Considering the fact that we homeschool, we read anywhere, all the time! I would say my favorite is bedtime, though.

  451. Danielle B. says

    As a children’s librarian (without any kids of my own yet), my favorite time to read to kids is when I do storytime at my library. It is so much fun to see the kids connect with a story. These days we are getting big laughs with any books by Mo Willems and Jan Thomas!

  452. says

    My favorite time to read with my children is on long car trips. We pick a chapter book (my kids are small- toddler and preschooler) that’s rather fantastic (i.e., Roald Dahl) and read it as we drive to our destination! It’s so much more fun than just watching a movie to pass the time and our whole family enjoys it!

  453. Michelle says

    Bedtime is by far the best. My husband loves to read to them in his ‘big comfy chair’ and then they each get a special one on one storytime in the rooms before bed. My husband is a techy and had the chance to borrow an Ipad for a few weeks and LOVED using it to read to our son, age 4. Our son loved the interactive aspect of it too.
    We are always reading to our kids. They each have books in their rooms and we have a basket of books in the living room that we rotate new books in each month. We make weekly trips to the library where they are able to pick out books and read while we are there and we often have family date nights where we go out to dinner and then visit the bookstore. The kids pick out a pile of books to look at and they lay on the floor, in the bookstore, and enjoy!

  454. Carrie Sykes says

    My favorite time to read with my 3 children is before bedtime. They are snuggly and calm, and love to hear story after story. My oldest two who are learning to read enjoy reading the words they know and trying out new ones. While this is my personal favorite time to read with them, I am a sucker for dropping what I’m doing and reading to them anytime they come to me with a book. There really isn’t anything that’s more important!

  455. Jennifer C says

    My favorite time to read with my daughter is at bed time. She gets to pick whatever book she wants and we get to cuddle and read it together.

  456. Lori TenHaken says

    I love reading to my kids as much as they love me to read to them. It is an amazing gift from the Lord to have that time with them everyday. Our favorite place to read is in our living room on our love seat all cuddled up together at several different times a day. Mid morning and then afternoon before our quiet time. Daddy takes care of the night time story time in their bedrooms on their beds. Thanks for this opportunity to share and to win.
    [email protected]

  457. says

    Bedtime has always been a favorite reading time, all damp and sweet smelling and fresh after bath, snuggled up under the blankets with the lights dimmed. Now that we have an 8 month old in the mix, we all snuggle up on the bed together. It is a magical time.

  458. Emily says

    I like reading in the late afternoon at the chair next to our window. We snuggle in the chair with the sun streaming in the window. LOvely!

  459. Jennifer says

    We love to read anytime- but especially in the morning after a little breakfast, still in jammies, in front of the window.

  460. says

    My favorite time and place to read …. each in their beds snuggled. I’m also enjoying the emerging interest in the newspaper with the eldest.

  461. says

    “Let’s read 3 books Mama!” We love to snuggle up and read before any sleepy times (naps or at night)and early mornings! My daughter, at 2.5yo could sit through even long picture books, and love the endless reading!

  462. Becky Daye says

    I love to read with my boys (5 and 22 months) when my daughter is doing her homework. It has been incredibly exciting to see my kindergartener learning to read. We always read at bedtime with all of the kids piled into one bed. When my daughter was 2, she would sleep with books and that hasn’t changed. Sometimes we have to take books away so that she will sleep!

  463. says

    I love to read to the kids during breakfast. It’s first thing in the morning so they are alert. Breakfast occupies their little busy hands (4 and 1 yr old) so they are extra attentive.

  464. says

    I’ll say “bedtime,” because that is our most routine reading time, but really, I love reading anywhere anytime. I also love when he reads his books aloud in public, shocking nearby strangers with his ability. 🙂

  465. Kristina says

    I love reading to my boys at bedtime. It’s a great way to end the day and start dreamland thoughts 🙂

  466. Ananda Glick says

    Our favorite reading time is before we meditate together. We often have a ‘circle’ where we each read something meaningful to meditate upon – sometimes it is focused around a theme, like gratitude or heart and Love, etc. It brings us closer as a family and also helps us each to appreciate what we each appreciate 😉

  467. Jen P. says

    My girls and I love to build a fort out of couch cushions and blankets, then sneak inside with their minors’ caps on. We sit close together and read a fresh stack of books from the library together- by the light of their hats.

