Best Of 2010


Baby’s 1st

2010 was a wonderful year for our family as we welcomed our daughter into our family and to art time as well. Other than giveaways the post announcing her birth was the most commented on post of  2010. Her first art project though received an incredible amount of views despite being written near the end of the year. I loved getting so many emails and comments about the post inspiring parents to do projects with their infants. 2011 will be filled with  with my youngest getting messy and exploring with her brother and I.

How old were your children when they starting exploring with art?


  1. Farah says

    Hi there!

    She sooo adorable..thx for sharing these craft activities..if possible can u check i cannot reach ur BASIC FOR BEGINNERS link as it showing ERROR also i caannot see any of ur songs……….take good care of ur health…Cheers Farah

  2. Amy says

    Your website is so inspiring, especially reading about how young you introducing art projects to your little ones. I am just starting with my 19 month old, and she doesn’t seem she to be interested. I do want to persist and will continue to refer to your website. Thanks!

  3. says

    I wish I had thought to do art projects with mine as infants! I did some with them once they were closer to a year, but not with such a wee one! :)

  4. kristen says

    I tried this art project with my son who was 13months old at the time I believe…it didn’t go so well. He gagged at the paint and wanted nothing to do with it. LOL! Made for great memories for mommy anyway though. :)

    • admin says

      Oh no! Did he hate the texture? Some kids are not fans of finger painting ever. I’d skip the post I wrote today too 😉

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