Pretend Play Camping and Campfire Craft

camping for kids

We love to pretend and camping is a perfect thing to role play with. Dramatic play isn’t just practice for future actors it’s practice for future adults. It gives children a chance to play out scenarios , engage in cooperative play and even problem solve. It also gives the imagination and kid’s natural creativity a great outlet !  This camping pretend play is so easy and offers lots of  situations to act out, from traveling to the camp ground, hiking, fishing for dinner and telling bedtime stories. Of course those were just our ideas your child will come up with their own.The campfire craft is a great opportunity to drive home fire safety rules and procedures  too !

Campfire Craft

  1. Gather your materials. You will need a long paper roll or a few shorter ones. We used a roll from wrapping paper. Also some orange , red and yellow tissue paper, some double stick  tape , scissors and a brown marker. You may also want some clothes pins.
  2. Start by coloring the roll.
  3. Next cut in 3
  4. Rip your paper. Random ripping works best. We were out of red so I cut some red cellophane that I had.
  5. Add tape to your rolls in the middle and have your child add the paper. This is why I like using double stick, that way I can place the tape and it’s sticky and ready for him to add the flames.
  6. Next tape the rolls together. This is where I used the clothes pins. I used double stick tape then held it together with the clothes pins for 30 minutes before playing.

While that sat we made some snacks for the camping trip!

We made some trail mix ( cereal, dried cherries and pumpkin seeds)

Then we packed some other favorites into our “cooler” aka my son’s lunch box.

We popped a sheet in a back pack, grabbed a lantern and made a car out of the kitchen chairs.  Packed our stuff in the trunk and got buckled in. Then drove for 51 hours to the campsite.


Got settled with a snack

Then told ghost stories by the fire.

Time for bed!

It took 5 minutes of gathering items to have a fun morning of pretend!

What is your child’s favorite pretend play activity?

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  1. says

    My son loves to put together two chairs, two bricks, two sheets of paper or anything of the same size, preferably form and colour (when he is out he can even use just his own hands). He slips them together and away, pretending they are shop door, bus door or train door (that move exactly the same way). When he wants to pretend door that open in and out, then he makes a right angle with these two surfaces that he has chosen. For this last activitity he doesn’t always need two surfaces of the same form – a book and a floor would do 🙂

  2. Anna says

    Superb! That is exactly what we played today but no fire-will use this idea for our next “trip”! its freezing here in Moscow (Russia) for weeks now…stuck inside and we play a lot of pretend games…”travels” is the favorite with both of my kids :-))) Love your blog and admire your creativity, especially timewise with two kids 🙂

  3. says

    I just found your blog from over on 365 day of TV Free Toddler Time (she hasn’t posted in a while, but I saw your blog, and I’m hooked!)

    I am a big supporter of learning through play, and that’s what I blog about over on my blog. I’ve just started blogging about it, but I love to read other blogs about what you’re doing with your kids.

    I absolutely love the alphabet crafts! We’re going to start doing it next week (I’ve finally subscribed to your blog, so I get the RSS feeds) I think it’s going to help a lot.

    I also love the campfire! Cute idea! My little ones absolutely love tents. I think we might do this as we get ready for our big family backpacking trip this summer. Thanks again!

  4. says

    Pretend campfire is a great idea, but I really loved the car with both kids going for 51 hours. My 4 year old loves playing Little House on the Prairie scenarios, but right now everything is about going to space on a shuttle.

  5. Coffee and a Mop says


    That seems like so much fun. Out of all the pretend play you have on here, that one has to be my favorite!

    I’m bookmarking this one…don’t ever get rid of it!! lol.

    Right now I have an 19 month old that eats EVERYTHING. So I know that right now we can’t do this craft for maybe another year or so.

  6. Emma K says

    I have a younger cousin, who is 4, and he is just like my younger brother. He is sleeping over at my house soon, and i am using the adorable campfire craft to have a campfire for out camp-in. Love the idea! Thanks!


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