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If it’s your first time here let me tell you how this link up works. Link to your best post from the past week. Maybe it was a huge hit with your readers, maybe it was just something you feel really proud to have written or an activity that your kids loved! So share it here for more to read . Feel free to link back here, or grab our button too.

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    I’ve never joined in on one of these before but my Dry Curry Recipe was a big hit on my blog and on FB this week so I thought I would just add it here. I live in Japan and am a busy Mommy and missionary so I don’t get to write on my blog much. But I enjoy reading other blogs and am especially grateful for all the awesome ideas I get here!!!

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    This is my first time linking up and I’ve linked to two posts from this week as I couldn’t choose between them. Hope that’s OK. Really looking forward to following the links to others’ best posts. Sure to be inspiring! πŸ™‚

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    Most of my ideas for my daycare,come from NO TIME FOR FLASH CARDS, but I would still love you all to see our work, as both kids(and myself) are very proud of our work.(I only have 2 tots and a five month old and my baby who is 1 this wednesday), so we do arts with the tots, and they love it, thanks for a wonderful website, and a lot of inspiration!

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    As an independent researcher in the field of experimental education, I am fascinated by the depth and breadth of the Blogs created by members of the ECE community. Recently,I have been working through the more than 1400 posts by Teacher Tom…. and now here is another wealth of material. Keep “blogging”!

    by the way — my user name,”S-1″, merely indicates that I am a “Student” — first and foremost — and I am constantly fascinated by those who actually “work with children”. IF anyone finds something in my work that they can use in the classroom — the playground — or home, please feel free to use it as you see fit.


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