  468. says

    I’ll read with them any time I get the chance, but my FAVORITE is when they initiate it by bringing me a book and crawling up in my lap. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  469. Libby says

    I like reading to my kids in the middle of the afternoon–before the dinner prep rush. Everyone is a little sleepy and we can cuddle up on the couch and enjoy each other.

  470. Shannon B says

    I love bedtime cuddles and reading, but I have to say my favorite time to read to my daughter is after breakfast. She is so alert and interested and that time really sets the tone for the day.

  471. Sarah N. says

    Anytime! Our house loves books!
    By the fire in the big purple chair! Dog at our feet. Cat in our lap.

  472. Kathy Tyson says

    I read to my grandkids whenever they stay at my house. They bring their favorite books and we set on the couch for some quality time together.

  473. Karen T says

    Thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway! I love to read to my boys pretty much anytime and anywhere, but if I had to pick a favorite I’d say before bedtime all cuddled up on the rocking chair.

  474. Nicole says

    I love reading to my kids right before bed. We get under the covers and get all snuggly and cuddly. I love that time of the day.

  475. Andrea says

    I love to read to my sons in their tepee tent! We have a lantern, pillows, quilts, many stuffed friends and lots of books!

  476. NJ says

    My 18 month old son loves to be read to all day. My absolute favorite place to read to him is on our living room floor, surrounded by his books, and with him in my lap.

    We’ve also started reading while on the phone to Grandma. I’ll point to the pictures and my son will say what the picture is of. 🙂

  477. Jenny says

    I read to my children every night before bed. But my favorite is when my oldest (2 years) brings me a book and asks to be read to. Or when he sits down and reads to himself…doing all of the actions in his favorite book “The Wheels on the Bus” by Kate Toms.

  478. Tom P. says

    As a deployed military member, I’d much rather read to my children in person, but take advantage of recording videos, cassette audios, and reading via skype whenever possible. Seeing my kids via the Internet makes a tremendous difference and is the next best thing to being with them…I can still be connected even if thousands of miles apart.

  479. Heather says

    My two-year-old and I read whenever the baby takes a nap. It’s a great way spend the time that she doesn’t have to share me with her brother. My baby gets to chew on a book while I rock him to sleep, and sometimes he’ll let me read a page or two!

  480. Kathy Zielinski says

    We read all over, any time of the day. Currently, we love reading at the dinner table at every meal. I love it, because he’s more likely to keep eating, and do so at a comfortable pace, rather than choosing to plop in front of the TV to mindlessly munch. He still loves sitting on my lap anywhere (floor, couch, bed), but he’s getting so big that I prefer the table! Potty time is also a favorite for him (p.u.!)

  481. says

    My favorite place is snuggled up in bed with one of my boys on each side of me all curled up and cozy! Usually with daddy snoring beside us! LOL doesn’t get any better than that!!!

  482. says

    I love reading to my chldren at bedtime. Each only gets a chapter, but I don’t mind when they ask for more. Yes, I tend to go way past their bed time, but the stories are so good. 🙂 The second best place to read is on the comfy couch.

  483. Sara says

    My favorite time is when the littlest one is being bounced to sleep in my arms on a yoga ball, and the 3-year-old is in the rocking chair next to us. He has a choice of playing trains by himself in the other room, or reading a book while his little sister falls asleep and he always chooses the books. Love it.

  484. Dawn N. says

    I let the girls pick a book out before they go to bed and we read it together. We finish off our night with a Bible story and then prayer and I tuck them into bed. It’s a great time with both of my girls sitting on my lap in the same chair. I’m sure it won’t last much longer and I love every minute of it now!

  485. Regina says

    After bath time when everyone is clean and snuggly and ready for bed. Nothing better than two little boys curled up beside me and a couple of good books in hand!

  486. Erika says

    The best time and place to read to my kids is when they ask, wherever we are… usually at home, on our loveseat. Even though we have a couch, it’s cozier to snuggle together on the smaller loveseat and read whatever books they bring to me.

  487. says

    Our favorite time to read is just before bed-time snuggling in bed… everyone is winding down and it’s easier for little ears to listen to the stories.

