Author Showcase – David Shannon

I love David Shannon Books and so have every child I have ever had the pleasure of reading them with. When I volunteered for Frontier College when I was in university my reading buddy would choose No David every time it was available.  If you are new to this author / illustrator I hope you check his books out soon.

A Bad Case Of Stripes is about a little girl so worried about impressing others that she keeps changing and looses who she really is. This story is a cautionary tale about being yourself, and not being yourself. A great book for older preschoolers and young elementary aged children. At 4 my son is starting to get the message of this book, but has enjoyed reading it and giggling at the antics for sometime now.
Alice The Fairy is such a sweet book about a fairy who is still learning the ropes. I love the spells she casts and kids relate to her type of magic, I promise! I love that this book is about a fairy but not the Disney idea that we are so often bombarded with. It’s fresh, fun and I can’t wait for my daughter to enjoy doing more than using it as a teether because I know she will love it.

Duck on a Bike tickles my funny bone. I love this book, the message is awesome too. Just because it’s never been done before doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try! Also how cute is a duck riding a bike? The illustrations are amazing and your child will love the farm animals .

No, David! is probably the author’s best known book, in it we follow the misadventures of little David and his eventual dicsiplining and hug from his mom! This book is a wonderful gate way into talking about rules with a class, I have successfully used it as a reminder about rules and why we have them. Kids love watching other kids do naughty things , so this book is always a hit with toddlers on up.

Too Many Toys In Too Many Toys, little Spencer has way too many toys, a sight all too familiar. The toys cover the floors and spill down the hallway. They cover the yard and the bathroom. But, Spencer’s toys were becoming a household hazard. Spencer’s mom (perhaps one of the most relatable moms in a picture book ever) finally loses it when she trips on railroad tracks while carrying a load of laundry. She haggles, bribes, coaxes, and threatens Spencer to start getting rid of toys. Spencer’s mom is victorious when there’s a giant box full of toys to be banished, but when she returns from a tea break, she discovers the toys emptied all over the hall. There’s Spencer, astronaut helmet on, sitting in his new cardboard rocket. Forget all the toys – the box is the best toy EVER! ( review by Amy Kraft )


  1. says

    We LOVE “No, David” at our house! A few months ago it motivated my 4 year old write and illustrate her own book called “No, Buddy!” (about our overly-energetic labradoodle) Luckily she had a lot of material to draw from…

  2. says

    David Shannon is VERY popular in our house…we also love the pirate books he illustrated, “How I became a pirate” and “Pirates don’t change diapers”

  3. Marisa (teachermarisa) says

    Our 4th graders have been practicing response to literature essays and one of the literature pieces we have been using is A Bad Case of Stripes!

  4. Val says

    I am not a fan of “No, David.” The illustration of the child is frightening to me. He looks almost demonic. However, I LOVE “A Bad Case of Stripes,” for my kids as well as for me. :) David Shannon is a very talented.

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