A Month Of Giving Wrap Up

I am so proud of all the kids who participated, sent in notes and pictures of the good deeds they so happily did in their communities. Giving doesn’t have to be things, or money . Time and effort are often what is needed most and by giving to your community your child learns first hand what charity means.

We will be doing more of these reader participation projects throughout 2011. Watch the blog and our Facebook page to be a part of them.


  1. says

    Not upset or anything, just wondering….
    I sent my son’s picture with the cookies that were making for our community helpers the first week that you did this. Just didn’t see my little man and wondered if you forgot him or just decided to do a sample of all of the pics that you received.

    Have I mentioned that I adore your site and was almost star struck when I saw that you commented on my page !!! 😉

    • admin says

      I didn’t even do anything :) Glad you just didn’t see him at first I was worried I’d left him out. I didn’t include every picture, but I did include every child . Phew! I am so glad you saw my comment I am trying to get to every blog that links up.

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