  488. selena says

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to read to my children in their bed every night before they drift off to sleep. The 3 of us lay in one bed. I get to be in the middle with my two little ones (ages 3 & 5) snuggled on either side of me under the covers. Its so sweet & I feel so loved. 🙂

  489. Erin O. says

    First thing in the morning, when the rest of the house is still sleeping, I sit on the couch with my 2-year old and start reading from the pile of books he’s pulled off the shelf. At the end of that day, I end it reading in bed to my five year old.

  490. rachelle ferris says

    We always read before naps and bed time. It is such a great way to relax and unwind. Also, when we go to library storytime we read in the kids corner and we have a great time doing that.

  491. Sharon Janosik says

    Either Mommy or Daddy will lie down between our 3 & 2 yr old boys in bed and read a book that each has selected before sleep. It’s awesome to see how quickly they have learned the alphabet and even early spelling. However, my FAVORITE time is when my 2 yr old picks a book during the day, hands it to me, turns around, and backs up until he tumbles into my lap, saying, “Mom-my! Book! Read book!”

  492. Jen says

    I read to my twins before bed and nap (if they are going to take one). They also like to be read to in the bath tub as well as at lunch. We love books and your site. Thanks!

  493. Tara says

    My daughter (22 months) LOVES being read to. We read several times a day and her favorite place to read is under a tent while sitting on the couch! Yes, it gets hot under there, but it’s worth it to see her so happy and eager to read. 🙂

  494. says

    I read to my baby sister when she was small, and to my older 2 children any chance that we got. Our family is such a familiar sight at the library, that most of the librarians know us by name.

    Unfortunately, as my vision continues to fail, I am not able to read to my younger two. BUT Daddy reads to them every night, and so do both of the teenaged older sisters and their grandparents.

    I also put classic stories on their MP3 players and they listen to those.

    In fact, my second daughter, who has dylexia, improved her reading by reading along in the big books while she listened to books on tape.

    I may not be able to read every day or very much, but we value reading, and I make sure my children have plenty of access to books and books on tapes. We are also a HUGE fan of Reading Rainbow.

  495. april j says

    my 2 yr. old son loves to read. we read before naps, after naps, in the car, on the potty! but MY favorite time for HIM to read is when i’m working in the kitchen. his playing noises will quiet and when i realize this i race out to see what he’s gotten himself into AND… he’s flipping through a book!

  496. nicole says

    my favorite time is our quiet time at bedtime, when my daughter snuggled up to me and we read 1/2 books.

  497. Jenn says

    We love to read to our boys in our den. We all take turns reading and really enjoy the family time.

  498. Trish R. says

    Our favorite time to read is at bedtime. We have our ritual of allergy medicine, bathroom and reading. The question always is how many books?? We usually stick to anywhere from 3-4. It is my favorite time of day, as I love to snuggle with her and breath her in. We also like bad weather days, when we pick a huge pile of books and lay in my bed to read —- cozy!

  499. Graham Robesky says

    I enjoy reading with my son before bed. He will usually request for me to read 67 books. We will agree on a reasonable number of our favorites before continuing. Many of his favorites are part of the nightly routine. The local library fills in the gaps. My new favorite part of reading time is when he reads 1 book to me, currently it’s Ben’s Trumpet. Reading with him is one of the highlights of my day.

  500. Sara says

    We read all day- in bed, on the couch, on the floor, it doesn’t matter. We’ll often have reading parties where we put a blanket on the floor, each child picks a book, and we read while having a snack. We’ve even started listening to audiobooks in the car (they’re only 2 and 4 and up until now, if it didn’t have pictures . . .) Thanks for the chance to win!

  501. says

    Our family LOVES LOVES LOVES reading. I have a 5, 4, 2 year old and baby. They all love books. We have a little reading corner in our family room with comfy blankets and a soft child’s chair and a basket of books. I love to crawl in it with them and read books together. We also have lots of “reading parties” and will have treats and lots of pillows and blankets laid out to keep us comfy. What a fun drawing!

  502. says

    We have more books than toys in our house. My 2.5 year old son just LOVES books. The stories capture him and he loves pretending to be the characters in his books. I would love to win this and have another way to expand our reading experiences!

