Best of 2010



2010 was the year I discovered the greatest gifts I can give my readers aren’t giveaways, or even my activities but access to all sorts of blogs, new ways to connect with their own family and community. Our Summer Reading Challenge, introduction of two new contributing writers, A Month of Giving (watch for it’s wrap up this weekend) and our Sunday Best Link Up were all turning points for 2010. I wrote a purpose for this blog in 2008 ,almost 3 years later I still feel like we are achieving it but it went from me to we in 2010.  Thank you for participating and I hope that 2011 follows 2010’s lead and runs with it!

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  1. Sharon says

    After a friend referred me to your blog last year I’ve passed on links to numerous activities to friends and in other online forums. I always find something that makes me say “I just know XYZ would love that!” I’ve found a few other blogs linked here that I now follow and I come back almost daily to find more great ideas for activities and book suggestions. Thank you for the fantastic ideas and links! Have a great 2011!

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