  503. says

    I love reading to my daughter first thing in the morning. Yes, before she’s even out of bed! We snuggle together and read a chapter of whatever book we’re working through. Right now that’s Watership Down. Sometimes we get so caught up in the story that we read two chapters. The only danger then is that sometimes breakfast becomes brunch 🙂

  504. Amy says

    I love reading to my daughter and son on the floor of his bedroom after nap time. My daughter loves to point to the pictures and tell my son all about her favorite books. It’s nice to see both of them bonding over books.

  505. Jane says

    We normally end up reading on the couch as part of our bed time routine – but I prefer to read snuggled up with the kids in my bed under the comforter!

  506. Jen says

    We have a nightly pajama party and read together either in the big chair in the living room or in bed.

  507. Stephanie says

    I love reading to my boys when they need to calm down a bit. It gives us time to snuggle, enjoy a story, and settle down:)

  508. Jenny G says

    Our favorite time to read is just before nap time and bed time. I love snuggling with my girls while reading a good book!

  509. says

    What an amazing incentive. I love books. I love to read to my daughter. She has inherited my love of books and I hope this leads to a wonderful education as well.

  510. Tracy says

    Bedtime seems to be the most peaceful for everyone, especially in bed or on a cozy chair with a blanket. We love reading!

  511. wendy says

    We love to read! Bedtime is our favorite time to read books. We also try to read every day after lunch and go to a weekly story time at the library.

  512. Renee says

    As an Early Intervention teacher working with infants and toddlers with disabilities, I have books available to the kids throughout most of the class time. If a child initiates looking at a book, I will sit with them while they look at it and read to them if they ask. I also incorporate books into circle time everyday. The kids love sitting and listening to stories!

  513. says

    My sweet, baby girl will turn ONE on December 21. Our favorite place to cuddle and read is in the rocker, tucked into a corner, in her bedroom. The time of day doesn’t matter…any time is a good time to read!!

  514. says

    What a neat giveaway! I LOVE to snuggle up in bed with my kids. But we often build a fort and read under its enchanting canopy!

  515. Betsy says

    We read anywhere, any time. If my daughter brings me a book, I stop what I’m doing and we read wherever it is I might be at the time! The most comfortable spot is in our big wing chair by the fireplace, but we always read at bedtime, too.

  516. Kari says

    I would have to say that my answer differs for my 2 children. I LOVE our times reading together, but our one on one reading time is special too. With my one year old reading during the day is my favorite. For a little one that is always on the run it is inspiring to see her sit down and truely enjoy and interact with a story. For my 3 year old, it’s bedtime. Now she has Always been a big time book lover, and maybe it’s more her stalling tactics, or maybe it’s the fact that she doesn’t have the distraction of her little sister, or maybe it even just the age/stage that she’s at, but there is something about the quiet relaxation of a good book with her before bed and being able to discuss the story together. I just love it!

  517. Hannah says

    We read before bed, most often tucked in bed ready to go to sleep, we pick 3 books to read although my son is at a stage where he wants to read the same book, 3 times. We also read during the day in the playroom on the couch.

  518. says

    Curled up on the couch reading for schoolwork. It always feels so subversive to check off learning requirements with reading. 🙂
    I would love an Ipad, but my husband would probably steal it.

  519. says

    My favorite place to read with my daughter is in my bed (what she calls the big bed) right before bed. We lay out a bunch of books and read together. What a fabulous way to end the day.

  520. Carrie Jones says

    I love reading to my two boys in our rocking chair in the nursery! I started reading to my three year old in the day we brought him home from the hospital! Now he and my four month old love climbing in my lap at bedtime to read together! It is my favorite part of everyday!

  521. says

    I love reading to my little one in the early morning when she’s still bright-eyed from a good night’s sleep, and also before nursing her to sleep for her naps, after she’s all swaddled and starting to get sleepy.

  522. Lisa says

    My favorite place to read is curled up on the couch with my girls. My 4 year old has just started reading beginner books to me, so after we have gotten ready for bed, we curl up and read.

  523. says

    We read in the afternoon and before bed, every night. It’s my favorite time of day! An iPad would make our subway rides so much more enjoyable and productive. Both of my toddlers would enjoy it, I think.

    Thank you so much!

  524. Kacey says

    This time of year my favorite thing to do is snuggle with my sob in the chair in front of the heater and read. He’s going through a big Dr. Seuss phase right now so you’ll often find us there in the late afternoon reading “The Cat in the Hat” between our outing and when I need to start working on dinner.

  525. Melody says

    I do not have children, but I read a children’s picture book to my family over Thanksgiving and I was surprised how involved they were in my reading. I think I started a new tradition!

  526. says

    My husband is in the military. He’s gone a lot. My heart swells when he’s home and we all cuddle up in our toddler’s bed. He reads, I love on our baby, and we look on as he flips through our favorite books, portraying beloved character’s: from Llamas to Olivia to Gossie & Gertie. We laugh together and daydream about pigs and pancakes, moose and muffins. Reading is not just learning for my family, its something that makes us feel closer.

  527. Paul says

    Our son loves to be read to at bedtime. We tuck him in, and one of us will read to him before he goes to sleep.

  528. says

    My daughter is still a baby (almost 9 months) so we don’t have a set time to read. I just watch her moods and whenever she seems like she could use a cuddle we sit down in the big armchair and read. She already likes to reach out and help turn the pages. And she loves to pat the pictures and laughs when there’s a big face on the page. As a former teacher, reading to her is something I love and look forward to doing tons of in the future!

  529. Gina says

    We read all the time at our house! And everywhere IN the house…in bed, on the beanbag, cuddled in a blanket, even in the corner of the walk-in closet! LOVE that my oldest can read now and likes to read to his younger brother snd sister! So sweet! So, there’s no specific time here at our house…we’ll read all day!

  530. Sarai says

    My little girls love “I love you stinky face” They think is hilarious and will not get bored of it. Our favorite place to read is my bed before nap and bedtime.

  531. judy oh says

    My husband and I love to read. I was very dismayed when my child was not inclined toward books for either entertainment or a chew toy. So, when she finally became a better listener and we were potty training, we read a number of books when she is on the toilet. This is probably not the kind of entry that wins an IPAD from Target, but so it goes. We keep a number of books by the toilet. It is also the place where I can read to her endlessly.

    Yes, we also read in bed before bedtime and on the couch. But nothing compares to the attention when on the commode.

    Thank you.

  532. KIersten says

    We read a lot. My 18-month-old is constantly bringing books to me and then climbing up to me to have me read them. But I especially love reading to my little boy just before nap time, when he’s getting a little sleepy, which means that he’ll snuggle up to me with his head under my chin as I read. We read in his room on his yellow chair, and one of our favorites is Goodnight Moon.

  533. says

    My favorite time to read with my little one (4) is when she brings me a book and asks if she can read it to me. She tells me about the pictures and then asks me to tell her what the words say. She especially loves to “read” books that she has seen/heard before. We curl up on the couch, in her bed, or on the floor and just read, read, read.

  534. says

    The highlight of my 3-year-old’s day is picking out a book each night before bed. She always tries to find the longest one so can read as long as possible before bed. Now my 18-month son is starting to get in on the stories to and he comes and lays in my daughter’s bed while we read. It’s a really great way to end our day as a family!

  535. MKiser says

    When all three kids snuggle up together on the couch and under a blanket … we read all the time, but those are my favorite times!

  536. Joanne says

    We like to read sitting on the familyroom couch in the afternoon. The best times are just after returning from the library with a bagful of books.

  537. Kate Clements says

    My favorite time to read to my twin 5 yr old daughters is bedtime. They each pick a story and we read it together. I think it is one of the best times of day.=]

  538. Melissa K says

    I love to read to the kids any time I get a chance no matter where we are, but my all time favorite is snuggling up in the rocking chair and reading before nap time.

  539. Ashley T says

    We snuggle on the guest room bed and read after bathtime. They aren’t too wriggly at that time!!

  540. Kaisha Hingst says

    We read all day long. I’m a speech-language pathologist, so I’m kind of over the top with reading books to my kiddos because of the amazing language growth it gives them. Our favorite time of day to read is before bed, we snuggle up with both of my kiddos in bed with the covers on and read and read and read.

  541. says

    I love to read to our daughter before bed. We snuggle up with each other and I will read the book usually 2 times and then she will “read” it to me. I love it.